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The Night Like No Other

It was a little different preaching a Christmas message when I could have preached it on Christmas morning this year, but the Lord was leading me to give this kind of sermon this past Sunday. But before we get into this message, I’ve got a lot of reading for you!

Genesis 1:5, 26:4, 32:24, 46:2. 2 Samuel 7:4. 1 Kings 3:5. Job 35:10. Psalms 26:9. Luke 2:1-16.

God often visits His people in the night. But on this one particular night in Luke, millions of lives would change. This night would be like no other night. This night, darkness would be defeated because Immanuel was born! Isaiah 60:1-2. No longer would death be king for one stronger than death was born this night. satan feared this night. There had been others born that he had conquered and defeated. But Jesus came this night and satan knew He would never bow nor be defeated.

Moses was born. Isaiah and Jeremiah were born. There were many leaders and prophets born, but there was no birth like the birth of Jesus and there never will be another like it.

Isaiah 7:14, 53:2-3. Numbers 24:17. Isaiah 9:6.

On this night, Jesus came to save His people.

As a born-again child of God, your life has touched a lot of people. However, if we had never been born, this world would have just kept right on marching on. If Jesus had never been born, there would be no hope for the hopeless, no healing for the sick, no relief for the oppressed, and no salvation for the lost.

Jesus was more than just a baby laying in that manger.

Before He was conceived in the womb, He was the salvation for a lost humanity. He was more than a baby; He was our deliverer, restorer, hope, and our waymaker! All the fullness of God was laying in that manger. John 1:4. The Light of the World was laying in that manger.

Healing for the sick was laying in that manger. Isaiah 53:5. Someone can write you a check, but it does you no good until you cash it in. Right here in Isaiah 53:5, God wrote you a check. If you’re sick or you know someone who is, then you also need to know that healing was laying in that manger. If this baby hadn’t been born, a lot of us wouldn’t have been healed, and more than likely wouldn’t be here today.

But it’s not enough for me to tell you that Jesus heals and He delivers if you don’t go claim it yourself. The Bible is full of promises, but if you don’t stand on that Word, then it does you no good. You have to activate the Word of God through your faith and claim your miracle!

Every baby wants to be loved.

From the moment this innocent, baby Jesus was born, He was hated. Other babies were killed while the king was trying to kill this baby. John 15:25. Isaiah 53:3-4.

Now, the Christmas season is here at the time I’m writing this so I’m asking you to spend some time with somebody and show them that you love them. In the middle of all the gifts you give, don’t forget that this time is about a King who left glory and came to earth.

In the middle of all your giving, don’t forget to give to Him. I’m going to challenge you. Don’t just get gifts for just your family and your friends. Get a gift for, or go spend time with someone the world has forgotten. Matthew 25:40. And as you give gifts to people, don’t forget to give a gift of praise and thanks to Jesus.

Everything that we need, peace, healing, salvation, was laying in that manger. Now, Jesus, our Savior who died for our sins, is risen forevermore and He’s coming back for us soon! Hallelujah!

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

2 thoughts on “The Night Like No Other

  1. Mary Bryan says:

    May God RICHLY bless you in your Ministry and labor of love. A GREAT read.

    1. Faith Cross says:

      Dear Mary,
      Thank you so much for your comment and your kind words! Feel free to share this blog with those you think will enjoy it as well. We love you and may God bless you!

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