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Have You Ever Won a Soul?

Every heartbeat is a soul. Every life is a treasure. Every soul is precious. Every soul counts.

Everything that goes under the blood will never be brought up again. The minute something goes under the blood, you get justified and it’s as if it never happened. When you bring it to an altar and repent, it is over. You get to start a whole new season in your life.

You and I have an appointment with death. But after death, there is a judgment. Our soul is going to spend eternity somewhere. There is a part of us that doesn’t die when they lay the body in the ground. It’s either Heaven or Hell.

When it’s hot outside, you ask for a glass of water. Could you imagine being in a place of such torment that you don’t ask for that cup of water, but only a drop to cool your tongue? I’m afraid that Hell isn’t real enough to us. But there is a place called Hell, and it is just as real as the trees that give you shade and the God that gives you grace. Someone needs to remind this generation that there is a place that they can’t buy their way out of. If they make it there, it’s too late to make a deal. If they ever wind up there, there’s no exit, no door out.


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If someone winds up in Hell, it’s a settled matter and it never changes.

I think Jesus was always kind, and He was always reaching. Even when He was on the cross, He was reaching for people. One of the men hanging on a cross next to Him mocks Him. It is a trick of the devil to get people who don’t like you all up in your face so you get distracted. The man on the other side of Jesus needed help. It’s a trick of the devil to get you fussing at the other so you don’t have time for the one who’s trying to get help.

Maybe you are addicted to drugs or about to be thrown in jail for stealing, but your momma still has your plate on the table. Your father hasn’t forgotten you., But you have to want to come home and want to be restored. You have to want to change and you have to want help.

Win a soul, and change a life. Win a soul, and change a family lineage.

I want to be such a soul winner that at my funeral, they will be having a party in hell saying, “He’s finally gone!”

When you look into someone’s eyes you need to realize that God loves this person. God cares about this person. You don’t always know a person’s story. You may not know what they’ve been through. How they’ve been hurt and broken. But there is a God that knows, and if they are still breathing, then that’s a pretty good sign that He’s not given up on them. If God allowed you to look into their eyes, it’s a pretty good sign that He hasn’t cut them off yet. Jesus cares about people. When you look into those eyes, please realize that if there was no one else on this earth, that God would still have died for them. He doesn’t see where they are, He sees where the blood can take them. He doesn’t see what they are doing but sees how He can change them.

God put this person in your life at this time.

This person has an appointment with death, but between then and now, God has put them in your life. Has their name been written in that Book of Life? If not, can you have a small part in changing their destiny? If they are born only once, they die twice. But if they are born twice, they die only once. 

The first death is when the heart monitor shows a flat line on the screen. For Christians, that is the only death we will have to face. But after that line has gone flat, there is a judgment. When God gives the word. There is an eternal, not one month or one year, but an eternal death starts. That first death can last for about a fraction of a second, but that second death is forever ongoing.

To show someone the Savior, they have to realize they are lost.

We need to gently let people know that both sides have a payday. One of the reasons that Covid shook the world so much is because people have no hope after this. When they thought they were losing this, they thought they were losing it all. But Christians are going where the roses never fade and the night never creeps up. We are going home, and this ole world and what’s in it is not our hope.

If you want a long, healthy life, make yourself available in the Kingdom of God. Why should the farmer keep a tomato plant that doesn’t produce anything? Make yourself a blessing in the Kingdom of God. Make up your mind that your neighbor is not going to Hell without knowing that you love them. Make Hell go through your prayers to get them.

Win a soul, and change a life.

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

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