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Healing Pt. 1

Hello, Beloved Reader! I’m Faith and thank you for visiting me today!

This is PART ONE of a series on healing. When you finish reading this blog, if you have any questions on healing, feel free to leave a comment and the Oasis Team will do our best to find a correct and suitable answer for you.

I like to get down to the nitty-gritty details of things so let’s define the word ‘heal’ before we begin.

Heal – become sound or healthy again

First, I will express there are two aspects of healing: natural and spiritual. The spiritual can manifest itself through the evidence of a miracle (such as a cancer-ridden body becoming cancer free in one night). We will touch on the spiritual aspect later.

I would like to talk about the natural aspect of healing for a moment. Parts of the natural healing process happen every day. Say you cut your finger while peeling potatoes for family dinner. Immediately, the healing process begins. Blood seeps out, eventually beginning to clot via platelets and a scab is formed when the clot hardens. Under the scab, the body begins repairing the skin that has been opened and when the scab falls off a new layer of skin is exposed, healthy, healed. This process and other variants of it happen all day every day.

Nature has its own way of dealing with disease and wounds. Yet, we cannot rely on nature in some cases because it can take too long to heal or even never heal at all due to weakness, lack of proper nutrients, complications, and time. Cancer can be an example here.

That being said, there is a spiritual aspect to healing as well. This can be further broken down into two aspects: a spiritually physical healing and a spiritually mental healing.

As a church of Biblical believers, MDT Church/Oasis Ministries/Anthony Wynn Ministries does believe in this spiritual aspect to healing. Why?

Well, for one, healing is Biblical. You can find this in quite a few Scripture passages. (Luke 5:15 | Acts 3:1-8 to list a couple) This concept of healing being Biblical can be proved with the Bible in three verses. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 | 3 John 1:2. As you can see through these two passages, it is the Lord’s will that we be in good health. If a person is sick, then there is even a Bible verse that gives them the right to claim healing for themselves. (Isaiah 53:5)

So, why don’t we see it very often?

That’s our problem. Yes, quite literally, we as a people hinder the almighty, powerful God from doing His great work in us and for us. How do we hinder Him? Through our unbelief. (Matthew 13:58) It is not that God is limited, for nothing is impossible with Him. It is that God is hindered from doing mighty works because we as a people do not believe He can and/or will. Belief is one of the bases of the Christian “faith,” you see? A person must believe to receive. The Bible is nothing but a story book if not reverenced as the ultimate guide and loving words of the Father. Unbelief makes spiritual healing nothing but a fable.

If we do believe, why hasn’t healing come yet?

I’m not an expert on this subject. All I can say is that it’s all for the glory of God. Take this passage of Scripture for example. (John 9:3) Some sicknesses are for punishment. Some are for the work of God to be shown through us, if not for our benefit, then for the benefit of others so that they might see His glory through us. This of course can only happen when we believe and trust that God has our best interest in mind and not only our best interest but also the best interest of others. You see, possibly through your sickness and after, you can be a testimony of God’s love to people you might never have come in contact with if you had never had your illness. It’s all for the glory of God, witness to others, and opportunity for growth in your spiritual walk with God.

That being said, is it acceptable to go to doctors and take medicine? What about healing for people with mental disorders? What about going to see a counselor or psychiatrist?

In the next blog we will touch on these questions so be sure not to miss it. In the meantime, why not check out our Healing Scriptures Course on Oasis Academy? I’ll put a link to the class below. Thank you for reading!

Healing Scriptures Course

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