Sermon Recap

The Gift Card

Have you ever received a gift card?

Nothing is free. Someone somewhere had to pay a price for that gift card. The same goes for the gift card Jesus paid for with His blood.

The One who knows all your secrets, gave His blood to hide all your sins. The One who created you for His Glory, gave His life’s blood to buy you back. He became like you, so you could become like Him. He left heaven and came to earth, so you could leave earth and go to heaven. That is the gift card God has given to you.

It is a gift card of promises of healing, peace, and joy. But, you also have a gift card of spiritual gifts to help others with. Maybe it’s a gift of prophecy, maybe a gift of preaching, or maybe a gift of helping.

Don’t set it aside. Don’t sell it for momentary pleasure.

You have to  be careful when you’re on the receiving end of a gift card because many of them have expiration dates. You can’t use your gifts in the grave. They will expire when you breathe your last breath.

Your gift card only has value when it is redeemed. But, you can’t love the gift more than the Giver. It cost Jesus His breath to give you that gift. Fall in love with Jesus, not the gift.

Remember it’s not like a debit card.

A debit card is like when Adam realized he messed up and tried to hide it with fig leaves. A debit card is like when you try to make it your own way. But a gift card is just that, a gift.

Listen to the full sermon on “The Gift Card” below.

–Pastor Anthony Wynn


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