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God’s Emotions

Welcome to the Sunday Evening Recap!

I had two sermons ready, worked hard on them, and then this Sunday morning, the Lord changed my direction. He took me back to something profound. Today, I’m going a different way, but it’s essential for us to renew our minds. Sometimes, instead of reading two chapters of the Bible a day, focus on one and really study it. Dive deep into the Word and find something meaningful to meditate on.

I want to address something we are often afraid to admit: we don’t have all the answers, but we have a lot of questions. We sometimes fear confessing our uncertainties, but I’ve never loved God more than I do now, despite my questions. 

Questions and Reflections

I’ve never needed God more than I need Him now. We often talk about where we came from—God. Then comes the question that nobody wants to deal with: Where did God come from? He has always been God. He doesn’t have an end or a beginning. He’s always God, never bigger, never smaller, never weaker, never stronger. So, after eons of years, God was missing something. Angels cried holy, but He wanted more. He created man not to die with sickness and wars but for His pleasure.

The Unique Creation of Man

Man is different from all other creations. Everything God created—birds, fish, and all else—was made for a specific purpose. If they don’t fulfill that purpose, they can’t survive. But man is unique; he can live outside of God’s original plan for a while. Birds can’t survive in the water, and fish can’t survive in the air. God’s original plan was not for man to live a life of sin or rebellion but to worship Him and be His friend. We were created for God’s pleasure, to make Him happy.

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The Sensitivity of God's Senses

Which one of God’s senses is the most sensitive? When you worship out loud, He hears your voice. When you lift your hands, He sees you. When you truly praise the Lord, a sweet smell begins to rise to His presence. He’s touched by the feelings of your infirmities. So, which of those senses is most easily moved or touched by your worship?

The Importance of Worship

God doesn’t need anything; He’s just God. If all the angels quit or every church shut down, He’d still be God. He is a God with no variableness or shadow of turning. Why is our worship so important to Him? Why does He tell us over and over to bless His holy name? Your worship can touch His heart. Your worship can move Him. Those who have a true heart of worship might be hated by the devil because worship used to be his job.

Worship in Adversity

Why does the enemy fight your worship so much? You can take any professional, and if people appreciate them, it makes them feel good and work harder. The same day we bless God, people around the world curse Him. Our praise doesn’t make Him bigger, and their cursing doesn’t make Him smaller. He’s still God. So why is it important for us to praise Him? God knows that if He’s not important to you, you won’t worship Him. Worship shows God that He is the most important thing in your life.

The Role of Worship Leaders

In heaven, there won’t be preachers because there will be no need to preach against sin. But worship leaders will have a position. Before God made man, He praised Himself for His creations. He made the sun, the trees, and the birds, and He said it was good. Worship is important because it shows God that you love and need Him above all else.

Renewing Your Mind Through Worship

As we work to renew our minds, we need to bring worship back into our lives. Don’t wait for church services; worship Him every day. Tell God you love Him more than anything else. When you worship Him, it brings His presence into your life, and His presence can heal, deliver, and bless you. God wants to be close to His people. Worship brings His presence to us, and when His presence is with us, no enemy can stand against us.

Final Thoughts

As you leave this post, don’t leave His presence. The more we seek Him, the more we find Him. The more we find Him, the more we love Him. Let’s worship Him with all our hearts and draw closer to Him each day.

Anthony Wynn

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