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Happiness Is a Choice

In today’s chaotic and challenging world, finding happiness can sometimes feel impossible.

Fear, worry, and uncertainty often flood our minds, threatening our peace, joy, and faith. It seems as if happiness is under attack, not only in our individual lives but also in humanity as a whole. However, it is important to remember that happiness is ultimately a choice we make. In this blog, we will explore eight key points to help us navigate life’s challenges and choose happiness.

The Power of Choice

Each one of us has been given the gift of life, a precious opportunity to make choices that shape our existence. Life is a gift from God, but the life we live is a gift back to Him. (Deuteronomy 30:15-16. Luke 10:42.) We have to choose how we are going to live.

Rising Above Adversity

No matter what difficulties we may face, it is possible to rise above a challenging past. Paul was content in prison and John was content on the Island of Patmos. Just as they overcame the obstacles of fear, worry, discouragement, and depression, we can too! We can fight and choose to live a happy life! We can overcome despite abuse, a difficult childhood, or any other hardships we may have experienced. By the grace of God, we can find strength!

Decisions That Impact Happiness

Various decisions throughout our lives can significantly impact our happiness, including choices related to education, career, and relationships. Among them, the most crucial decision is whether to accept Jesus and have a relationship with Him. (Joshua 24:15) Jesus is the main source of happiness for a Christian. He gives us the ability and a reason to be happy despite our situations.

The Ripple Effect of Our Choices

Our choices not only affect us, but also influence those around us. As seen in the example of Apostle Paul’s decision to cling to Jesus in a storm at sea, that ended in a shipwreck (Acts 27), our choices can have far reaching consequences, positively impacting the lives of our lived ones and even strangers.

Recognizing the Enemy’s Attacks

To protect our happiness, it is essential to recognize how the enemy attacks us. By countering fear, worry, and discouragement with God’s Word, faith, thankfulness, and praise, we can overcome the enemy’s attempts to steal our joy! The devil uses the same things over and over because we let them work our lives. But we can overcome by the Blood of the Lamb!

Overcoming Life’s Challenges

One setback, one mistake, or one difficult season should not define or destroy the rest of our lives. Instead, we should learn to count our blessings and appreciate the simple things that we often take for granted. Even in the face of adversity, there is always something to be thankful for. (Psalm 116:7)

Encouragement in Difficult Times

Learning to encourage ourselves in the Lord, as David did during his darkest moments, can help provide the strength we need to navigate life’s trials. Noah came out of the Ark and saw no other humans save the ones in the Ark with Him. It looked like all had been lost, but what did Noah do? He built an altar! (Genesis 8:20) He even took of every clean beast to offer burnt offerings, sacrificing what he almost couldn’t afford to sacrifice. If David and Noah could encourage themselves in the Lord and rebuild when everything seemed lost, then you and I can, too!

Making a Plan

When faced with challenging circumstances, it is crucial to make a plan. Following David’s example in 1 Samuel 30, we should inquire of the Lord, pursue what is lost, overcome obstacles, and know that we shall recover our happiness. By relying on God’s strength and wearing His armor, we can press forward toward restoration.

In a world filled with uncertainty and adversity, happiness is indeed a choice. By drawing inspiration from accounts in the Bible, we can learn valuable lessons on how to navigate life’s challenges and actively choose happiness. it is through our faith, perseverance, and gratitude that we can rise above adversity, impact the lives of others, and find true fulfillment. May we all understand this power of choice and live lives that reflect the joy and happiness God desires us to have!

Thank you for reading! If you would like to hear more on this subject, you can click the play button below to hear the sermon on which this blog was based. I pray this message has touched you and encouraged you to fight for your happiness! We are God’s children and He desires for us to have joy, peace, and be happy! If you would like prayer and encouragement, please call 1.877.226.4088.

Pastor Anthony Wynn

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    I pray that the Holy Spirit will give me revelation of the cross .

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      Dear Danny,
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