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The Bleeding Ear

We had a service unlike any other Sunday morning!

Revival is in the land! The worship service was so full of the Spirit. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom and we had freedom Sunday! A praise break happened in the church and we had such a good time praising and worshipping God! You can watch the service below at the end of this blog.

From Sea to Sea

Amos 8:11-10. Nobody is going to wander from sea to sea if they aren’t wanting to hear something. These people are hungry; they are searching. Do you want to know what the famine is in this Scripture? The sorry, low-down, lazy preachers who won’t pray and read their Bibles, but instead play on their phones and facebook. Then they go to the pulpits talking about how great they are, preaching glamour, glory, and false things when people need and desire a word from the Lord. The famine is not because people don’t want to hear, it’s because of preachers who just want to preach doctrine, ideals, and selfishness, making themselves look good. They’d rather do all that than tell this generation that He still saves, heals, and delivers.

The Truth Is What We Need to Hear

They preach how to be happy, to be popular, how to get more stuff. Even how to use your faith to get rich. They don’t preach how to win souls or be holy or how to please God. They preach how to please yourself.

2 Chronicles 18: 5-16. If you are lost and on your way to Hell, I don’t want to pat you on the head and let you leave the service feeling better than you did when you came, still being lost. I will not trade your soul for your favor. If I can’t help you, I don’t want to hurt you, but I will not lie to you. You cannot live any way, pay your tithes, and go to Heaven. Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than swimming makes you a fish. Pretty words aren’t going to drive Hell back, but the presence of God will. We need preachers that are going to preach the truth.

You have to be born again with your name written in that Book of Life. You may fall down in a mudhole every once in a while, but you better not stay in that mudhole. Pray, worship, and run to Jesus again.

If people would quit sending tithes and offerings to these sissy, money-hungry preachers, if these preachers who don’t care about souls weren’t supported, they would go away. A lot of these preachers don’t preach because of the anointing, but because they’ve found themselves a money tree. 

A Preacher, a Sword, and a Bleeding Ear

Luke 22:46-51. John 18:10. Jesus is in the garden, praying and getting ready to die. The multitude comes to take Jesus away. Out of all the limbs Peter could have cut off, he chose the ear of Malchus.

The Bible is also called the Sword of the Spirit. There is a ministry right now that has used this sword and cut off some ears. Malchus did not get hurt down at the drug parlor or with some lady of the night. He wasn’t in some skating rink or sports arena. Malchus got hurt in the presence of Jesus with a preacher carrying a sword.

“Why can’t nobody reach this certain group of people? Why can’t nobody touch them?” It’s Christ in you the hope of glory. Until we get close enough to Jesus to reach down and pick that ear off the ground and love that person and heal them, they don’t want to hear what we have to say.

There was one time I felt to witness to someone. When I said, “How are you and Jesus doing?” he tore into me. He started telling me about preachers and why he didn’t have anything to do with church. I let him talk and then said, “Can I tell you my story?” The whole spirit turned.

It would have been easy for me to slap that bleeding head. This man snapped at me because his ear was cut off and he was bleeding. It wasn’t the drug dealer that hurt him. It was some preacher with a sword. I’m not talking about preaching living right. I’m talking about preachers that preach their agenda and if they can’t control you, they’ll destroy you.

You wonder why you can’t reach certain people.

It’s not because of their wickedness. It’s because somebody cut their ear off and they are bleeding. Now, they are afraid to trust churches and preachers.

The name of Jesus is not a club to knock someone in the head with. It’s not a stick to use to poke someone out of the boat. The name of Jesus is a lifeline to throw out into the raging sea and pull somebody to safety. Don’t fight over this name again. Tell the devil that you are not going to use this name as a sword to fight with, but as a power over the kingdom of Hell. Use Jesus’ name to set the captive free and heal the broken-hearted. 

The next time someone in town or one of your lost loved ones gets on your nerves, perhaps is it more than a rebellious, hard heart? Could it be somebody that got their ear cut off? Jesus whispers, “I love you. I care about you.” But they can’t hear it because their ear is gone. 

Maybe they need that Jesus in you to reach down, pick up that ear, and put it back on so that they can hear what the spirit is saying.

Listen to the sermon below hear why a certain boy’s ear grew sideways and to a short passage I wrote about why so many ministries fail.

– Pastor Anthony Wynn

3 thoughts on “The Bleeding Ear

  1. Billy+Spurling says:

    Thank you for telling the truth
    Awesome awesome wonderful word we all know someone who’s been hurt by us that’s supposed to love them and bring them HOPE

  2. marysloan says:

    powerfui messagehelp us to hear what THESPIRIT is saying to THE CHURCH ? US.

    1. Faith Cross says:

      Dear Mary,
      Thank you so much for commenting! Spread this message to others you think would love it just as much! We love you and God bless!

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