Year of Jubilee

2 Chronicles 7:14 – “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

January 22, 1973, Roe v Wade was issued. For 49 long years, our nation killed the unborn. The Creator of Life grieved at us. In 49 years, the recorded number of children killed is over 63 million. There were many more never recorded.

But now, we are free! This thing has been reversed. God has heard our prayer.

Leviticus 25:1-22. Β Leviticus 23:27. Biblically, at the end of 49 years, there was to be a jubilee. I believe that God is wanting to give us a jubilee, right now. And not just right now, but for the rest of our lives.

Jesus is our jubilee.

In the Bible times, when the years of jubilee came, people were set free. Every prisoner, servant, and slave. When you get saved, Jesus is your jubilee. You are no longer a slave to sin under the bondage to all the powers of Hell. Jesus breaks every chain off you and restores you. All things become new.

In the year of Jubilee, debts were forgiven. All properties returned to their original owners. All labor was to cease. This was all so people could be on level ground. The poor couldn’t get so poor that they had nothing, and the rich couldn’t get so rich that they had everything. It doesn’t matter if you are on welfare or if you are a billionaire, the ground is level at Calvary.

The year of jubilee foreshadowed the finished work of the Lord Jesus, through the death and resurrection of Jesus. He relieves sinners from their spiritual death and slavery to sin. Through His death and resurrection, He relieves us of all things that the enemy has over us.

One of the benefits of the year of jubilee was that both the land and the people were able to rest.

Jesus is our jubilee, which means we can rest in the Lord. The devil is a liar. Don’t let fear try to control you. God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. You are not a prisoner of your mistakes or who you used to be. Old things have passed away. Jesus wiped the slate clean and it’s just as if it never happened. This jubilee is your fresh start!

Jesus has a new name for you. You are a child of God. You are blood bought. You are chosen by God. You are not a failure. You are ordained by God. No weapon formed against you will prosper. You are blessed! The Lord will raise up a standard for you when the enemy comes in like a flood. God will make a way for you. You don’t live under a chain of your past. The debt of sin we owed was paid in full at the cross. We are forgiven our debt forever. We are free by the precious blood of Jesus!

It’s not just for the Jews.

Genesis 22:17. God told Abraham that he would have two seeds: seed as the stars of heaven and seed as the sand on the seashore. That seed touching the earth (the sand on the seashore) was the Jewish seed. But there would be those that wouldn’t be born of the flesh seed but would be born of the Spirit that comes from Heaven.

Abraham’s seed would be innumerable. The devil can’t stamp Christianity out. He can’t stop the outpouring of the Holy Ghost. He can’t stop us from preaching Jesus.

Galatians 3:16. The devil may try to tell you that since you are not a Jew then only half the Bible is for you. But we are all of one seed. Every promise in the Bible is for you. Genesis 26:3.

The devil can’t stop us. There is something inside of us that can’t quit. There’s something inside of you that bigger than you. It’s Jesus fighting your battle and Hell can’t stop him. You can walk through a lion’s den and praise God in a fiery furnace. There’s a seed inside of you that Pharaoh can’t drown. It’s not you. It’s that seed of righteousness, that Lamb of God, inside of you. Galatians 3:29.

Romans 11:17. Up until the day of Jesus’ crucifixion, there was a difference between Jews and Gentiles. Hebrews 13:12. If Jesus would have died inside the city at the temple, it would still be a Jewish religion. John 1:11-12. They took Jesus outside of the city. Now, ‘whosoever will’ can come to the foot of the cross.

We are under a blessing, not under a curse. Whatever you’ve lost within these 49 years, I feel restoration. I feel like chains will break and things that have been bothering you will cease to torment you. Jesus wants to be your all in all. He wants you to find rest in Him.

As God releases you, you have to release others.

Leviticus 25:9. This is your year of release, your year of restoration. You have to release people from the hurt that they have caused you. How can you be released, if you won’t release someone else?

Release those that have done you wrong. If it works out, it’s the Lord’s, but if it doesn’t, they are not your god. You can’t backslide just because someone walks away from you. You can’t give up on God because someone decides that they don’t like you. No matter what anyone else does, you have to make up your mind to serve God. Jesus will either be first in your life, or nothing. He can’t fight for you until you let Him be God of all.

Throw away your contract. “God if you do this, then I’ll do this.” Tear that contract up. Instead say, “God, I’ll live for you even if I cry the rest of my life. I’ll live for you if nothing works out and everyone turns on me. God, I will live for you!”

Release those who haven’t paid you back for things. Release those who have lied on you. Don’t run around with them. Don’t let them take your joy and peace. Don’t be rude or unkind but release them. If you don’t release others, God can’t release what He has for you.

This is our year of release! This is our year of jubilee! Release those that have done you wrong and walk in your jubilee!

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

2 thoughts on “Year of Jubilee

  1. Jessica Grizzle says:

    Yes hallelujah πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»I believe God is restoring ….

    1. Faith Cross says:

      Dear Jessica,
      We so appreciate your comment! Praise God for His restoration! We love you and God bless you!

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