Oasis Ministries is so involved in helping the people in Haiti. It’s beyond belief to think that only 3 hours from the Chattanooga TN airport, people are in such need that they literally live meal to meal. Thank God for the nutrition program there where Oasis Partners help feed so many who are hungry in their bodies all the while ministering to their more important hunger–that of the soul. Oasis Partners are such a vital part of the life line to this nutrition program. Oasis Ministries Partners…THANK YOU!

Helping Hand for Haiti

Solar Energy

Because the electricity situation in Haiti is so complicated, it was critical that solar panels be installed in the orphanage there. (link to our partnership letter about the electricity in Haiti that I wrote) Our partners pulled together to make this happen and now necessary to install solar panels for power in the orphanage there. Now, because of our partners working together to bring Solar power to Haiti, there are lights to do lessons by (the orphanage sees that the children are educated), there is hot water for bathing, hand washing and cooking. Solar power means refrigeration to keep fruits and vegetables cool and safe for eating. The list goes on and on of the benefits the Haitian orphanage has received from our partners generosity in helping provide this much needed necessity. We are beyond grateful to Jesus for laying these precious ones on the hearts of people who have given and made life so much better in Haiti!

Aid to Orphanages in Haiti

Feeding Program

There is nothing like being given the opportunity to feed a hungry child. Children, who are born in Haiti, will probably not only face hunger, but actually be born into hunger. Haiti is poverty stricken. A child will spend much of it’s time simply looking for something to eat. Our nutrition/ feeding program is unique because of the dual purpose it has. On one side, we provide food for those living in the orphanage in Mirabala but also we are able to seek out other villages and work with the people in those villages through our nutrition program. Through the support of our partners, we are able to offer a nutrition program that will take a person near death from malnutrition and in seven days get them on their feet. At this point, we are having as many as

600 people per month on the nutrition program. There is nothing like feeding a hungry child.

Haiti Orphanage


There are so many widows and orphans in Haiti and most of whom live in poverty and constant hunger. The orphanage in Mirabala, Haiti was previously located in a rented location that had the capacity to house only about 15 children and staff. Now the orphanage has been moved to a much better location where it’s capacity can be around 85. Widows with children are hired to cook, clean and care for the residents of the orphanage. This is a blessing to them as well as those they care for, because through this opportunity, they have a place to live and food to eat.


We ask you to go to Jesus and ask Him what He would lay on your heart to give. Your offering is doing more than just putting a band-aid on a bleeding wound, it will help fix the problem. Not only are you feeding hungry men, women and children today but you are making a difference in their tomorrows. We’ve all heard the statement “You can’t take it with you”. This is true of our tangible acculated items, but we do have an opportunity to lay up real treasures--the treasure that WILL MATTER when our days are ended on this earth. Let’s all pull together and lay up some treasures.

Luke 3:11
11 He answereth and saith unto them, He that hath two coats, let him impart to him that hath none; and he that hath meat, let him do likewise.