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Put on Jesus

Everything that life offers you is never good enough by itself. But if you ever find Jesus, you don’t have to add anything to Him.

We live in an evil day right now. We have to learn to withstand the enemy. We may have troubles and trials, but we are still standing. And if you’re still standing and you still love God, that’s something to shout about.

In football, there is offense and defense. 

Defense keeps the opposite team from getting the ball. Offense tries to get the ball from the opposite team. It works the same way in the Christian life. We have to play defense by keeping safe what we have, and then we have to play offense by fighting and taking back what the enemy stole from us.

We have a generation of weak Christians. The enemy comes and can just knock the wind out of them because they went to the altar and got the blood, but they never ate all of the Lamb. People don’t put on their clothes in public. They go into their closet. We need to go into our prayer closets and pray to walk more like Jesus, and to love like Him. We need to pray to reach for the lost with the heart of Jesus.

Putting on Jesus doesn’t come with someone laying hands on you or shouting. Putting on Jesus comes when the enemy is waiting outside and you’re in your closet, praying, “Jesus, I want to go out there and fix this my way, but that’s not what you would do. I want to decrease so you can increase and they can see you in me.”

It’s going to be a journey, and we have to put on the whole armor of God to protect us from the enemy.

I’m afraid that some people when they see that they need a Shield of Faith or a Sword, they hold onto Jesus, but they are reaching for something else, “Well, I have to get my faith working.” But you don’t have to work up a faith when you realize He cried, “It is finished.” When you put on Jesus, everything that He purchased when He died becomes ours. You don’t have to struggle with putting on righteousness. If you will just get into your prayer closet and lay on your face and put on Jesus, you will go where He wants you to go and say what He wants you to say. Just put on Jesus and you will do what He wants you to do. When you put on Jesus, no enemy can stand.

The Bible tells us to gird our loins with truth. The loins are where the reproductive system is. We have so many organizations now that have their loins girt about with false doctrine, and every soul they reach or touch, they give them false doctrine. That’s not how it should be. We need to speak truth. Truth is the very character of Jesus. We can be kind about it, but we shouldn’t water down the blood of Jesus.

When we are truly saved, something inside us changes.

When we get saved, it doesn’t do away with the law. It just writes it on our heart. The old man wouldn’t steal because the law said ‘no’. But the new man, the saved man, the born-again Christian, doesn’t steal because it’s not in their heart to do so. You don’t kill because the law says not to. You don’t kill because it’s not in your heart. When you are saved, God changes you, and then it’s in your heart to forgive and to love. He gives you a new heart.

“What do we call them?”

Jesus had gone into Heaven and left his disciples to preach. People thought of what to label them. Someone thought of how much they reminded them of Christ, “They act like Jesus, Christ-like. They reach for people and love like Him. Let’s call them Christians.” They called them Christians because of how much they reminded them of the Savior.

If the enemy is attacking you, Christ will be your Shield. Jesus will be your armor if you will just put Him on. If someone has a disease, they go to the doctor, they need to slap fear in the face and let it know that long before any of these diseases were ever discovered, there was a God. They are not going anywhere until God is through with them. Let the doctors do what they can, but when they are limited, we know a God that isn’t. Put on Jesus. He won’t let the enemy that comes against us to win, He will take authority over the enemy and put him in his place.

Just put on Jesus.

–Pastor Anthony Wynn


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  1. Valerie Brist says:

    Hello, please pray for healing for my husband Shawn and myself and Fletcher today

    1. faith cross says:

      Dear Valerie,
      We’re sorry, but we are just now seeing this. We have added your request to the prayer list and will continue to pray for each of you. We love and appreciate you.

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