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When He Returns, He Will Repay

What do we do when the church isn’t filling up with lost souls?

Each person, when they start out, has two appointments with death. The first is the natural man’s death, the death that everybody has to face. The second is an appointment with death that is eternal. But when you accepted Christ as your Savior, then that second death appointment was cancelled. The same goes for every true, born-again Christian. If you’re born twice, you die only once. But, if you’re born only once, you die twice.

Everyone knows someone who has fallen among thieves. Someone whose will to live for the Lord was stolen. Someone left half dead. Do you realize that when you look at the eyes of the lost, you’re looking into half dead eyes?

In the story of the Good Samaritan, a priest passed by the half dead man. The Levite walked by on the other side as well. But the Samaritan went to him. That’s the answer to the question: what do we do when the church isn’t filling up with lost souls?

We go to them.

The greatest damage we can do to Hell is to take a trophy off its wall. Get out of your comfort zone and touch somebody with the Love of God. God can use you to cancel their second appointment with death. And if you’re anointed, there is nothing the enemy can do to stop what flows out of you.

But, just because a baby is born doesn’t mean it’s over.

Is the baby fed well? Is is nourished? Is it crying? Does it need help? Do you know if it’s okay? It’s not enough to have a baby, you have to care for it. It can’t even walk yet. It needs to be carried.

How long has is been since you’ve picked up a broken life, set it on your beast like the Samaritan did , and carried it?

People can be helped. But, if they won’t come to us, we must go to them. And if you will invest in someone’s life, when Jesus comes back, He will repay you.

Pastor Anthony Wynn

I want you to know that you aren’t alone in reaching out to the lost. Contact Oasis Ministries Here and email us all the names of the lost souls you’re reaching out to and praying for. Rather call? Here’s out number, 1.877.266.4088. We want to help you. We can pray and fast together, all the while reaching those who are half dead.


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