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God is looking for people who will let Him pour out His glory into their life so that others can see what they can have.

1 Chronicles 13:2-3 – “And David said unto al the congregation of Israel, If it seem good unto you, and that it be of the Lord our God, let us send abroad unto our bretheren ever where, that are left in all the land of Israel, and with them also to the priests and Levites which are in their cities and suburbs, that they may gather themselves unto us: and let us bring again the ark of our God to us: for we enquired not at it in the days of Saul.”

This is a sad passage, for in it the children of Israel had been without the presence of God for about 40 years. The real glory of the Lord wasn’t there and no one noticed. Another sad thing is that not everyone wants the glory of the Lord to be shown. 2 Samuel 6:16. While David was praising the Lord, he took off his royal robe and laid it aside, not wanting to draw attention to his status as king, but focusing his attention on the Ark and God’s status as King of Kings. Michael, Saul’s duaghter, has the same attitude her father had and she represents a church that just wants prestiege and honor and a title. She’s not a church after God’s own heart.

Longing for God

God wants people to see that there is more to Him than fighting the devil. Exodus 24:15-16. We should not allow God to stand on the porch of our heart, knock on our door, and have to leave without us opening it. God wants to commnicate with us and He comes to us daily, longing to talk to us. Numbers 16:22. Exodus 40:35. 2 Chronicles 7:1. 

You can look back and find some of the great preachers of the past and read about their testimonies on the glory of the Lord. One said that when the glory of God fell, he was so weak that he could hardly stand. Another said that if the Lord showed him any more, he might explode. I don’t know about you, but I want more than a chill bump or one shout. I want to experience God in His glory!

Angels Reverence

Isaiah, in one of the trying times of Israel’s kingdom, saw the Lord. The Lord wasn’t small, or weak, or tired. The Lord was high and lifted up and His train filled the temple. The angels covered their faces and feet in the presence of His glory. They cried “Holy!” Think of how much reverence they have for Almighty God and they haven’t even done anything wrong or had to recieve grace from Him at all. Let us not get so used to God that we miss His call to come up higher. Let us not become more familiar with the voice of satan than the voice of God. If you seek God, you will find Him. You can come to Him and tell Him that you want His presence in your life. But if He draws you, yield and draw nigh to Him, for He will draw nigh to you as well!

The I Am

Moses had an encounter with God at around 80 years old. He came in contact with the burning bush that was not consumed and when the Lord told Moses to go to the people, Moses asked who should he say had sent him. God said, “I am that I am.” That meant He is what the Bible says He is. He is the Way Maker and the Chain Breaker. He is the I Am and will be whatever is needed in your life.

Moses and the people of Israel saw miracle after miracle of God providing for them and delivering them. The people were stubborn and only wanted the land and everything else but God. God refused to go with them into the Promised Land if they didn’t want Him. Moses stood up and said, “God, I don’t want my blessing to take me anywhere that you won’t go with me.” If Moses couldn’t go without God, his integrity, and his character, he wasn’t going to go either. Exodus 33:18.

The Blood Trail

I started in Genesis and found the sheep slain for Adam and Eve. Follow the blood trail from book to book through all the sacrifices until you come to the end of the Gospels. You will find the prize, the ultimate sacrifice, Jesus, our Lord. The blood trail will lead you to Calvary. God is not concerned with your past because it is under the Blood. What He is concerned about is from right now and forward. 1 Chronicles 16:24-26.

From Glory to Glory

John 1:14. This Scripture tells us that God’s glory will be full of grace and truth. If what we are seeing has neither of those things, we can be sure it’s not the glory of God. 2 Corinthains 3:18. God wants to change us so that others might see His glory through us. He takes the situations the devil throws at you and works them out for your good, putting a little more glory in you. When God brings you through it, there will be a little less of you and a little more of Him in your life. People will look at you and say, “There has to be a God that’s keeping you.”

Jesus wants some people, some chrurches, who will give themselves to Him so this world can see His glory manifested through them.

John 11:39. If we will seek God for the right reasons, if we will seek Him just for Him, there’s no telling how He will show Himself to you and how He will manifest His glory in your life. This generation needs to see more than religion and hear a song. They need to see the glory of God and His grace and goodness.

Psalms 63:1-2. In David’s low place, he wasn’t asking for bread or even asking for God to fight for him, but he was asking to see the power and glory of God.

Romans 8:18. Let the devil hang around and see God move for you. Let him see the glory God manifested in you. Don’t quit and don’t believe the lie that God has forsaken you. He has not left you and when He brings you out of this, you will have anointing to be able to help someone. He will not fail you! He did not bring you this far to let you go. Romasn 8:19.

The whole world is waiting on people who will allow the Lord to shine His glory through them. So, I challenge you today to be the one that allows God to use you and manifest His glory through your life.

Thank you for reading this Sermon Recap! Dive deeper into this topic by watching the video below. Let God guide you in grace and truth. May your life be a testament to God’s goodness and glory. Have a blessed day!

Anthony Wynn

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