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It’s Not All About Me

Hello, Beloved Reader! I’m Faith. thanks for visiting me today.

I’ve got some reading for you to do. Read Genesis (37:28), (39:4, 20, 22), (41:39-40).

Now, most of us know the story of Joseph. His brothers placed him in a pit and then sold him. He went to being just under the head of the Potiphar’s house. Then, he was cast into prison and left there for a while. Then, he was made second to Pharaoh in Egypt. But let me ask you something:

Was it all about him?

Well, the obvious answer is “no.” God put him in a place through his ups and downs where he could help His people. Through his trials, God brought him to a place where he could save thousands. But he had to be taught some lessons first.

When we go through trials, sometimes we have the tendency to ask “Why me?” or “Why this?.” But God never does anything without purpose. And what’s more, He can do something in your life that can help in more than one area. One of the main things in a Christian life is to live your life for others. So now let me ask you this:

Are the things you’re going through all about you?

Correct answer: no. Trials and tribulations help one to grow, or teach one a lesson. Your growth can help someone else down the road who is going through the same thing you faced. The heartache can teach you a lesson and help you talk someone else out of making the same mistake.

God loves you, and if you were the only one on earth, He would have still laid down His life. But the truth is, there are other people on this earth too. There are people at rock bottom who need help. Think about it, Joseph went through ups and downs and in the end saved a nation from starving. He couldn’t help them until he was at the right place physically and spiritually. And to get to that place, God found it necessary to put him through trials.

This trial is not all about you. This pain, it’s not just for you. You, as a child of God, are put here for a purpose, and everything you go through is to help you and possibly help someone else.

–Faith Cross

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