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I heard this once, “Good leaders are never born. Good servants are born and they make great leaders.”

Acts 20:24-38.

We are examples for others to watch and learn from. The Bible has rules, yes, but it’s so much more than that. The Bible is a book full of examples. We don’t just see Joseph put on a throne after his dreams, but we see his journey. We see how he was betrayed, how he was imprisoned, and how he was cast down. We see his example of trusting in the Lord through all of that.

We don’t see David being anointed king and then immediately see him on the throne the next day. We see his example of how he walked on when Saul was trying to kill him, how he walked on when he was hurting and broken.

1 Corinthians 11:1. 2 Thessalonians 3:9. If people follow you, are you living a life that will lead them to Jesus? Are you doing your best to follow Christ? John 13:15.

To raise up good leaders:

These four steps have been taught in the secular world, but I am going to give you Biblical examples of these steps.

#1: Live what you are trying to teach them in front of them.
Again John 13:15. 1 Peter 2:21. If you are going to reach anyone, you have to live as an example of Christ in front of them. Preach this example in front of them. Love in front of them. It’s not right to preach about being kind and generous then go out and be mean and hateful to people. If we want this generation to follow us to Calvary and to Heaven, then we have to walk this Christian walk in front of them.

#2: Allow them to be a part of what you are doing.
Titus 2:7. It is the will of God for you to minister to everyone He brings into your life. But evetime you pour into someone, it will cost you something. When the woman with the issue of blood was healed, Jesus stopped and said that virtue went out of Him. When you help someone, you pour a part of yourself into them. Are you pouring out and emptying yourself for others? 1 Timothy 4:12. For those being called to be leaders, even the young, invite them to walk hand-in-hand to minister to others with you.

#3: Step back and give them opportunities to lead. 1 Peter 5:3-4.

#4: Hand off the leadership, knowing the seed you planted and watered with tears will reach into the next generation.

An example from the Bible of a leader who raised up more leaders would be Moses. He lived what he taught in front of Joshua. Exodus 33:11. Joshua was so enthralled with the teaching and the ministry of Moses that he wanted to stay in the Tabernacle. Through the ministry of Moses, Joshua was able to find God and he didn’t want to leave. Can you and I walk this Christian walk in such a way that when people get around us they want what we have? We can inspire others to desire their own personal encounter with God!

Moses then did ministry beside Joshua. Exodus 17:9. Numbers 27:18.

Moses watched Joshua. Deuteronomy 31:23.

Then later, Joshua leads the people as Moses steps back and hands the leadership over to him. Let’s ask ourselves if what we have planted will have a harvest in the next generation. Moses died and then God spoke to Joshua in Joshua 1:5-6.

Jesus did this as well. He preached in front of His disciples, He preached with them, He sent them out, and then He went away. He gave the tasks to His disciples to spread the Gospel, to make more disciples, and keep passing the leadership on.

It should be a Christian’s dream to teach someone to walk with Jesus. When you breathe your last breath, will someone be able to say, “Because of that dear soul, I fell in love with Jesus?”

Every soul counts. Every life matters. We need to minister to others. But know that you’re not the only one God has called to witness to people. It’s not all on your shoulders only.

The enemy will torture you with those you can’t reach. Mark 6:11. You were not Jesus when you were born, and you will not be Jesus when you die. You are just someone full of His power and His presence. You are not the Savior, you’re the person who delivers the Good News. Do all you can, do your best, and leave the rest of it in God’s hands. Don’t let the enemy beat you up.

Let me give you one more example of leadership from the Bible.

1 Timothy 1:2. Paul preached in front of Timothy. Then he worked in ministry with Timothy. Philemon 1:1. He taught Timothy and guided him. 1 Timothy 6:20.

If a person is going to be a leader, they can’t spend all their time arguing with carnal people. If a person is going to be a leader, they can’t let the haters and the name callers change who the leader knows he is. If a person is going to be a leader, they can’t let the fussers and the cursers pull them down. A good leader has to know when to walk away, not hate, not reject, and not be mean, but walk away and not let what the haters say affect them.

There will be some people who never remember anything good about you, but do not let them label you. You know who you are in the Lord. Don’t lay your ministry down because someone doesn’t like you. You are ordained and chosen by God. You are the apple of His eye. The hand of the Lord is on your life and if He be for you then who can be against you? Know who you are! You are a child of God! Don’t let your battles name you!

So, back to Paul and Timothy: 2 Timothy 4:1-2. 2 Timothy 3:10.

Check this out, a leader fails if he only raises up leaders as good as himself. For a leader to succeed, the leaders they have raised up must reach further and do more.

We’ve seen here Paul doing work in front of Timothy, doing work with Timothy, His guidance for Timothy to continue the work, and then Paul had one more letter to write to Timothy. 2 Timothy 4:5-8. Paul handed the leadership over, knowing that the Gospel was in good hands.

I want to encourage you to pray and ask the Lord to let you be a better leader in the midst of those He’s placed you around. Do you want your life to make a difference? Do you want to be the reason someone falls in love with Jesus? Tell God and ask Him for strength and guidance in this life as a leader so that you can minister to others!

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

god's Silence Does Not mean No.

God’s Silence Does Not Mean “No”

Luke 11:1 – “And it came to pass, that, as he was praying in a certain place, when he ceased, one of his disciples said unto him, Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.”

It’s an honor to have the opportunity to speak to you and the people at MDT Church. It’s an honor to speak to other preachers and singers. It’s an honor to sing, to worship and praise. But what an honor it is to be able to talk and listen to God!

Don’t ever allow your prayer life to be hindered by the fear of not saying the right words or not speaking in beautiful sentences to the Lord. He’s not concerned about that. You don’t have to know Greek or Hebrew or any fancy religious sayings, you can pray in “hillbilly.” God just wants you.

The prayer following Luke 11:1 is a recipe of how to pray.

Luke 11:2. “Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name…”

We shouldn’t always start our prayers off with our needs. “God, my light bill is due. God, my stomach hurts.” We are approaching the King of all kings. We shouldn’t just burst in His presence asking for a blessing. Instead, we should come with a praise on our lips, telling Him that He’s holy and righteous. This first step in praying is praise to the Almighty! It’s an honor to have an opportunity to speak with God.

Luke 11:2. “…Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.”

Pray about things, but seek for God’s Kingdom first. God’s will, God’s Kingdom is first and everything else comes second. Make it known that you don’t want to pray anything that’s out of God’s will. Let God know that you don’t want anything that will take your time from Him and turn your heart away from Him. Ask Him for His will to be accomplished in your life.

Luke 11:3. “Give us day by day our daily bread.”

When the children of Israel were in the wilderness. I pondered why God didn’t give them enough Manna to last a whole month. I think I’ve found the answer. He wanted them to spend more time with Him. He wanted them to draw nigh to Him everyday.

Luke 11:4. “And forgive us our sins: for we also forgive every one that is indebted to us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil.”

If someone has a past with drugs, then they should pray that nothing and no one would get around them and tempt them to turn back to drugs. If a person was a fighter, they need to pray to not get around people that will stir up their anger.

Matthew 6:13. “…For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.”

Then Jesus goes into a parable of someone coming to a friend at midnight and asking for loaves of bread. That friend tells them to leave him alone.

Luke 11:8. “I say unto you, Though he will not rise and give him, because he is his friend, yet because of his importunity he will rise and give him as many as he needeth.”

God’s silence doesn’t mean “no.”

Can you think of anything you’ve been praying about where God has been silent when you speak of it to Him? If you’ve been seeking Him for a long time, His silence might not mean “no.”

Waiting on God will reveal our true motives. Waiting has a way of bringing the best or the worst out of people. Waiting on God will transform our character. It has a way of rubbing off the rough edges in our life. Waiting builds intimacy and dependence on God. One of the reasons we get to read about great people in the Bible is because they knew their success hinged on their dependence upon God.

God is just as interested in the journey as He is the destiny.

Psalms 27:14. Exodus 24:18. Millions of people are standing at the foot of the mountain, wanting an answer right then. Exodus 32:1. They got tired of waiting and became willing to worship a strange god.

But God’s silence doesn’t mean “no.”

I made some brownies for me and My Shelia a few days ago. She was so excited for those brownies that she came to me every few minutes when they were getting close to done and asked, “Are they ready yet?” I would say, “Not yet.”

I was not saying “no.” I was telling her she had to wait. When we ask God for something and He’s silent, sometimes, He’s saying “wait.” There are certain things you need to go pray about again. God didn’t say “no” to them. If you quit praying, you’ll never get the answer.

We don’t have to pray fancy words. God will come to us if we just long for Him and seek Him. If we pray, He will listen and Heaven will stand in attention! Lamentations 3:5.

When you are waiting for something, you continually go back to where it’s going to come from. When we are waiting and wanting something from God, then we spend time with Him in prayer. Maybe He makes us wait longer, because He wants to spend more time with us! Why not pray for just a desire to be around the Lord? Why not pray to just want the Lord? We should enjoy being around the Lord!

What is the Lord to you? Is he a scary Judge that demands attention and calls out your verdict? Or have you known Him as the everlasting Father? God shouldn’t be some judge that we dread and are afraid of. Wherever you are in your relationship with God, ask Him for a new level. Let Him know you want Him to be your friend and you want to be His friend. Let Him know you want to know Him as your Shepherd.

If we can know God in different areas, such as Savior, Friend, and Shepherd, it can change our prayer life! God wants a relationship with you. He loves you and wants to be close to you.

Keep on praying! Whatever it is that God is saying “wait” on, just keep going back to Him. His silence doesn’t mean “no,” He might just want to spend a little more time with you! He may be telling you to wait so no one else can take the credit for His work.

You can find time after time in the Bible where God promised someone something and they had to wait. Abraham. Joseph. But God’s silence in those times, didn’t mean “no.”

Friend, He’s waiting on you right now to come to Him and spend some time with Him. Why not worship Him a bit and tell Him you love Him? Why not come to Him again with your need? He’s listening.

Pastor Anthony Wynn

End time Ministry (1)

End Time Ministry

Exodus 2:15-19. Let’s break down these Scriptures.

Exodus 2:15. There is a huge difference between fleeing from sin and running to Jesus.

This is after Moses had killed an Egyptian who was smiting a Hebrew. Egypt can represent sin. Moses did not flee from sin to get to the Lord, he fled from the pain of sin. It’s not enough for a person to come to church because of what sin is costing them out in the world. If they don’t end up falling in love with Jesus, church won’t work out.

Luke 15:17-18.

The Prodigal Son ran back to his father. I wonder if the reason why some people don’t last is because they come to church just wanting things fixed, something a little better than what they have now, or just to flee from “Pharaoh.” In other words, they don’t come to fall in love with Jesus.

Exodus 2:16.

A lot of the time when you find a lady mentioned in the Bible, she can represent the church. The number 7 represents completion or perfection. This Scripture could be taken as seven different groups going to church on Sunday morning to draw water. The sheep in the flock did not belong to the daughters, but belonged to their father. Acts 20:28.

Dear friend, please realize how precious you are! You weren’t bought with silver or gold, but with the precious blood of Jesus!

Isaiah 4:1. Nowadays, there are people who want Jesus’ name because they know there’s power in that name. Just about anything is accepted and preached now. A person can preach the name of Jesus and not get rejected and hated completely. There was a time where people who called by this precious name lived clean and holy lives. Now, some of the nastiest things have moved into churches. But look at Isaiah 4:2! God still has a people. And these people want Jesus because they’ve fallen in love with Him!

Exodus 2:17.

If I walk into someone’s house to visit with them, I have no right to go in and start rearranging their furniture. When I evangelize, I know it like I am going into someone else’s house and there are certain things that God has required of the pastor of that church. The shepherds in verse 17 drove the daughters away. Now, we have to remember our position, our office, in the Kingdom of God. We know what God has required of us, and we won’t win people by shoving things at them. We can try to do is draw them with the love of God and when they come on our ground, then we can preach. But when we are in someone else’s house we need to respect their house.

“And the shepherds came and drove them away”

Jeremiah 23:1. There are so many preachers with greed in these end times. We have a generation in America of people who have gotten wounded because of low-down, filthy shepherds that don’t care about the sheep. They live one way in the pulpit and one way in the world and won’t deal with their sin. God is giving us a season to repent and get right with Him. If there’s anything we need to do to get right with Him, dear friend, let’s do it! Let’s not hide from God, but run to the altar and get our past under the blood!

“But Moses stood up and helped them, and watered their flock.”

Now, here comes a stranger of love and compassion who stood up and helped the daughters and watered their flock. He loved people so much.

Exodus 2:18-19.

You can read this and it sound really good, but read it again. Remember when I said that Egypt can represent sin? The daughters said an Egyptian delivered them. But Moses wasn’t an Egyptian, he was a Hebrew. That would have meant that he may have left Egypt, but Egypt hadn’t left him yet.

I fear that there are two major classes of ministry. There are are some genuine ministries, but here are two different ones I’m going to mention. There’s the ministry that just wants to get everything out of the sheep that they possibly can and abuse them. Then there’s another ministry like Moses that just wants to love people, but they keep slipping back into sin and they aren’t focused, dedicated, or clean. They look like an Egyptian.

It’s not enough to love the sheep if we don’t love God. See, Moses had the right love for people, but he hadn’t had his burning bush experience with God yet.

Some people may leave the world, but did the world leave them?

After God came to Moses in the burning bush, God told him to go back down to Egypt under the anointing and tell “Pharaoh” (the addictions, the battles, the evil) that was holding the people and command him to let the people go. If Moses would have went to people’s houses 1 by 1 and told them to get out of Egypt, Pharaoh would have gotten word and he would have killed them before they ever got out of Egypt. But Moses went to the very spirit that was controlling the people and told it to let the people go.

Luke 10:19 – “Behold, I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

Acts 1:8. – “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.”

Everyone knows some one that Pharaoh is trying to control. Take authority in the name of Jesus and command Pharaoh to let them go! If Jesus abides in you, you have authority! Hallelujah!

Thank you for reading, dear friend!

Pastor Anthony Wynn

Benefits of a worshipper

Benefits of a Worshipper

God is looking for a worshipper.

Psalm 103:2. It’s not enough to live for Jesus, cross your arms, and just survive. God is looking for a worshipper. And He’s not looking for one that will just worship Him when the piano’s playing or the singers are singing. He’s looking for someone who will worship Him even when they are wiping a tear.

I want to challenge you to commit your worship to God today. If the enemy comes around bargaining for it, you can tell him it’s not for sale!

One of the most important parts of a church service is the worship. Worship is eternal. God was worshipped before Adam fell, we worship God now, and eternity will be filled with elders and saints worshipping Him and casting their crowns at His feet.

Let’s talk a bit about some benefits of a worshipper.

1. You fulfill God’s original plan.

2. When you are discouraged and see nothing but the battle, praise and worship will turn your attention back to the Creator.

Like Peter walking on water, if you keep your eyes on the storm, you will begin to sink. Right in the middle of it all, however, there is Jesus. And when you begin to worship Him, it will bring your attention back to Him. Psalms 42:5. We mess up, but God died for us and we have a legal right to bless His name forevermore! God is good, faithful, eternal, and saved our souls! We should bless Him!

Even when you don’t see it, He’s working. Psalms 27:13-14.

3. Worship will get you in the presence of the King, where needs are met and lives are changed.

In God’s presence, there is fullness of joy. Fear and discouragement must back away, for there is victory over them in God’s presence. When you worship and get in the presence of the Lord, no enemy can stand! Real victory is not found at the bank, or in the hands of the President. Real victory is found in the presence of King!

4. Worshippers understand that their lives and battles are not controlled by the enemy.

A real worshipper will rise above every circumstance. Genesis 22:5. Hebrews 11:17-19. There are some things God will have you do that will cost a lot. There are some areas God will call you to walk and friends will turn their back on you. But if you make up your mind that you would rather have Jesus than anything and worship Him through it all, you will walk out of any circumstance a conqueror. If God moved for you one time, He will move for you again. If God has promised you something, He will fulfill that promise. A real worshipper knows that God will fight for them and make a way for them. Daniel 3:15-17. Do not let your circumstance control you and your worship. A worshipper knows they will make it out of their storms. Psalms 50:14-15.

5. Psalms 22:3. A worshipper knows they they can create an atmosphere that God will come and dwell in.

I’ve been in scary situations where I started to worship and the peace of the Lord fell in the room. There is a place in worship where God will walk beside you. Nervousness and anxiety are gone when you worship. Worship will bring God to you and He is the Prince of Peace, the Healer, the Miracle Worker! He will provide for you and break chains. Just worship Him! Worshippers know they can get into God’s presence anytime they want to. Psalms 91:1. A worshipper knows that when they give their all to God, He won’t throw them away. Psalms 50:23.

6. Worship is our weapon.

One of my biggest weapons when fear comes is quoting Psalms 23:1 and Romans 8:28. Worship is a weapon. Psalms 69:30. 2 Chronicles 20:21-22.

If you are struggling with things trying to pull you down and discourage you, pull out your weapon of worship to Jesus. 2 Corinthians 10:4. Ephesians 6:12. Resist the enemy, use your weapon and make up your mind that you will bless the Lord. Make sure His praise continually flows from your mouth!

You are a worshipper! Fight for you worship! It’s a weapon that will cause the enemy to flee! Hallelujah! Worship Him, friend!

This sermon recap was based off a powerful service. And I want to encourage you to please watch that service below. I’m sure it will bless you! God be with you, dear friend!

Pastor Anthony Wynn

There's Victory for You Now

There’s Victory for You Now

Matthew 6:9-13.

“Give us this day our daily bread.” I want you to know, there is victory for you today, right now. But first here are some quotes and Scripture.

“Faith does not eliminate questions. But faith knows where to take them.” – Elizabeth Elliot

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.” – Corrie Ten Boom

Psalm 16:11 – “Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”

To walk into the new, you have to leave the old. Isaiah 43:18-19. Ecclesiastes 5:18-20. The present moment is all that is really available to you and me. God is ready and willing to help you right now. There’s victory in your now.

Matthew 13:3-9. The seeds that fall on stony ground do not have strong, deep roots and will fall away at the first sign of persecution or trouble. Those choked by the thorns are the ones who get caught up in the cares of the world and forget the Word, possibly they have been hurt and their wounds hold them back . Some seeds fell on good ground and understood the Word and produced fruit.


Those that fell on stony ground didn’t have deep roots. When trees don’t have a good root system, it doesn’t take a whole lot to destroy them. It’s the same way for a Christian. That’s why it’s so important to keep praying even when no one’s watching. Keep holding onto God, kill lions and bears when no one’s watching. This helps build your root system and keep you strong in the Lord.

The Future

The seeds that fell on stony ground are people who are always worried about their future. The news media is full of stories that bring fear to the people who watch it. It’s everywhere and it’s caused people to fear the future. If you are battling fear of the future, serve notice on the devil. Let him know you understand that you can’t control the future or determine the future, but you are in the hand of the One who holds your future.

There’s nothing wrong with planning ahead for some things, but you are not living in next year or ten years from now. You are living right now and you can enjoy today. Psalm 118:24.

Let’s not let our best memories with God be from ten years ago. Let’s make the best memories with God today and then let’s make even better ones tomorrow. Sometimes we get so caught up in the past or the future that we don’t enjoy the now. 

The Past

We need to learn to let go of the past. We can’t change our past, but anything and everything back there is under the blood. Hurts and pain, those thorns, let them go! We need to move on with God and those things will do nothing but hold us back. I hear a voice calling, “Come up a little higher!” Do not stop living because you’re afraid you’ll get hurt again. 

Enjoy the NOW

There should not be a more special day than today. God wants to release you from the fear of the future and the wounds of the past. He wants you to come into the now. There is victory for you now, hope for you now. There is deliverance, peace, a new beginning, and strength for you now!

Pray and ask God to release you from the tug of yesterday and the pull of tomorrow, and ask to step back into your now. Pray that He give you this day’s daily bread. You can live now, laugh now, pray now, worship now! You can have peace and victory right now! There is victory in your now, dear friend!

Pastor Anthony Wynn

A Blessing Or An Anointing (1)

A Blessing Or An Anointing

Let’s take a look at 2 churches: Saul’s church and David’s church.

1 Samuel 11:15. Saul’s church had just about everything that could be wanted naturally. They had a fancy building and money. Saul used to be a praying man. 1 Samuel 14:35. Later on, however, I don’t see him building an altar. Later on, we find him going to a witch. Instead of seeking God, he went to seek the things he used to try and destroy.

1 Samuel 15:26. I believe there are some ministries standing around the world today that have millions of followers who think everything is fine, but in reality, God has walked away. God walked away from Saul and no one knew but Samuel and David. 1 Samuel 28:6.

The Kingdom of God is going on. It will not stop if a man or woman in a leadership position sells out to the devil and won’t come back to God. God will have someone to replace them. The work of God will go on.

So, let’s talk about the second church.

Psalms 34:1. David’s church had a praise. Despite everything David went through and what he faced, he was going to bless the Lord at all times. Even when it looked like there was no way out of his hard situations, he was going to praise the Lord. David’s church was one full of worship. Psalms 95:6.

Psalms 20:7. David knew who his keeper was. Psalms 23:1. David knew who his provider was, who was going to give him peace, and who was going to protect him.

1 Samuel 16:12. David had a word from the Lord to hold onto right here. I would encourage you to pray for your personal word from the Lord. When the battle is raging, we need that word from God we can hold onto and wave in the devil’s face when he comes against us. “If God be for us, who can be against us?”

When David went out to face that giant, Goliath, He knew he wasn’t going to die. His word from the Lord had not been completed yet. He hadn’t sat on the throne as king yet. If you have a word from God, you will keep going. The Word of God will carry you through a desert, keep you in a storm, keep you through a battle, and make a way for you.

David had an anointing.

An anointing has nothing to do with emotions. There are a lot of ways to explain it, but here’s what the anointing is: the Spirit of God flowing through an individual. This individual needs to be a clean and willing vessel; one who is open for the Spirit of God to flow through.

There’s a lot of people that the Spirit of God flows into, but it never flows out of them. To them, it becomes a blessing and not and anointing. Anointing is something that will touch another. A blessing is something that will touch a person and then it will stop with that person.

David’s anointing started at his head, but it would flow out of him to touch a whole nation. It’s not enough to let the power of God bless you. Are you letting the anointing flow and touch anyone else?

When a person goes to church and they get free in the Spirit and start worshipping the Lord, it touches other people. How many services have been hindered because the anointing came to someone who decided to be a reservoir and locked it up instead of letting it flow? They made it a blessing for themselves rather than an anointing to flow to others.

What David has wasn’t just for him. He had something that would kill a giant and set a nation free. He had something that would lead a kingdom back to God. Saul led the people away from God, but David’s blessing was to become an anointing for Israel.

We shouldn’t let the anointing only be a blessing and stop with us. The anointing will break yolks and set the captive free. We should let it flow and touch other people!

Thank God for every blessing we’ve received! When people get around us, however, we need to let the anointing flow that it might touch them. When they walk away from us, they need to know they’ve been touched by the Holy Ghost power that flows through us.

Your anointing is never just for you.

If a person’s anointing fixed all their problems, they’d become an island all by themselves and they wouldn’t need anyone. A person’s anointing is to help someone else. Their anointing will work when they are lying in a rehab bed hardly able to move. It will work when they can’t talk. It’s not a person’s strength, talent, or charisma, but the anointing of God flowing through them that touches another person.

Jehovah Jireh, Almighty God our Provider lives inside of us. We need to let Him touch other people through us! The anointing will set the captive free, lift up hands that are hanging down, heal the sick, prophesy, and lift up Jesus.

This generation needs what you have, dear friend. They need that anointing of God to flow to them. Lift your hands and ask the Lord to stir the anointing in you, so that people might see the glory of God and be touched by His power and love!

Pastor Anthony Wynn