Kingdom Talk Podcasts

Join Pastor Anthony and Micah Wynn as they go behind the scenes, covering topics of ministry, outreach, and life.

PRESS! | Kingdom Talk
The Last Supper | Kingdom Talk
PRESS! | Kingdom Talk
The Last Supper | Kingdom Talk

Golden Harvest Podcasts

Bro. John Wynn (Pastor Anthony’s father) shows up weekly to give us a perspective on the Word and a Christian walk that has proven itself with miracles and a 60+ year ministry.

Golden Harvest #18
Golden Harvest #17
Golden Harvest #16
Golden Harvest #15

Go Ye Podcasts

A podcast from Bro. Shane McCann (one of the associate ministers of MDT Church) that covers spiritual development and outreach.

Keep Watching
Who Did Hinder You?

Lead by the Word

Follow along in a deep dive study from Genesis to Revelation using the free Oasis Ministries Bible Course. hosted by Micah and Jessie Wynn.

Deuteronomy 24-28
Deuteronomy 1-7

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He Is Able
03/06/2022 AM
There Was a Break-In
02/27/2022 AM
I Am that I Am
02/20/2022 AM
Body, Soul, and Spirit
02/13/2022 AM

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