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Will Anybody be in Heaven Because of You?

Welcome to the Sermon Recap!

As we all know, January is a wonderful time to start the year off well with new goals and renewed excitement for the year ahead. I have a challenge to share with you that you will probably want to implement this next year and the rest of your life. Let’s get into it.Buy cheap perfect super clone roelx watches at best replica watches site. We offer 1:1 Swiss movement fake Cartier Santos, Tank, Ballon Bleu with low price.

Key Scriptures

Acts 20:24

Psalm 126:6

Acts 16:25-34

Ezekiel 3:17-19

Matthew 4:19

Isaiah 55:8

2 Cor. 5:10-11

1 Cor. 9:19-23

Rev 20:15


2 Cor. 5:17

Ministry Beyond the Pulpit

In Acts 20:24, Paul emphasizes that ministry goes beyond the pulpit or the spotlight; it’s in the everyday moments, on the job, in the community, and wherever there’s a lost, hurting soul.

God has a unique purpose for each of us, a mission to share the good news of His grace. Most of us encountered Jesus because someone reached out to us, prompting the question: Who will you tell about Jesus, and who will you reach for?

It’s not a Walk in the Park

Paul, who faced numerous challenges, teaches us that even in adversity, we have a mission. Psalm 126:6 echoes the reality that our lives can impact others.

Acts 16:25-34 reminds us that winning souls isn’t always convenient, but even in our worst seasons, God can use us as tools to witness to others. He can use us to interpret dreams in prison like Joseph, fight bears and lions like David alone in the fields with sheep, and worship and win souls like Paul and Silas in prison.

Longing for Heaven

If someone always talks about how good a restaurant is, pretty soon, you might want to go to it yourself. Wouldn’t it be amazing to talk about Heaven so much that the lost souls in your life would hate to miss it?

They might eventually ask us directions to Heaven. If our lives glorify God, people will want what we have and we can tell them it comes through the Way, the Truth, and the Life, our Lord Jesus.

What if Heaven and Hell Aren’t Real?

If I am wrong about Heaven and it’s not real, what have I Iost? The Gospel’s teachings are of love and righteousness. It has taught me to be a good husband and father, and to love my friends and family. What have I lost?

However, if the Bible is right, and Heaven and Hell are real, then what happens when a lost person dies? If one has rejected Jesus and the Gospel is very real, then they will go to a burning Hell where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Let us not play with our souls! Eternity is a mighty long time!

Your Witness to the Lost

We will win more souls being a sprinkler than a water hose. People don’t need someone judging them and condemning them. Everyone, EVERYONE, needs an opportunity to hear someone lovingly speak into their life about Jesus.

Look around on your job, in your community and see if you can tell someone about Jesus. Plant a seed somewhere!

Plant a Seed

Matthew 4:19. Isaiah 55:8. God does things behind the scenes that we may never see. At Oasis Ministries, there are countless hours of work put in for us to be able to reach another life. Our partners, though not here with us physically, make themselves part of our mission by supporting our efforts and helping us reach more people. People who pray, who reach, who donate to the work of the Lord have a reward just like singers and preachers. Those who donate time, knowledge, and support have rewards in Heaven. You don’t have to have a microphone or sing. Find a way to tell someone about Jesus.

Can I Borrow Your Imagination?

Gen. 7:13, 17. The whole world has mocked Noah for his blind trust in God and his seemingly unnecessary Ark. People around are jeering and laughing. Noah gets inside with his family and God shuts the door. It’s not long after that when the sky begins to darken and the people start to think there might have been something to what the old preacher said.

So, they made their way to the Ark. But it begins to rain and it gets to their ankles then up to their knees. They knock on the door and call to Noah, “Can I have another chance? Let me in, please!” A father standing on the outside with his family bangs on the wood with his fist, screaming, “Noah! My baby girl just drowned! Let us in, Noah, please!” He might have tried desperately to keep his other children above the water by holding them up.

There’s not a doubt in my mind that Noah pushed and tugged at the door, but God might have whispered, “Son, you might have built it, but you didn’t close the door. I did. You can’t open it.” Soon, the last scream dies away and then there’s nothing but the rain.

Noah’s sons and their wives could have been out in the flood, but because Noah had a walk with God, they were saved. I believe his sons thanked him for giving to the Lord, for working for the Lord. I would encourage you to take a moment and reflect on the one that led you to Jesus. Thank the Lord for them and for their dedication to witnessing to you.

So, here is my challenge to you for this next year: find a way to tell someone about Jesus. Plant a seed even if it’s small. Someone else will come and water. God will give the increase. Consider the impact you can make. Consider whose life will be touched by your walk with God. I will leave you with one question.

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Will anybody be in Heaven because of you?

God bless you and be with you always,

Pastor Anthony Wynn

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