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The Empty Seat

POW/MIA bracelets were engraved with the name, rank, and loss date of every American serviceman who was captured or missing during the Vietnam war.

People would wear these bracelets as a reminder to pray for a certain prisoner of war or soldier missing in action. The Oasis Team got to work on some bracelets similar to the POW/MIA bracelets.

1 Samuel 20:18 — “Then Jonathan said to David, To morrow is the new moon: and thou shalt be missed, because thy seat will be empty.”

Just because we are on our way to Heaven, let’s not forget the lost.

The devil will use so many different things to advert our attention away from the lost. In the 70s, life was okay in America and people would sometimes forget that their beloved soldiers were suffering in a prison camp in another country. Even Mordecai told Queen Esther not to forget her people living outside of the king’s palace.

Hebrews 10:25. We need to get people to see the need to go to church. James 5:8. Revelation 22:20. Jeremiah 8:20. Jesus is coming back. It’s time to reach for souls.

Luke 13:25. There will come a day in every person’s life when the door is closed. You don’t get saved whenever you want to. You get saved when Jesus is drawing. You can’t just sing a song and get someone to cry, getting their nerves worked up for them to pray. It takes good, old-fashioned, Holy Ghost conviction from the Lord.

1 Samuel 20:18. I don’t want your seat to be empty in Heaven. Think about if Jesus were to come back today. Are there people you love whose seats would be empty in Heaven? What can you do in the next weeks and months to help bring them into the Kingdom?

How do you win the lost?

You don’t use the same bait for a trout as you would a shark. There’s not just one way to win the lost. Some people you win by pulling them out of the fire. Others you win by having compassion on them for a long time. Sometimes, it’s a prodigal son and there’s nothing you can do but pray. Sometimes it’s a lost sheep in the storm and you have to risk your life to pick it up and carry it.

John 20:24. All the worship and the great services are amazing, but how can we settle for a good service when Thomas isn’t with us? Let something inside you catch fire for the lost and renew your burden to see people saved.

Luke 14:16-24. The people making the excuses can represent church folk. The things they are saying are not bad. The bad thing about their situations is that their priorities have changed. The things they are doing have gotten their eyes off of being in the presence of the King. There should be nothing in your life more important to you than Jesus.

Verse 23 is our commission today. I want to take someone to Heaven with me. If we don’t take time to do the commission, as it says in verse 24, we will never taste of the supper.

We treat death as a monster, but there are times when I have seen death as a friend when someone’s little body has been broken. What is really sad, however, is when death comes, and the person is not ready. That leaves not only an empty seat on this earth but an empty seat in Heaven forever. Mark 8:36-37.

Jesus never gave up on you. It may take months or even years, but don’t give up on someone. You are the one God can use to help bring a lost soul to Him.

1 Corinthians 5:10. The judgment seat of Christ is the only seat that will determine your eternal seat. People cannot curse you or put a hex on you and make you go to Hell. Matthew 10:28. On Judgment Day, God isn’t going to be your father figure. He’s going to be the Judge of all judges. There will be no altar call on that day, no moments of silence, and no opportunity to bow your head and ask for forgiveness for your sins and accept Jesus into your heart on that day. Now is the day of salvation. TODAY is the day to listen and call out to God!

Make up your mind that the devil can’t have your family. Put on your armor, pick your weapons back up, do not recant, do not surrender. Bring prayer to your fight, bring anointing to your fight, and bring the blood of Jesus to your fight! Fight for the lost. Fight for the hurting. Fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.

You may not reach the whole world, but you can reach at least one person.

I don’t want to stand there on Judgement Day when Jesus asks me if I accomplished anything and my answer is, “Jesus, the devil beat me up and I got back to my feet.”

“But did you tell anyone I love them? Did you pull anybody out of the fire?”

“Well, no. but I survived.”

“Son, I didn’t die just for you to survive. I died so you can be a soul winner. I died so you can overcome, bruise the head of satan, and put the enemy under your feet. I died so you could let your light shine and make a difference.”

Here are three reasons someone’s seat would be empty in Heaven.

#1: John 3:36. Somehow the person never believed on Jesus.
#2: Hebrews 2:3. They neglected Jesus one day too many.
#3: Revelation 20:15. They never had their name in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

The POW/MIA bracelets were reminders of those men who were prisoners of war or missing in action. Some of those who are lost are prisoners of sin, and others are missing in action.

We have a bracelet for you to wear as a reminder to pray for your lost loved ones. The bracelet comes with a card for you to write down the names of those you are praying for.

If this message has touched you, please contact us about one of these bracelets. The first one is free. Any additional bracelets are $3 each. You can request yours today by calling us (1.877.226.4088) or by email at

Thank you for being such a wonderful soldier for the Lord. You are so precious to me.

— Pastor Anthony Wynn


2 thoughts on “The Empty Seat

  1. Carolyn Archer says:

    God bless you please help me pray for my lost siblings and husband

    1. Faith Cross says:

      Dear Carolyn,
      Thank you for commenting! Absolutely, we will add you to our prayer list and lift you and your family up to the Lord in prayer. We love you and God bless you!

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