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If I Make My Bed in Hell

Psalms 139.1-8. I have wrestled with verse 8 for a long time.

Just because I make my bed doesn’t mean that I’ll get in it right away. So, in that last verse God is saying, “If you make your bed in Hell, I’m going to be there, trying to pull you out before you get in it.”

Hell is a real place.

Some don’t think about it. Some refuse to talk about it, but that doesn’t make it fiction. Hell is very real. 2 Samuel 22:6. Notice the ‘s’ at the end of “sorrows.” Some people think the heat will be the only sorrow there, but no. There will be no peace there, no mercy, no hope, and there will be no end to the sorrows. There will be no friends in Hell. Hell will be eternal torment for all those who go there.

Job 11:8. Hell is a place for the unrepented wicked. Psalms 9:17. Psalms 55:15.

I believe there will be different levels.

Heaven won’t be the same for everyone. It won’t be the same for the thief who repented on the cross as it will be for Apostal Paul. It won’t be the same for someone who just got saved as it will be for someone who’s laid up treasures upon treasures. Heaven will have different levels for the thirty-fold, the sixty-fold, and the hundred-fold.

That being said, I think that Hell has levels, too. I don’t believe that a kind, gentle, caring neighbor who doesn’t care for Jesus will be at the same level as Adolf Hitler. Psalms 86:13.

Proverbs 7:24-27. Proverbs 9:17-18. A person can sneak around and hide sin that they’ve been doing, but it won’t be hidden for long. We will spend eternity somewhere. A person cannot live a double life and get away with it. Isaiah 5:14. Isaiah 28:15. God sees just as good in the dark as He does in the light. People will not get away with trying to hide their sins.

Matthew 10:28. There is no person big enough or powerful enough to send you to Hell. No person has your soul in their hand. They cannot prophesy you into Hell. God is just and full of mercy and love. Your soul is in His hand and not someone else’s.

Luke 16:23. Revelation 20:13.

“…If I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.”

You have to have sheets on your bed. Do you know what sheets are? Sheets are things you get dirty and wash once or twice a week. I’m not being mean, but some people have been in church for years upon years. A person like that shouldn’t be in the altar every week repenting of the same sin. How far could they be with God right now if they didn’t spend the last 100 times at the altar asking for forgiveness for the same thing?

King Saul’s life became a pattern: sin and repent, sin and repent. God has a lot of mercy, but I’m afraid in this last day that He’s going to draw some lines. There’s a story in the Bible where Paul was preaching, and a man fell out the window and died. Why did he fall? Because he was more outside the window than inside the building. Can I ask you a question? How far are you outside the window right now? Are you holding onto the world more than you are holding onto Jesus? If something happened and you fell, would you fall forward on your knees and pray through or would you fall back into your old habits and addictions?

I’m asking you, if you have anything you keep falling back into, to bring it to the altar one final time. Ask God to cleanse you and sanctify you. You should not want to go back to the way it was before you got saved. That life almost destroyed you. Run to God! His way will keep you and give you eternal life.

The next thing on the bed is a coversheet or a blanket. This is what keeps you warm.

Acts 17:30. Acts 3:19. Luke 13:5. When life gets tough, what do you turn to? When it’s a cold night, nobody’s watching, and you’re all by yourself, what do you turn to? I pray it’s God that you turn to!

The next thing after the blanket is a pretty spread that hides everything.

Some people have a pretty spread, praising the Lord and trying to make it seem like everything is right between them and God. But God sees under that spread and is watching them trying to run from Him.

Before God will cut Samson off, He’ll allow an anointing to fall over him so that he can carry the gates of a city up a hill. Sometimes we may wonder why God anoints people who aren’t living right. Could it be that God has drawn a line for that person and He’s about to let them go, but He’s trying to pull them away from that line by giving them a taste of the anointing?

Proverbs 8:13. Ecclesiastes 12:14. When you confess your sin before God, it is no longer a secret sin. 1 John 1:9.

There are two different pillows on the bed.

First, there’s the pillow you lay your head on. Where do you lay your head when you are tired? It wasn’t wrong for Samson to get tired, but it was wrong for him to lay his head in Delilah’s lap. Matthew 11:28. Jesus will give you rest and peace.

Then there are the other pillows. These are the pillows ladies use for decoration on the bed. You know you are getting in trouble when you are trying to make your sin look good. You know you’re heading down the wrong road when you try to justify your sin. If you make your bed in Hell, Jesus is standing there watching, asking for you to let Him help you.

Only you, the Lord, and the devil really know what’s under all those pretty pillows. Psalms 69:5. 1 Samuel 15:24,35. Saul was called by God to be king, but Saul played with his calling. He threw his walk with God away. Please don’t trade a moment of pleasure for your precious soul!

If we leave God, it won’t change Him. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. But if we leave Him, it will change everything about us. He is our Provider, our Healer, our Protector, and our Way Maker. He can go on without us, be we can never go on without Him. James 4:8.

I’m going to get really personal for a moment. If you die right now, where will you spend eternity? Do you know that you know that you are ready to meet God? Is there anything between you and the Lord?

He’s watching you. He’s watching me. Jesus wants to help us and keep us right with Him. Let’s pray for the Lord to search our hearts and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

— Pastor Anthony Wynn


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