Sermon Recap

Taking Our Worship Back

What sets the church apart from all the other institutions in the world?

The Church has the Presence of God.

Too many churches have forgotten that the number one thing we find at church is God. America defines church as a nice building, warm in the winter, cool in the summer, with soft seats, wonderful music, and a lot of programs. But too many people have forgotten that none of it is church, unless Jesus shows up. Preaching is not the most important part of the service. I’ve heard people preach and no one gets saved, and no one gets healed. But I’ve never seen God show up and someone not get a touch.

The most important thing is not to get the preacher up on the platform, but to get God in His House. If we don’t get God into His House, the lame will not walk the blind will not see, and the sinner won’t be converted.

There are three types of Presences of God: His Omnipresence, His Abiding Presence, and His Manifest Presence.

If it’s really God’s House, then how can we be sure that God shows up?

I am persuaded that the most important part of any service is real, genuine worship. Real worship is not to entertain or draw attention to you, but it is all about God. Real worship will cause Him to stand up for us. We have to take back our worship! It takes everyone. One person can’t do it all. We have to be in one mind and one accord.

Your worship is key.

–Pastor Anthony Wynn


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