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No Other Foundation but Jesus

All throughout our lives, we are taught about rewards.

As a child, if we did our chores we got a reward (candy, ice cream, staying up later). When we get a job our rewards are our paydays.

If you plant a seed, or you water a seed in a person’s heart, but they don’t grow, that doesn’t affect your reward. Your reward is affected by whether or not you did what God called you to do. If you do what God calls you to do, then your reward is laid up in Heaven. God will not forget your labor of love. 

But, if you are going to have rewards in Heaven, you have to be on the foundation.

What is our foundation? Jesus.

Now, if you look at the Buddhists and some of the other religions, you’ll find some things in common about our foundations. We have Jesus as our teacher and they have Buddha or Mohammed or whomever. Jesus is real and so was Buddha. They really lived. Every one of the teachers died. And that’s where our foundations stop being the same. Because the tomb of Buddha has the dust his body returned to. But if you could ever find the tomb where Jesus was really laid, you wouldn’t find His body.

For our foundation is the death, burial, and RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ.

They thought that they were laying Jesus in a grave, but no. The tomb was hewn out of a rock and they lay Jesus in that tomb. You don’t want sand or dirt in your foundation. For a house, you want your foundation laid on something solid, like a rock. They laid the foundation (Jesus) on a rock.

If the devil is ever messing with you, look him dead in the eye and tell him, “You know, this structure might not look so good right now, but take a look at the foundation.” You have the right foundation, and God’s not done with you yet.

Don’t try to find an easier way to do it. Stay on the foundation and stay with the pattern God has given you. 

Our works are going to be tried with fire. Wood and hay will burn. And even though gold may melt, it’s just as good to use as it was before. Gold represents the glory of the Lord. Are you positive that everything you’re doing is for God’s glory? Silver represents the purity between you and God. The fire, tests, and trials are to purify us.

Think it not strange this thing you’re going through because, at the end of it, the only things you’re going to lose are the parts of you that aren’t like God.

There are precious stones, too. Those stones are people. On Judgement Day, God is going to judge us based on if we loved people.

This is such a powerful sermon. If you would like to hear more on “No Other Foundation but Jesus” then I would like to encourage you to watch the video down below of the service. I pray it blesses your heart.

Pastor Anthony Wynn


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