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What Does the Father Bring to a Fight?

I want to invite you to come watch a fight.

The enemy cannot do anything with God. He couldn’t take God’s glory. He couldn’t crush God nor stop God. He was cast out of Heaven and he watched how God acted. When God created man, satan saw how God loved His children. The devil thought to himself, “If I can’t get to God, I’ll get to His children. I’ll hurt what He loves, then I hurt Him. ” 6,000 years after Adam, satan tears at our kids and our grandchildren to hurt us.

satan has watched us and our love for God. He’s seen our minds made up and that we won’t give up on God. satan tried to destroy us, but God fought for us. The enemy couldn’t get to us, and so he’s going after what we love, our children.

Every enemy voice we stop from getting to our kids is another victory.

The devil talks to our kids in many ways. One way is through their friends. Every bad influence we pray out of our kids’ lives is a victory. We need to build a fence around our babies for two reasons. One: to keep them in. Two: to keep the enemy out. “It’s just fun. No one will ever know. Just try it one time. Look at what you’re missing because of the way you live, because of how you dress, and the places you don’t go. Look at the fun you’re giving up.” When we don’t try those things, we give up misery. Years later down the road in their lowest place, if they never tried it, the devil can’t tempt them with it.


  • Luke 3:38
  • Isaiah 64:8
  • Genesis 3: 1-21
  • James 1:14-15
  • 1 Timothy 5:8
  • 2 Samuel 13:3
  • Isaiah 43:25
  • Hebrews 10:17
  • Hebrews 4:13
  • Proverbs 15:3
  • Jeremiah 16:17
  • Hebrews 2:14
  • John 1:29
  • 1 John 3:8
  • Revelation 20:10
  • Romans 16:20

When our kids start hiding things, we better watch out.

Adam and Eve sewed fig leaves together to cover their nakedness. When we catch our kids in lies, hiding their phones or stuff in their room, we better not let it go unpunished. A cover-up is a sign that something is wrong. Our babies are our most prized possession, they belong to us. It is our responsibility to protect them from the enemy. We need to know the music they listen to, the games they play, the movies they watch.

We need to search their phones.

A cell phone is such a blessing to my dad. He’s in his nineties and if he needs to get in touch with me or if something happens he can call me on his phone and I’ll be right over. It can be a blessing when we need to get in touch with our kids to make sure they are alright. But this tiny cell phone can be such a curse. It’s a treasure and a trash can. You can go find a whole bunch of praise and worship songs and good ‘ole Holy Ghost preaching. But if you can be drawn by the lust of the flesh then you can find perversion, nastiness, and so much filth. And it’s all right there at your fingertips.

Why would someone give a five-year-old a loaded gun? Why give a fourteen-year-old a cobra to play with? It doesn’t matter if they are good kids and have been raised in church. That which is flesh is flesh, and that which is spirit is spirit. We are not home yet. If satan can mess with a David that is after God’s own heart, then he can mess with our teenagers and our little children. We didn’t have our children for them to go to Hell.

All that was a bonus. I’ve arrived at what I wanted to talk about now.

When we are going to confront the devil that’s trying to steal our children, what do we bring to the fight? A knife isn’t enough. A gun isn’t enough. Those things won’t do any good in this kind of fight. So, what do we bring?

We bring the Lamb.

It doesn’t matter if someone tries to hide their sin like Adam with the fig leaves. God sees everything that’s not under the blood. When God shows up, He never allows Himself to see anything you’ve truly repented of. We need to let our kids know that they don’t have to be afraid if they get it under the blood and repent. God won’t ever bring it up.

We shouldn’t let our kids pass the blame.

Talk to the devil and let him know that they are your kids, your grandkids and that he needs to back off. Bind him in the Name of Jesus Christ. We need to meet the temptations of satan as Jesus did with a plain and positive declaration of the Scripture. 

In Genesis 3:15, God brings up the Lamb and He would bruise the head of satan.

Go ahead and let him know, “Hey, devil, you know all those sins you’re accusing my baby of, and that list you keep bringing up in my face? Well, I got a Lamb and it’s under His blood.”

That same Lamb that died 2,000 years ago lives in you, and He wants to stand up inside of you, manifest His glory, and destroy the works of the devil. We need to get our minds made up that we are going to fight and we are bringing the Lamb with us.

He will fight for us.

Pastor Anthony Wynn

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