26 out of 50 people


What's up?

Oasis Academy is growing more and more every day. Lots of people are taking the courses and testimonials are pouring in. But what is it that we are really trying to accomplish? We have the dream, the vision, of creating a place where people can receive deep Biblical studies, sermons, prayer, and spiritual growth. We want you and those around you to be strengthened in your walk with God and find the deliverance you need in your life.

What we need is 50 people (that's 50 out of 7.9 billion people in the world) to partner with Oasis for $25 a month. With this we can make more classes AND we can keep it FREE for anyone wanting to take them. That includes you!

Will you be a part of reaching the hurting and broken? You can be that 1 out of 50 to make a difference to thousands.