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In a world filled with distractions and challenges, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters in our lives. In a thought-provoking sermon, sheds light on the importance of prioritizing our relationship with God, our spouses, and our children amidst the spiritual battles we face every day.

Priority #1: Your relationship with God

At the core of the message is the significance of our relationship with God. I want to emphasize that it’s not enough to rely on past experiences or mere attendance at church. Instead, we must actively engage with God in our daily lives through prayer and worship. The key question we should ask ourselves daily is, “How are we with Jesus right now?” This daily evaluation ensures that we are continually growing in our faith and deepening our connection with the Almighty.

Priority #2: Your relationship with Your Spouse

Marriage between a man and a woman is a wonderful and holy thing. It’s important to nurture our relastionship with our spouses. The devil is after our homes. We should fight for our marriages with love, forgiveness, and open communication with one another. In a society where the institution of marriage is under threat, it’s crucial to prioritize our relationship with our spouses, cherishing them as God-given companions on our journey of faith.

Priority #3: Your relationship with Your Children and Grandchildren

Our responsibilities should include our children and grandchildren, both biological and spiritual. we should pray earnestly for the spiritual well-being of our babies, recognizing that they are vulnerable to the enemy’s attacks even more than we are. Just as we fight for our own relationship with God, we must also fight for the spiritual growth and protection of the next generation.

The base of this sermon serves as a timely reminder of where our priorities should lie in the midst of life’s challenges and distractions. By prioritizing our relationships with God, our spouses, and our children, we not only strengthen our families but also fortify ourselves against the schemes of the enemy.

Thank you for reading this post. To delve deep into this amazing message, you can watch the full sermon by clicking the video below! God bless you!

Pastor Anthony Wynn

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