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He Is Able

Jude 1:24. Psalms 121:1-8. Psalm 127:1. 

The President of the United States is probably one of the most guarded, protected people in all of America. But even being guarded by the best, some were still assassinated. Abraham Lincoln. James A. Garfield. William McKinley. John. F. Kennedy. Surrounded by the best, and yet their enemy got to them.

But YOU! You have Someone greater than the secret service on your side. Someone greater than any police force you can have. His name is Jesus Christ, and He is able to keep you! 1 Samuel 2:9. 1 Peter 1:5.

What God doesn’t keep you from, He’ll keep you through. 

Anyone can praise God when everything’s alright. But you ought to be able to praise Him even if you don’t see a way out. The world’s shaking you and you don’t know what to do, but you’ve got to decide to hold on. God is able. 

He didn’t deliver Daniel from the lion’s den. He didn’t keep the Hebrew boys out of the fire. He didn’t keep the whale from swallowing Jonah. But He kept them through their trials. Genesis 39:21. Revelation 3:10. 2 Thessalonians 3:3. Luke 4:10. Isaiah 36:3.

How are you going to get your peace back?

Some people’s biggest problem right now is not the devil and not their hurt, it’s the fact that their mind is set on all the bad stuff. All the negative plays over and over and over. I know a woman who had a total breakdown, even put in a mental institution. She started reading her Bible and now she’s a counselor for others going through what she went through. God miraculously restored her mental health!

If you want to win, I will help you. But you aren’t going to win until you make up your mind and tell the devil that you are going to fight. You have to turn everything off, pick up your Bible, and read until the words run together. Then you have to get your phone and let it play the King James Version. Try letting it play Psalm 23 first. Then, Romans 8. You have to take the fight to the devil and let him know you didn’t start to quit. You are going to win! You are going to overcome! You will have the victory! 

Why are you not strong?

You eat too much junk food. It’s life or death right now. You have to make up your mind instead of entertaining it. You need to feed it some substance, some real food. Get God’s Word inside of you. When the Word begins to speak to you, darkness is driven back. God is a keeper and He will hide His Word in your heart.

Whatever is in the Bible is yours.

John 14:27. You don’t have to live your life in depression. When you give your life to Jesus, you have legal right to everything the Bible offers. If there’s peace in the Bible, it’s yours. Victory, blessings, healing, it’s yours.

We have to get a hold of our minds. 

Philippians 4:8. Some people think they are okay if they don’t think of anything perverted or real sinful. Abraham was called a righteous man because he had faith in his mind. It’s not the will of God for you to play all these “what if” games with yourself. 

There are some things that are honest, but they aren’t pure. There are some things that are honest but are not lovely. Some things are honest, but not of good report. There are some things that are honest, but there is no praise in them.

Despite everything going on, you didn’t wake up in your basement with bombs dropping everywhere. We ought to praise God for our freedom. Even with all the things we go through, there is still something somewhere in our lives that we can thank God for and praise him for. 2Timothy 3:16. Joshua 14:10.

God keeps us from making messes.

1 Samuel 25:32. David was on his way to kill a man. He had protected the estate of Nabal and not let any harm come unto him for some time. David asked for some sustenance from Nabal and he said ‘no.’ David determined to kill every one of Nabal’s servants and household. There wouldn’t be one left alive. But God spoke to Abigail and told her to go down and stop David and give him some food.

I believe Abigail is a type of the Holy Ghost. Have you ever been on your way to a mess? You were going to do something to just ruin it all, but somehow the Holy Ghost stopped you!

God has kept you through your trials. He’s kept you from making messes. He’s kept you through tears and heartache. God has kept you this far, and He that started a good work in you will finish it! 2 Timothy 1:12. 

God is able, and will keep you!

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

2 thoughts on “He Is Able

  1. Daniel Cahill says:

    Thank you so much good WORD today brother Danny 3/11/22

    1. faith cross says:

      Dear Daniel,
      Thank you so much for your kind words! Feel free to share this message with others you think would benefit from it. We love you and God bless you!

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