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Restore Your Worship

Daniel 3:10-20.

Here in Daniel, we’re talking about the three Hebrew boys. King Nebuchadnezzar is a type of the enemy, and he took his strongest people to bind Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

People are not devils.

Some act like devils. Some behave like they are his cousin. The pain you face and your hurts, come from the devil. The devil uses strong-willed people to throw you into the fire. I believe that there are some good people that aren’t full of the devil and aren’t demon possessed, but they allow the devil to use them as vessels to throw you into the fire.

So, here’s a question for you: are you the one with family members or friends that throw you into the fire, or are you the strong-willed person that throws others in? Because if you allow the devil to use you, that fire that you are throwing others in will turn around and consume. Daniel 3:22.

I caught something I hadn’t caught before.

Now, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were cast into the fire, bound. The question is: what was the point of binding them? Where were they going to go?

The flame was so hot, it consumed the men that threw them in. So, what was the point of binding them? Take MDT Church at the end of 2019. At one point, we had 85 people in the altar with their hands lifted, crying out unto the Lord. Two years ago, the enemy got mad and decided he wasn’t going to get us on drugs or get us to lie. he decided he was going after our worship. 

If you can go to church and the Spirit of God moves all around you, and you don’t even worship in that atmosphere, you aren’t going to break through when there’s no music or singing. You don’t have to let depression take over, and you don’t have to give up. I don’t care how clean you live, or how good you do. If you don’t get your worship back, you’re going to quit. You don’t have to be in church to worship. You can get free in your home, even in your vehicle.

The enemy is trying to bind our worship.

Worship is not an emotion you do in church, it’s not a song that you work up. Worship is a lifestyle. If you are going to be a worshiper, you have to go to bed worshiping God and wake up doing the same. You have to be a sanctified vessel, uncontaminated. No other god can live in your heart if you are going to be a real worshiper of Jesus. All you need is a thankful heart. All you need is to fall in love with Jesus. 

Binding them was never about the fire. It was about, “If you don’t worship me, I won’t let you worship Him.”

The enemy wants your worship. he wants you to worship yourself. he’ll try to get you to worship your money. “I can’t go to church today, I need to work to take care of my family.” 

It’s not enough that friends and family hurt you. In the midst of that, the devil slips in and binds you. he wants to bind us because worship brings revival and the power of the Holy Ghost. You don’t have to worry about what everyone else thinks about you. Who cares if someone’s looking at you? Come to the banquet table and get a touch from God.

The devil won’t remind you about Calvary.

he’s not going to remind you of the things God’s done, or where He’s brought you from. The enemy will whisper, “You’re too hurt, too upset, too broken and discouraged to worship.” But, don’t let the devil stop you. The two young men stayed at the base of the mountain, but Abraham went “yonder” to worship. Abraham didn’t let those men stop him and went further. And there was an Isaac who wanted God that followed him. If you are going to get more of the Lord, you have to go further than you ever have before. You have to fight more. You have to pour out more, so God can pour into you more. At this level, it’s not enough. You have to go further to a new level.

“I’ll worship when I get free.”

You’ll never get free. You have to worship when you’re bound and the binds will burn off. Worship when you want to die, when you don’t want to get up. Worship when it doesn’t look like it’s going to turn around. Keep worshiping and your strength is going to come back. The peace of God will come back, and your passion will come back. If you worship God, no weapon will stand against you. Worship God and you will come out blessed and with victory.

If you had enough strength to dress yourself this morning, to feed yourself, if you had a piece of a right mind to be able to read this today, those things alone are enough for you to lift your hands and worship God.

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

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  1. Jessica Grizzle says:

    Wonderful message! Love you guys so very much!

    1. faith cross says:

      Dear Jessica,
      Thank you so much! Please feel free to share this blog with your friends and family. We love you and God bless!

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