Anthony Wynn Ministries

Invite Pastor Anthony to speak at your church!

Pastor Anthony Wynn has an undeniable passion for visiting and speaking at churches. His vibrant energy and heartfelt messages resonate deeply with congregations, creating a sense of connection and inspiration. Pastor Wynn's genuine love for God and people shines through. He relishes the opportunity to share his faith, uplift spirits, and foster a sense of unity among believers.

Request Info

Pastor Wynn evangelizes when he is able. Please understand that not all requests can be met as he is a full-time pastor and ministers to his own congregation every Sunday.

What about contracts or offerings?

In the question of offering, Pastor Wynn has no set amount for offering and there are no contracts to agree to. However, please take into consideration the time and effort put into growing Anthony Wynn Minitries so that we may touch more broken souls with the Gospel.

Contact Info

Call: 1.877.266.4088 or Email:

Press Kit

If you would like to download publicity photos and Pastor Wynn's biography, visit our Press Kit.
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