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Light, Bread, and Living Water

John 12:32. Luke 24:27.

One time in Numbers, since the people had sinned against God, serpents had been let loose among them. Moses was commanded to raise up the very thing that was killing the people so that when they looked at it, they would live.

When Jesus came to die for us, He did not come as a celestial being, a rock, a cloud, or a pillar of fire. He came in the very form of the thing (our flesh) that was destroying us. There was one time I asked the Lord why He did this, and here’s what He said to me.

“Son, a rock can’t bleed, and a cloud can’t bleed. You were in a mess, and you needed blood. Because without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins.”

John 1:5. I’ve been looking for a place in the Bible where the attention was on the light, but it was surrounded by darkness.

This story starts at around 9 AM when the Roman soldiers are driving nails into Jesus’ hands and feet. When they lift Him up on the cross, the people began to mock Him. Later, the sky grew dark. One of my thoughts on this is that the enemy saw the Light all bruised and beat up and thought that if he could get darkness around the Light, then he could put the Light out.

The enemy has to get permission from God to attack you. If God allows an attack, then He knows ahead of time that the attack will not break you.

So, the Light was shining there, hanging on that cross in the toughest time of His life, and the devil got permission to have around 3 hours of darkness surround Him. Jesus spent hours on the cross and at least half of that time He was in darkness. God will sometimes hide half of our pain in our tough times. Sometimes, no one else will see your hurt, but God will. It will just be you and Him and He will help you through your pain. Your light is not going to go out. You may be going through some darkness where you don’t see or feel God but know this; God will not leave you, nor forsake you, and there is a light that the darkness can’t put out. Darkness was over the face of the Earth for 3 hours and still, the Light kept on shining! He kept on being the healer, the King of Kings, and the deliverer. The darkness could not keep the light from shining! Isaiah 60:1.

The devil is looking for you to recant, give up, and surrender. The darkness was allowed when Jesus was dying on the cross so that we might see there is a light that the darkness cannot put out. There is a light inside of you that will not go out despite what Hell might throw at you.

Genesis 1:3. There was light and the sun hadn’t even been created yet. Jesus was the Light of the World in the beginning, and He will be the Light of the World in the end. Revelation 21:23.

It seems that the devil grows from being a little serpent in Genesis to being a great, big dragon in Revelation. He would like to make us think that this whole thing is going to end with him as a big dragon, but this will not end with the devil taking over. This will end with the Light of the World claiming victory over all.

Jesus’ death broke through the darkness, lighting the way for us to eternal life. 2 Corinthians 4:6. Mark 15:33. Amos 8:9.

A certain woman asked Jesus to help her daughter.

Matthew 15:21-24. Jesus had not died outside the city yet, so His ministry at this time was just to Israel, not the Gentiles. If He had died at the Temple, it would have just been a Jewish religion. But Jesus was crucified outside the gates, and then it became about whosever will. Matthew 15:25-27.

Why did this woman ask for a crumb of bread? John 6:48,51.

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. I believe she had stood in one of the crowds at some point and heard Jesus preach. I am persuaded that she had heard Him say that He was the Bread of Life. Something had gotten a hold of this woman and she knew that if she could just get to Jesus, then she could get help for her daughter. This humble woman looked at the Light of the World and knew that He was (and is) the Bread of Life. She didn’t need to see an angel or have Him lay hands on her daughter to heal her. She understood that the bread was for the Jews, but she also knew that if God would just give her a crumb of the Bread of Life, it would be enough to change her baby’s life.

If we can grab a crumb falling from the Master’s table, then cancers can be healed, and bad situations can turn around. Just a crumb from the Master’s table will change your life!

This woman didn’t care that Jesus had called her a dog. A lot of people would have walked away, but Jesus was this woman’s last hope. She had a problem at that moment, and she didn’t have time to wait on Jesus to die so He could fix it. She needed a crumb from the Bread of Life right then. Matthew 15:28.

Luke 16:19-25. I have 2 questions.

Question 1: Why did the man ask for Lazarus? He knew people of renown and all the people that mattered. Why was he asking for the beggar?

Question 2: This rich man had probably tasted every wine, rum, whisky, and probably every exotic fruit drink in the world. So, why would he ask for on simple drop of water?

These are my thoughts. I think this rich man, at some point, heard John 4:14. Perhaps he had also heard Jeremiah 17:13. He might have heard Jesus in John 7:37-38.

So, here is this rich man in Hell, not wishing for anything more than one drop of water and for Lazarus to give it to him. I believe that while they were alive, Lazarus, the beggar, preached to the rich man often, telling him that he was going to a place where the roses never fade and he would never be hungry again whether or not the rich man helped him.

I believe this rich man asked for that drop of water believing that it would give him life and get him out of his place of torment. But there are no altar calls in Hell. There will be a lot of praying, but no answers. God is not in Hell, and therefore there is no love, no peace, and no hope in Hell. There is no way out of Hell once a person goes there. God doesn’t throw people into Hell, but He begs them not to go. He gives them opportunities to change their ways if they aren’t living right.

If you aren’t saved and you are reading this, right now is an opportunity for you to meet this Savior named Jesus. You can pray to Him, Friend. He will listen. For more information, you can head over to our SALVATION PAGE.

If you are saved, right now is a good opportunity to pray for the lost people in your life. Would you get in your prayer closet, or down on your knees in prayer, wherever you may be, and pray to God? Use your faith and ask God to help you win a soul in this day and age.

Be a light by letting God’s light shine through you!

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

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  1. Norman Chester says:

    God bless you preacher,say a word for my health God bless you I’m gonna watch it on YouTube so I can cast it to my tv

    1. Faith Cross says:

      Dear Norman,
      Thank you for commenting! We will add you to our prayer list! May God bless you and keep you! We love you!

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