Television Ministry

Oasis Ministries television ministry began in 2004. It’s hard to believe that over the course of only 16 years, Pastor Wynn’s vision, which began with only 2 stations and 5 airings per week, has grown to such a magnitude. Oasis Ministries can now be viewed on over 200 stations and over 100 times weekly! Everything is shot and produced in house as well as edited and distributed from our offices. The message has never changed from day one until now; Jesus still saves, heals and delivers and there is still a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel’s veins and sinners plunged beneath that flood lose all their guilty stains. We are so honored to preach Jesus to this generation. He truly is the answer.

Local Outreach

Oasis Ministries is involved in many people’s lives locally that are not associated with the church. Groceries from our food pantry are offered to anyone in need and free of charge. Many mouths have been fed right here in McMinn county from our food pantry. Sometimes, people just need a little help. Sometimes the ends just don’t meet. We’ve all been there. We are so glad to be the hands and feet of Jesus anywhere we can.

Oasis Ministries has hosted several events throughout the community to reach out to people right where they are. We’ve cooked and gave out free food in several communities in our area. Each year, we invite the community and have a big Camp-Meeting in the Summer and also a huge pic-nic in the Fall. We’ve served thousands of meals throughout the years. We look forward to doing more as God provides. We know He will.


Oasis Ministries is so involved in helping the people in Haiti. It’s beyond belief to think that only 3 hours from the Chattanooga TN airport, people are in such need that they literally live meal to meal. Thank God for the nutrition program there where Oasis Partners help feed so many who are hungry in their bodies all the while ministering to their more important hunger–that of the soul. Oasis Partners are such a vital part of the life line to this nutrition program. Oasis Ministries Partners…THANK YOU!