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No Substitute for the Blood of Jesus

Exodus 21:23-25.

Some churches are wanting to make church more comfortable. Part of their way of doing that is not singing songs about the blood of Jesus. Some people cringe at the thought of the blood and some get upset by it. Some new members get scared by it. Some churches just want to do away with things that make people uncomfortable. The blood is something that makes some people uncomfortable.

But there is no substitute for the blood of Jesus.

There are many substitutes for things in life. There’s substitutes for heavy cream, eggs, butter, and sugar. If you don’t like a Chevrolet vehicle, you could substitute a Ford for it. A substitute for Hardee’s breakfast is a McDonald’s one. For just about everything in life, there is a substitute.

There are some things that there are no substitutes for, such as:

  • Prayer – If you don’t pray, some things will not turn around. Luke 18:1. I’ve really been pushing worship, but I want to make sure this generation knows that worship is not a substitute for prayer. Yes, we need to worship and lift up holy hands to the Lord, but we also need to bow our heads and cry out, seeking God’s face. If you pray a little, He’ll move a little. If you pray a lot, He will move a lot. But if you pray it through, He will turn things around.


  • Church – I know sometimes people are not able to come to church because of certain situations. But, my friend, we have made it through illnesses and viruses. Fear struck people when the virus came, but now the pandemic is over. We have no right to sit on our couches and refuse to go to church now just because fear came two years ago. We need to get up and tell the devil that we aren’t going to miss out on what God has for us, and we are going to return to the house of God. Hebrews 10:25. Acts 2:1-2.


  • The Bible – It’s not enough to read my dad’s books or a book from a famous preacher. After all, what book were they reading when they found God? All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness. The Bible was written by men who were moved on by the Spirit of God and there is no substitute for that.


  • The Holy Ghost – Acts 2:3-4. Don’t you settle for some cheap copy. Stay in the altar and get that original Holy Ghost. There is a genuine, tongue-talking, life-changing, soul-keeping, devil-fighting, victory-walking Holy Ghost. He will carry you through storms, make a way for you, and He will fight for you.


  • Jesus – Exodus 20:4-5. Revelation 1:17-18. Isaiah 43:11. There is no one else who can deliver from addiction and set captives free. There is no other who can save from sin. All salvation must come from Jesus. Isaiah 42:8, 44:6. Revelation 22:13. There is no substitute for our Savior.


  • Salvation – It doesn’t matter if you have your name on a dozen church books. If you are not born again, you will never reach Heaven. You can sign cards and repeat after me, but if you haven’t had a life-changing experience with the Lord, you will not make it to Heaven. Hosea 13:4. Luke 2:11. John 3:7.

There is no substitute for the blood of Jesus.

Adam is a type of Christ because he came directly from God. Noah is a type of Christ because he delivered his family from the Flood. Joseph was a type of Christ because he was cast out by his brethren and sold for silver and lost his coat. Moses helped deliver from bondage. Joshua was a mighty conqueror. Samson had strength to slay the lion and carry off the iron gates of impossibility. There are so many people in the Bible who did things that were like Christ, but they could not be a substitute for Jesus and His blood.

There are people who say not to preach about the blood, saying it’s not a happy sermon. Oh but it is! His blood saved us from a burning Hell. His blood covered our sins and gave us new life. It’s a bloody story that washed away our sins.

It wasn’t the tune of “Amazing Grace” that saved a wretch like me. It was the sound of “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” The sound that saved me was Jesus crying from that cross, “It is finished!” It wasn’t the pretty tune of “Amazing Grace” that saved me. It was the Lamb slaughtered and beaten beyond recognition for me. The precious blood of Jesus redeemed me from my horrible past. There is nothing in this world that can replace the blood of Jesus. There’s no religion and no doctrine that can replace the blood of Jesus. Exodus 12:7,13.

There is no substitute for Jesus, but He is our substitute.

Now, I’ve got a lot of questions I talk to the Lord about. One of those questions is, “Why does it take blood to cover my sins? I believe it, but I don’t totally understand it.” But then I read that simple verse: Exodus 21:23. When sin gets into a person, they walk away from God and they will die. “But why did it take blood?” Leviticus 17:11. Life is in the blood. It should have been our life, but Jesus shed His blood and became our substitute. Life for life.

Isaiah 53:4-6. Jesus became our substitute that we might be able to live eternally with Him. He shed His blood so we might be saved from a burning Hell. Hallelujah! Thank the Lord for His blood!

Galatians 3:13. 2 Corinthians 5:21. 1 Peter 3:18. 1 Peter 1:18-19. Acts 20:28. Colossians 1:14. Revelation 19:13. Hebrews 13:12. Hebrews 9:22. 

Pastor Anthony Wynn


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