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Before we get into this message, I’d like to share a story with you. There once was a man who, no matter what meal his wife made, would find something in the meal to complain about. “This seasoning is too strong!” “I hate scrambled eggs.” “Why is this steak so tough?” However, at the end of his complaining, he would say a beautiful prayer thanking God for his meal. One day, his little girl came up to him and here’s how their conversation went.

“Daddy, does God hear you when you pray?”

He turned to her and smiled, “Of course, Sweetheart.”

“No, Daddy, does God hear you everytime you pray?”

“Absolutely, dear. Everytime. There’s not a doubt in my mind that God hears me.”

She nods. “Good. ‘Cause I’d sure hate for Him to hear you the rest of the time.”

This story struck me. I got to thinking about hunger and how at times I have gotten to the point to where I didn’t care what the food was, all I wanted was something to eat. There are times I will go to the fridge and then tell my wife there’s nothing to eat. Her reply usually includes all the different options of healthier foods we have in the house, such as chicken wraps or strawberries.

Have you ever been to a place where you weren’t really hungry, you just wanted to eat something that would satisfy you?

When I go to the fridge sometimes, I’m looking for a hot pocket or a frozen pizza. When I don’t see the things that will instantly satisfy my taste, then I think there’s nothing left. Have you ever read your Bible looking to be satisfied, looking for that one verse to justify your situation, searching for a story that makes you feel better? Have you ever praised God looking to feel good, looking for just the right song, just the right amount of privacy? When you didn’t find those things, did you give up looking?

Are we hungry, or are we looking to be satisfied?

Let us not look to be satisfied, but look to fulfill our hunger for the Lord. We don’t need to be looking for satisfation from things out in the world or looking for that one song to satisy us, that one message, that one verse. We need to be actively seeking for God, because that is who we are hungry for.

Matthew 5:6. 

When a person is hungry, they aren’t looking to be satisfied taste-wise. They are looking for something to stop that rumbling in their stomach. A hungry person won’t be picky, complaining, or selfish. A hungry person actively looks for the thing that will fix that ache in their stomach.

When a person is hungry spiritually, they aren’t going to come to church and hear a word, then spit it out because they think it doesn’t suit them. The church that prevails in these last days is a hungry church, looking for God to satisfy them. They don’t want to be hungry for God to be evident in their lives alone, but to show up in the lives of the next generation, the nation, and even the world.

How wonderful would it be to be so hungry for God that when you walk into a room, the whole atmosphere changes? How wonderful would it be that your hunger for God stirs up someone else’s hunger for Him?

Let us not let things distract and satisfy us. The lie a person believes today will sprout terrible truth tomorrow. Even if our children are alright, there are others who are not. There are people being attacked on all fronts by the enemy, people who need the love of God shown in their lives. This hunger, this walk with God, isn’t just about us, but it’s about a lost and dying world.

We need a hunger for righteousness that will bring impact!

God bless you!
Micah Wynn

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  1. Thank you so much,for a nice story to be hungry for the word of Good. Indeed God is Great and Good all the time. To God Almighty be the Glory Praise and Honor. Zambia Central Africa.

    John Kaleba Katuta

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