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There’s More With Us Than With Them

Could you imagine being so close to God that you are a threat to the enemy?

2 Kings 6:8-14. The king of Syria was having a talk with his servants about warring against Israel, telling where his camp would be. The Lord warned a man of God and he told the king of Israel to not go to that place because the Syrians were there. The king of Syria was convinced there was a spy amongst his servants because Israel knew his plans. When he confronted them about it, they replied that none of them were spies. But, Elisha, the prophet in Israel, told his king Syria’s plans.

The king sent spies to find Elisha and he sent a great host of horses and chariots to compass the city. Elisha’s servant saw them and cried, “Alas, my master! How shall we do?”

Elisha’s answer: “Fear not: for that be with us are more than they that be with them.”

Take this into consideration. Satan took one-third of the angels with him. That means for every demon of hell that comes against you, there are two angels of Heaven fighting for you. You are not outnumbered. Psalm 34:7.

2 Kings 6:16-19. Elisha’s servant looked around and saw that he was a victor, not a victim. He saw he was a conqueror and even more than that. I don’t know what you are going through or how bad it looks, but I know that if you will get into the presence of God no weapon formed against you will prosper. Wake yourself up! God has this thing under control. He’s not about to lose it. Heaven is not about to go bankrupt. God’s not about to let you go. He’s going to fight for you like He did for Daniel, like He did for Paul, and like He did for Moses. You are the apple of His eye and His beloved. The bigger your test, the bigger your testimony. 

God will warn you.

He doesn’t always speak in your ear. He’ll speak deep down in your heart. Sometimes it’s an English voice and sometimes it’s a God voice. The God voice is the fact that you know something, but you’re not really sure how you found out.

My brother was in a horrible wreck one day. Someone called me and told me there was a sheet covering him. For about two seconds, I heard a voice that said that everything would be alright. Then, another voice for the next little bit was telling me that he didn’t make it, that it was over. 

Go back to that first little voice. When it looks like it’s not going to turn around, go back to that first voice. It’s important that you know the voice of God. It’s not always when the preacher’s preaching, or in the fastest songs. Sometimes it’s just that still, small voice.

2 Chronicles 32:4-8.

Let the enemy know that he hasn’t come against little David. He’s come against the army of the living God. He’s come against the children of the Highest God. And God is with us to help us, to fight for us, and to raise a standard up for us.

Speak to yourself. “I will not break. I will rest in the Lord. If God be for me, who can be against me?”


When you pick up that spirit of prayer, you’re calling on Someone bigger than that enemy. Call on King Jesus and pray for His help! Abel’s blood cried out against Cain, but Jesus’ blood cries out for us. How can this thing defeat you if His blood cries for you? He didn’t bring us this far to let us go!

Psalm 118:6. Hebrews 13:6.

Jesus will make a way for you.

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

3 thoughts on “There’s More With Us Than With Them

  1. Alot of people come to me for help even my landlord,my 4 kids that are grown,I’m over 3 checks for social,but I’m drawing retirement, everyone turned there back on 2 people and people told me not to help them but I went to there aid to move there stuff out and God made away for me to get them out of there because there lights were shut off and got evicted so I did the right thing and she on disability me and my son took them to my daughter place to keep from freezing ,I help people and God gives me strength and I tell people how to come to him but it’s like they don’t listen but I won’t give up ,I won’t turn anyone away my spirit can like see what’s really going on ,this world is going completely wicked but my lord been with me at a early time in my life and I got proof at Jesus did walk the earth and I got proof he still alive and proof that his blood is alive because it’s been testing tested under microscope in Israel and looking through the microscope they saw blood moving and it only showed a woman chromazones no father’s now ,when we die you can only get DNA and our blood dies but they asked where did you get this blood to Ron Wyatt a Christian archeologist he said this is the blood of your Messiah ,Ron Wyatt also found Noah Ark and he has a museum in Nashville TN,in the 60s he pulled the plug from the cross out of the ground and you got to listen to this amazing testimony ,he passed away in 97 but I’m gonna keep telling this to as many as I can there is proof that Jesus is alive and his blood is on ice in Israel and the ark of covenant is below the cross until it’s time to come out nobody will find it but it’s there because when Jesus hung on Cross they speared Jesus’ his blood as ground open up Jesus blood ran into ground down in the earth and onto the Mercy seat and the Lord told Ron it was there and he found it ,so if you will listen to Ron Wyatt testimony you will know the proof of God and Jesus son is alive I love your preaching I don’t get to there much and either witnessing or helping others

  2. Teresa Crouse says:

    Thank you and God bless this ministry

    1. faith cross says:

      Dear Teresa,
      Thank you! Feel free to share this blog with your friends and family! We love you and God bless you!

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