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What is going on?

When we got saved, why didn’t the Lord just take us home? What is our reason for still being here? If we’re in the will of God, why are our hearts so heavy? If God cares about us, why are we dealing with this pain, hurt, and pressure? These questions can give place to the devil to war against our minds if we let them.

If you would like your season to change, then keep reading because I have a good word for you today!

We have to realize how big God is.

You are no accident. You didn’t begin when your momma birthed you. Before your mom and dad even knew each other, you existed in the heart of God. God did not make a mistake by making you who you are. Jeremiah 1:5. You’re not a disappointment or a failure. Romans 8:29-31. Romans 11:2. Romans 3:23. I want you to understand that God has a plan for you! You are needed in these troubled times.

So, if God is in control, has a good plan for you, loves you, how do you get out of this cold season you may be in?

If you are going to get out of this season, you are going to have to find your next appointment. I believe for the average person, God has many appointments. I believe that every time you fulfill an appointment, God blesses you at another level. Not only that, but God will bless other people just because you are around them. Paul was on a ship with over 200 men and they got into a bad storm. But none of those men were going to die in the shipwreck because there was a man of God on board that had an appointment. Acts 27:24-25.

So what am I saying? Find your next appointment!

You won’t find your next appointment by keeping your mind busy with work or social media. You won’t find your next appointment by asking someone other than God what that appointment is. Once you seek Him, it may take a while, but He will begin to speak inside of your heart and tell you what you need to do.

Take Joseph for an example from the Bible.

God let Joseph sit in a prison for years so he could help save his brothers. Genesis 39:20-22. The Lord is with you, dear friend! Don’t lay down in this prison. Become the master of it, the keeper of it. Don’t come out of this thing beaten and broken. You can come out of this thing shouting and praising! You can come out laying hands on the sick and them recovering. You can come out winning souls! Anybody can come out of the storm and become a master, but Joseph became a master in the storm. He conquered his storm before he came out.

Why was Joseph in this storm? Why did his family betray him? Why was he cast in prison?

It’s all because Joseph had an appointment with the chief butler and the chief baker. Sometimes we are wanting our first appointment to be with Pharaoh. Everybody want to help Pharaoh, but what about that man on death row that’s lost hope. Sometimes we want our appointment to be with someone who has it all together, but God is planning on sending us to someone who’s given up and falling apart. Until you fulfill that appointment, you won’t get to your next one.

Instead of asking all these questions, wondering if we are going to make it. We need to be taking a step back and checking to see who the Lord is leading into our lives for this season. Joseph may have cried out to God asking when He would release him from prison, but God told Joseph that he was going to have to find his next appointment first.

We want our appointments to come when we are in church and anointed. But a lot of the times our appointments come when we are in the dungeon and we have to help someone else in the dungeon. If you are anointed of God, your gift will work when you are in the prison. When you are sick, you can lay hands on the sick and they will be healed. When you are anointed of God, you can lay hands on those suffering from depression when the devil is trying to break you with sorrows. Your gift is not in your emotions or your feelings, your gift stems from your relationship with God.

The Butler and the Baker were placed in Joseph’s storm. Sometimes we can get caught up in our own storm and forget that there are other people bound in the same kind of storm. If God brings someone into our lives who is about to leave this world, can He trust us to serve them when we are hurting?

When Joseph interpreted the dreams for the Butler and the Baker, he had met his appointment. But even after he had met that appointment, he had to wait two more years before the next one.

So let me ask you, what is your appointment in this season?

2 Kings 5:2. Why did God allow this particular girl to be in this particular place she didn’t want to be?

The devil will ask you, “If you are in the will of God, then why are you not happy?” But take into consideration, Jesus before He died on the cross. He was praying, “If it be thy will, let this cup pass from me.” You don’t have to love the season you are in, you just have to keep loving God. Psalms 34:19. There’s no doubt in my mind this little maid asked God why she was going through this. God looked at other maids and servants and found He couldn’t trust them, but He could trust this little maid. So, He gave her this appointment. 2 Kings 5:3. Now, this little maid has fulfilled her appointment.

I believe after Naaman got his miracle, he was thinking of setting that little maid free and rewarding her greatly.

If we will be faithful to God, we won’t crawl out of our situations, but we will walk out blessed! Find your appointment and God will deliver you! Search for your next appointment and when you fulfill it, you will conquer your storm, your season will change.

I would encourage you today, if you find yourself in a hard season. Get in your prayer closet, find yourself an altar and pray to the Lord, asking Him what your next appointment is. God bless you, Dear Friend!

Pastor Anthony Wynn

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