Touching Hearts and Changing Lives

For 20 years, Anthony Wynn Ministries/Oasis Ministries has been spreading the Gospel and touching hearts with hope and love found in Jesus Christ. This ministry is dedicated to showing the broken hearted who the ultimate Repairman is and telling the lost sheep about a Good Shepherd that will take care of them. The main goal: spreading news of God’s love for people. That includes the little children!

This month your gift will help to:

  • Shine the light of God’s love into the lives of the next generation.
  • Give out FREE resources such as the Bible Course and children’s books to the little ones in our lives.
  • Raise up the next generation through Game Changers and Sunday School, helping us to witness to the little ones who need to be shown the love of God!
  • Provide nutrition and shelter for orphans in Haiti.
  • Stand with Pastor Anthony and every minister at MDT Church that proclaims the glorious Gospel, telling people that Jesus still saves, heals, and delivers!

Your support is making it possible to create more Christian content for the little ones in our lives, more resources, and even helping us support our new youth leaders. God bless you!

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Why become a monthly partner?

Monthly partners are essential to keep this ministry going.

Monthly partners allow us to plan, plant, grow, and have a bountiful harvest when it comes to reaching people all over the globe with the love of Jesus.

You’re monthly commitment touches hearts and changes lives all over the world. This ministry is played in over 93 million homes in the U.S. alone! Think of all those that have the opportunity to hear the Gospel through your gift. None of this would be possible without our monthly partners!

Give In Person

You can give in person during the weekend worship experience.

Mail A Donation

Address to mail to: P.O. Box 3088 Riceville, TN 37370

Give Assets

Contact us at or during business hours at 1.877.226.4088 with any questions about giving assets to us.