Anthony Wynn Ministries is called by God to feed the hungry, heal the hurting, and offer deliverance to those in bondage!

All partners of Oasis will receive a monthly newsletter, magazine, and a DVD or CD of Pastor's favorite sermon of the month!

If your donation is more than $20/month, you will also receive a free water bottle.


Pastor Anthony Wynn

Other Ways to Give

Give In Person

You can give in person at any campus during the weekend worship experience.

Mail a Gift

Address to mail to: P.O. Box 3088 Riceville, TN 37370

Give Assets

Contact us at or during business hours at 1.877.226.4088 with any questions about giving assets to us.

In this passage of scripture, David is desperate for a drink from the well of Bethlehem. At Oasis Ministries, our Cup Bearers are bringing a drink to those who thirst by sharing The Gospel through the Oasis Ministries TV broadcast.

Jesus said,

“But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” John 4:14


“I was dying in hospital at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, TN. Someone from Oasis Ministries called me while I was in the hospital, and I told them about the situation. I was diagnosed with Lupus and pregnant. We survived due to the prayers of the righteous that avails much. Thank you for touching and agreeing. Look at what the Lord has done!! Glory to God!!

Will you step in, and give a drink to this thirsty land by donating just $23.15 a month?


Oasis Ministries Partners are now feeding up to 600 Haitians per month twice daily through our nutrition program. But there are so many more still going hungry. To be honest, it’s TOUGH knowing there are precious people so far at the back of the line, that they are just having to be turned away. But we have hope through YOU.

Our dream is to increase to 2000 people per month twice daily. It costs $25 to feed someone two meals per day for one month. It’s staggering to realize that what it costs to pick up our morning coffee a couple times per week, or grab a pizza twice a month, can feed a person for a month–we could have enough food reach those people at the back of the line if you will help us! Would you help us help them?

We need 1000 new partners to commit to giving $35 per month to get this done.

Would you talk to God and ask Him to show you what He will provide though you monthly to help us?

Your monthly partnership will secure food for people who are truly in need.

TV Ministry

Oasis TV Ministry with Pastor Wynn is a life changer. We hear from folks every day through social media, phone calls, letters and emails about how God uses Oasis Ministries to change lives. Recently, through the Covid outbreak, God has greatly increased our television audience. We’ve had the opportunity to offer hope to those who are battling fear. We even had an owner of one of the tv stations we broadcast on who gave a donation. He said “Bro. Anthony, God is using you to offer strength to our viewers and I want to be part of what He’s doing through you”.

Offering the uncompromised word of God, loving people and truly following Christ is what Oasis Ministries is all about. You hear truth through the infallible word of God when you hear Pastor Wynn preach. People tell us all the time “I know that man is the real deal, because God used him to speak directly to me when I watched the program.” In over 40 years of ministry, the message that Jesus still saves, heals and delivers has never changed. Thank God true men of God who still stand and preach the age old message of Jesus and not waiver.

Proverbs 29:18 says: But where there is no vision, the people perish. We have a vision of still reaching more people. We have a vision of still more fields to plow. We refuse to leave our plow in the field and go inside to rest while the enemy comes and plants his tares. We will work while it is day and continue to ask God what He has for us to do next.

Because of the giving of our partners, presently we are being viewed throughout the United States on 228 stations. Our vision is to gain a nationwide station which will increase our viewing capability to 327 million viewers. Television time is not cheap, but God has given us favor over and over again to be able to do more than we ever dreamed possible. It will cost 160,000 for Oasis to reach a nationwide audience. If we have 381 new partners that will commit to $35 monthly, this will happen. Would you be one that helps Oasis Ministries reach more homes, more men and women just like you, more souls? It’s our dream for your brother, your sister, your son or daughter to receive Him by turning on the television and hearing a country preacher preaching the wonderful, clean, true message of Jesus. There are so many to reach, but we can do it with your help.

Local Outreach

Oasis Ministries is involved in many people’s lives locally that are not associated with the church. Groceries from our food pantry are offered to anyone in need and free of charge. Many mouths have been fed right here in McMinn county from our food pantry.

Sometimes, people just need a little help. Sometimes the ends just don’t meet. We’ve all been there. We are so glad to be the hands and feet of Jesus anywhere we can.

Oasis Ministries has hosted several events throughout the community to reach out to people right where they are. We’ve cooked and gave out free food in several communities in our area.

Each year, we invite the community and have a big Camp-Meeting in the Summer and also a huge pic-nic in the Fall. We’ve served thousands of meals throughout the years. We look forward to doing more as God provides. We know He will.

Our Recovery Center

This recovery center is a Christ-centered, non-profit ministry and the mission is for women, who are suffering from addiction, to find freedom through Jesus Christ. Your support and contributions will enable us to meet the needs of these recovery ladies.

Thank you for your donation! Your gift has helped us reach hundreds in their homes through our TV program. It has helped us to feed hungry Haitians and help them build better, stronger homes. You have even helped us spread the Gospel into prisons, giving those convicted hope for a better future. On behalf of Oasis Ministries, I thank you. You have made all this possible and you are a huge part of the Oasis family. We love you!

–Pastor Anthony Wynn