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You know, we have a generation now that lives for today. This generation, when it comes to spiritual areas, natural areas, even financial areas, doesn’t think about eternity all that much. But eternity is a very, VERY long time. Our life in eternity depends on how we live the short life we have here on Earth. Today’s message is all about living this earthly life for the Lord and being used of Him. Let’s get to it!

America Has It Backwards

People were created to be loved. Things were invented to be used. America has it wrong; things get loved and people get used. But still, despite the anger, the tears, and the heartbreak at the betrayal, we cry out to the Lord to use us.

When people ask the Lord to use them, I’m afraid most of the time they think they are going to go on a mission trip and hand out a Bible, or get a microphone and sing or preach. While the Lord can use people to do those things, there’s another way He will use people.

I had a truck that never needed the spare tire. That tire never got used. But the tire that did get used got dirty, scratched, cut, and nicked, however, it carried me to where I was going. The spare tire was untouched, unscathed.


Joseph was given dreams in which God informed him that He was going to use Joseph to help his brethren. Joseph might have had this idea that he was going to be a pastor or a great leader of some kind, but instead, he got hated, sold, lied on, and thrown in prison. Joseph needed to keep in mind this important thought; people will use you for their own selfish reasons, but when God uses you, He will always reward you, whether it be in this life or the next.

Galatian 6:9 – “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

God Will Use Us No Matter Where We Are

Even in the times where our world is falling apart, pain and pressure are all around, we can look back and find little areas where God used us. When we couldn’t sleep or we were in our lowest points, we can look back and see that we helped someone make it home.


In the book of Esther, the king sent for Queen Vashti, but she refused to come. She was banished from the king’s presence. She was never to be touched or seen by him ever again. She would never hear him speak to her again. Imagine what it would be like if we never got to hear God’s voice again.

Time passed, the king healed and started looking for a new queen. Esther was an orphan with nothing to offer the king, and she was of a different nationality. There wasn’t much going on for her when she stepped into the king’s presence, but when she did, he picked her for his bride.

I don’t know all that Esther went through, but I do believe that at some point in Esther’s life, she said, “God, if you will take care of me, I’ll give myself away to you.”

Now, she’s gone from being an orphan girl to a queen wearing the best clothes that money could buy and eating fantastic feasts. Life is very good until she hears about a plot against the Jews. Mordecai, her cousin who raised her, told her the Lord wanted to use her to help His people. She sent word back to him saying that if she went before the king without being called, it could cost her her life. Mordecai told her she was there for such a time as this. God didn’t put her on that throne to be the prettiest, wealthiest, most famous lady in the land. God put her there because there was a need in the land.

There is a need somewhere in your job, in your family, in someone’s life that God wants you to meet. God wants to use you to meet that need.

It Costs To Be Used

We can’t be afraid of cracks and chips. My Sheila and me have a set of china that hasn’t been used for decades. Sure, it still looks very pretty, but it’s never been useful. It’s on display in my cabinet. The plates that have been used have cracks and nicks in them. God is not looking for a display; He’s looking for someone who’s not afraid of a few chips and scars. He’s looking for someone who wants to be used no matter the cost.

Please read Acts 7:55-59.

Stephen might not have known that his suffering would bring such conviction to Saul that Saul would never be able to get away from it. Stephen was limited in his outreach. Paul went further than him, writing 14 books of the Bible and starting churches in different areas.

It costs to be used, but God will replenish you and keep you. Because of your sacrifice and your dedication, someone else will make it to Heaven. You are helping people. You may feel empty and be in need of a refresh. Take your request to God and tell Him what you need. He will refill your spirit.

Thank you so much for reading! If you would like to worship with our praise team and listen to the sermon that this blog was based on, then go ahead and click the play button on the video below. I hope this word has encourage you and I pray you are blessed!

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

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