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My Help Comes from the Lord

Welcome to the Sermon Recap!

I’m honored that you’re interested in reading this devotional. I have a short recap for you today, so let’s get to it!

This past Sunday, I discussed the topic of help. Psalm 72:12.

God is ready to intervene in our lives when we actively seek His help. He cares for us and desires our prosperity and well-being. However, God may not do everything for us. Consider this example:


How can one expect a brand new vehicle without actively pursuing a good job and saving for it? Most likely, the vehicle won’t just fall into their lap.

We also have a part to play. This involves taking personal responsibility, making efforts, and actively participating in the solutions to our challenges or desires. In fact, those actions demonstrate our faith and commitment.

The Need for Prayer AND Action

Biblical references help us understand the importance of combining prayer with action. The story of Asa in 2 Chronicles 14:10-11 illustrates how seeking God’s help is coupled with preparing and standing up against challenges. I encourage you to stand up, fight, and move, knowing that God responds to your efforts.

Sometimes It's Hard to Ask for Help

I understand how challenging it can be to ask for help. Many people struggle with this. We don’t want to seem weak or incapable. But often, that’s just pride trying to take over our lives. Asking for help from God and trusted people is a vital step toward victory.

God Will Help You

Drawing from Psalms and Isaiah, you can find descriptions of God as a shield, refuge, and strength in times of trouble. He is a reliable helper. Lift your eyes to the hills, as the psalmist says, and know your help comes from the Lord.

You Can Take Authority

Through the mighty name of Jesus, we have power. We can rebuke evil thoughts and attacks from satan. As representatives of Christ, through Him and His help, we have the authority to positively impact our surroundings.


Thank you for taking the time to read this short devotional. I hope it has helped you, and I pray you remember the importance of asking for help. Combine your faith with action, overcome the reluctance to ask for assistance, and recognize the authority God has given you as a child of His kingdom. God’s help is readily available to those who actively seek it and align their actions with their faith and His will.

If you’d like to hear more, please watch the video below! God bless you!

Anthony Wynn

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