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In the journey of life, we all face challenges that test our strength, faith, and resilience. This sermon recap speaks directly to this reality, emphasizing the struggles one encounters in their walk with God and the importance of standing firm as soldiers for Jesus.

Facing Wounds and Hurt

Life is not always filled with laughter and joy. Instead, it often involves wounds, betrayal, lies, and hatred. The sermon (which you can watch below) delves into the deep emotional and spiritual impact of these struggles, emphasizing the profound hurt that can linger within us.

I’ve had personal experiences of being wounded, betrayed by friends, and lied about. I know that these hurts can be deep-rooted, affecting one’s peace of mind and soul. The pain, if not dealt with, can lead to anger, hatred, and bitterness, making our lives a battleground.

Praying Through the Pain

However, there is a message of hope and healing. The church as a collective has been doing a 21-day fast, and it’s been one of the best times of my life. It’s important to take a step back and acknowledge the need to address the internal struggles and remove the junk that hinders spiritual growth. Fasting helps us do that.

There are parallels between personal struggles and spiritual attacks. The devil is a persistent enemy seeking entry into our lives and aims to exploit weaknesses. I want to encourage you to continually pray through your battles. Victory is not a one-time event but an ongoing process.

Recognizing the Enemy's Tactics

Biblical passages, such as John 10:10 and Matthew 12:43-44, illustrate the spiritual warfare believers face. The thief seeks to steal, kill, and destroy, and unclean spirits return to the empty house they once occupied. It’s important to be filled with the Holy Spirit to prevent the enemy from finding a foothold.

Marching Forward in Faith

In conclusion, while we have abundant life in Christ, we also have an enemy and this Christian journey can be a battleground where we face internal and external struggles. However, there is hope in our Lord and the power of prayer, fasting, and unwavering faith. As soldiers for Jesus, the call is to stand firm, fight the good fight of faith, and claim victory over our battles.

This powerful message serves as a reminder that, as soldiers for Jesus, we are not alone in our struggles. Together, united in faith, we can overcome life’s challenges and march forward with resilience, knowing that the commander-in-chief, Jesus Christ, leads us to victory.

Thank you for reading! If you would like to hear more on this topic, please watch the sermon below. I pray you are blessed beyond measure and that you understand that while you are a soldier, you are also God’s child and He will provide for you and protect you.

Pastor Anthony Wynn

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