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Sit-Down Sermons

Join Pastor Anthony Wynn in a one-on-one teaching that speaks to your heart and touches your soul.

Go Ye

Listen along as Bro. Shane ministers on important messages that are timeless and full of encouragement.

Lead By The Word

Follow along in your Bible with Bro. Micah and Sis. Jessica Wynn as they dive into the value in all Scripture.

"Thank you for all your positive messages here on YouTube... I truly believe you know the Bible. Thank you Pastor Wynn."

Kingdom Talk

Behind the scenes of Oasis Ministries and beneficial discussions on important topics in the Bible.

The Seekers

Seek through the Scriptures with the next generation as they search for answers to big questions.

Golden Harvest

Glean from the late John Wynn as he gave insights to prayer and a close realtionship with God.

There's More!

Check out our new TV station,! we think you’ll love all the amazing ministers and enjoy hearing what they have to say. Join Pastor Wynn, Perry Stone, Time Hill, and more on GreaterLove.TV!

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