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Roe v Wade

This was probably one of the most important sermons I have preached in 40 years.

Genesis 2:7. Exodus 20:13. Psalms 139:13. Isaiah 49:1. Exodus 21:22-23. Jeremiah 1:5. Proverbs 6:16-17. Psalms 20:10. Psalms 106:37-38. Psalms 127:3.

The 50th year is the year of jubilee. We have been under Roe v Wade for 49 years. This is our year of jubilee! Why? Our tax dollars aren’t going to pay for abortions any longer. Our tax money isn’t being used to kill babies!

In America, 4 out of 10 unplanned pregnancies are terminated by abortions. In the United States, there were over 3,000 abortions a day. Ezekiel 7:22-23. Deuteronomy 30:19. Millions and millions of babies have been aborted. One abortion every 34 seconds.

This is not a political message. It’s a Bible message.

A baby has its own DNA, blood type, and its own functional brain. It has its own dreams. Jesus died that we might live. Abortion kills so that someone might live differently. Some people are more upset about chopping down a tree than they are about killing that real person in the womb.

But for the first time in a long time, I believe the Almighty Creator has looked down on America and smiled.

In a 5 to 4 decision, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. Almost half the states are expected to outlaw or severely restrict abortions as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision.

If my Shelia and I and our grandkids were going to take a trip on a bus, it doesn’t matter who the bus driver is, we need to pray for that driver. We need to cut back on what we tell others and start praying for the leaders of our country. We need to pray for America right now. They are making decisions that are going to affect your children and your grandchildren. I believe we have the Lord’s attention right now and we need to pray. We can see cancers healed and families restored! Just pray! Proverbs 14:34.

So many have been worried about gas prices going up, but I’ve been worried about war breaking out and bombs going off in schools. Those planes crashing into the towers on 9/11 was not an accident. Something happened that hurt God and God pulled back the curtain of protection a little bit. “America,” He said, “I’m going to let you see what can happen without my protection.” America was allowed a taste of what other nations had had to face since those nations rejected God. If God pulls His hand back, overnight our money could be worthless. Overnight our stores could be emptied out.

But right now, God’s finding a little mercy toward America.

What’s happening right now is going to hold judgment back a little longer. I can hear God telling one of the kings in the Bible, “Because you repented and turned to me, I’m not going to do this in your generation.” It took some repenting and tears to turn this abortion law around.

It’s not a matter of party.

If a person only ever votes republican, what happens when that person is so republican that they vote for someone who promotes homosexuality or abortion? It’s not a party thing or a financial thing. What matters is that we vote for someone who will bring God back into the picture. We need someone that will stand up for the Bible and let us worship God. We need someone that will honor God. America is torn right now. Divorce, suicide, and drug overdoses are skyrocketing. Sin is taking over. Hosea 6:1.

2 Chronicles 15:4. I feel that some people in America are turning back to God. Hosea 14:1. Isaiah 55:7. It was wicked when they took our tax money and used it to kill babies. But the devil doesn’t have us yet and we are turning from our wicked ways. The abortion doctors are going to have to get their salary from someplace else because they’re not getting our tax dollars anymore.

Judges 3:7-9. We may not have it all right yet, but we are making our way back to God! Because we are trying to get it right, revival could very well break out. As far as our nation has gone, God has still held war back. God has still protected us despite how far our nation has gone from Him. We ought to thank God and praise Him for His kindness to us!

Despite how far the nation has gone, there are still some people in America that love God. Praise His holy name!

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

4 thoughts on “Roe v Wade

  1. Jessica Grizzle says:

    Yes I agree brother Anthony! Love you all … God bless you all! This was a great victory! We need to pray for our nation, then that are in authority! We also need to pray for our neighbors ( all people) .. I praise the Lord for what he is doing … but I’m looking ahead at what he is about to do! I pray he will give the church boldness and strength! I pray that signs, wonders and miracles will be done in his name … if he can do it once he can do it again. If he can do it for one he can do it for another, for our living God is no respect of person! May we all humble ourselves and pray… may we all repent of sin and turn back to the living God..

    1. Faith Cross says:

      Dear Jessica,
      Thank you so much for your comment! Luke 8:1 says “And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;” Your praise and prayers can and will move Jesus to work for His people. We love you and God bless you!

  2. Pastor Charles. Bogue says:

    Praise the Lord Pastor Wynn
    I believe you have hit the bullseye. America needs to turn back to God. It’s not only the abortion issue but homosexuality has moved into churches and schools. Our government is rampant with representatives and senators who are gay. If The church does not band together and seek God according to 2 Chronicles 7:14, we are in trouble. If God does not come back soon. He is going to have to raise Sodom and Gommarah up and apologize to them

    1. Faith Cross says:

      Dear Pastor Charles Bogue,
      Thank you for your comment! Our prayers can help turn this nation back to Jesus! Please share this message with those you think would benefit from it. We love you and God bless you!

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