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It Came to Pass

Life is filled with storms.

Challenging and turbulent situations can leave us feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. But amidst the darkest tempests, there is hope. Today we will be exploring the Biblical message of perseverance and faith in the face of trials, reminding us that every storm has an end and that we can find peace and strength by holding onto God, who is faithful to keep us!

Holding on when hope fades: Acts 27:18-25

In the book of Acts, Paul and certain men on a ship encountered a storm so bad that it forced them to discard essential tools for survival. The sun and stars were hidden for many days, and all hope of being saved seemed lost. Yet, even in the bleakest moments, we must trust that our storm will come to pass.

Finding Comfort in God’s Faithfulness

Throughout the Bible, we come across the phrase “and it came to pass.” These instances serve as reminders that challenges are temporary and will eventually be behind us. Various Biblical Scriptures such as Genesis 25:11, Exodus 12:51 and others illustrate that God’s promises are fulfilled, and difficult times do come to an end.

The Symbolism of the Serpent

Moses lifting up the serpent on a pole in the wilderness provides a parallel to Jesus’ crucifixion. Just as the Israelites were saved by looking on the raised serpent, we find salvation by fixing our gaze on Jesus, the Word made flesh. By beholding Him, we can overcome sin and find deliverance from our storms.

Biblical Examples of Overcoming Storms

The Bible is full of stories with individual who faced overwhelming challenges but emerged victorious. We can draw wisdom and encouragement from the experiences of Elijah in the cave, Daniel in the lion’s den, Paul in prison, and more. These accounts remind us that tough times don’t last, but the people who have Jesus do.

Battling the Enemy’s Lies

When we are in the midst of a storm, the enemy tries to steal our hope and convince us that things will never change. satan whispers lies, telling us we are too broken, lost, sick, or sad to be restored. However, we must remember that satan is a liar, and we have the power to rebuke the devil and hold onto the truth of God’s faithfulness.

The Power of Endurance

In the Bible, we are reminded that we will not break, for God is with us and will sustain us. In the face of trials, we can find strength and endurance through unwavering trust in God’s promises. As we persevere, we find that we can weather any storm with Him by our side! The anointing He gives breaks yokes and this storm will come to pass. Isaiah 10:27.

Life’s storms can be relentless, leaving us feeling powerless and uncertain. However, the Bible teaches us that these storms have an end and that God is the anchor that carries us through. No matter how fierce the tempest, hold onto God, for He will keep you. The storm will come to pass, and you will emerge stronger on the other side. Remember, tough times don’t last, but those who have Jesus do. So, trust in Him, rebuke those lies of hopelessness, and stand firm in the knowledge that your storm will come to pass!

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Pastor Anthony Wynn

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