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In a world full of challenges and adversity, we often find ourselves facing battles in various areas – physical, emotional, and spiritual. As we walk this Christian life, it’s crucial to remember that if we do not fight the enemy, we are surrendering to him. So, let’s get into today’s Sermon Recap post!

Embrace the Armor of God

Ephesians 6:10-11. The Bible teaches us the importance of putting on the armor of God. This armor doesn’t make us better fighters though, rather, it fortifies us to stand steadfast against trials and temptations. With the whole armor of God, no circumstance nor trial can conquer us, as it strengthens our resolve to keep standing firm in our faith.

Surrendering Battles to God

When facing battles, we often carry the burden alone, forgetting that the battle belongs to God. (2 Chronicles 20:15) Just as David surrendered his fight with Goliath to God (1 Samuel 17:46), we too should lay our struggles on the altar and trust God’s guidance. Remember, you are precious in God’s eyes, and if He is for you, then no force can be against you.

Fighting for Others

Before David came to Goliath, he asked what the king would give as a reward to the man who defeated the giant. When we stand up for those in need, God rewards our selflessness and blesses us abundantly. God’s justice will prevail and, in fighting for others, we will reap a just reward.

Fighting for Your Health

Physical and emotional health battles are real, and at times, we need to fight for our well-being. The enemy seeks to drain our energy and prevent us from shining our light. However, by calling on God, we find strength and peace that surpasses understanding. Even if we are not fighting for our health in this moment, we can help others fight for theirs and stand in the gap for them!

Protecting the Sanctity of Home

The devil attacks our homes, trying to disrupt God’s design for love and unity between a man and a woman. As we cherish what God has put together, we must stand against the forces seeking to destroy it. Homosexuality and other divisive issues are tools the enemy uses to destroy God’s original home. Let’s stand up and fight against these spirits that war against our homes, and bring up a hedge of protection around our families.

The Battle Against Fear and Anger

Fear and anger are weapons the enemy uses to manipulate and control us. However, we have the power to resist, knowing that our God is in control. By turning to God, we can overcome fear and refuse to surrender to the lies that label us as failures. (James 4:7)

Life is a battlefield, and we are called to stand firm against the enemy’s schemes. If we don’t fight against him, we are surrendering to him and his tactics of destruction. As we embrace the armor of God, fight for others, and protect our homes, and fight for the well-being of ourselves and others, we can find confidence in knowing that God has already fixed the battle. The devil has no chance of winning in the end. Together, in one mind and one accord, we can overcome any obstacle and emerge victorious in the face of adversity. We will not surrender! We will fight!


Thank you for reading! I would encourage you to listen to the powerful sermon below. While this blog holds the main message of this sermon, the sermon itself will elaborate and go deeper into this topic and you can even worship with our praise team as they sing at the beginning of the service. Please watch the video below by clicking the play button. I pray you are encouraged and your strength and confidence are renewed! God bless you!

Pastor Anthony Wynn

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