Here are some things that first time visitors may find helpful:

  • Service times are Sundays at 10:45 am, 5:45 pm and Tuesdays at 6:45 pm
  • We don’t go by a schedule, however, our services last around 2 hours
  • When you arrive, please come in the front entrance where ushers will be available to assist you. But don’t have assigned seats or anything, so please sit wherever you like. Make yourself at home!
  • Our services are lively in worship and preaching. You will see folks raise hands, say Amen, shout and stand at times. At the end of the service, sometimes, Pastor will give an altar call. This is an invitation to come to the front and pray. You are welcome to ask the Pastor or others to pray with and for you.
  • You can expect someone to ask you to fill out a visitor information card. Your information is never shared and always kept confidential. We use this information to communicate with you only.
  • After the first part of the service, Pastor will call for the children to go to Sunday school. There are classes for all ages and they are held in a secured facility where your children are safe.
Christian Family

Pastor Wynn and Sis. Shelia will be around to meet you after service if you’d like. We’d love for you to stay around a few minutes to say Hi.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no assigned seats. Feel free to sit in whatever pew is most comfortable for you.

We open services with lively praise and worship once we have dismissed the children for Sunday school. After worship, the offering is taken up. The pastor then preaches. The children return to the sanctuary when their classes are over.

Yes! There are classes for all ages 1-18. Our Sunday school classes are secure and your children are watched over closely in a safe environment. This includes Bro. David Sherwood coming to each class to make sure all is in order and nothing is needed.

Please dress in modest apparel.

Oasis Ministries, like Oasis Missions and Oasis Bible Course, is a ministry of MDT Church. Our YouTube channel, any social media outlet by us, as well as the entity in which we broadcast our services, is identified as Oasis Ministries. MDT Church is the actual building in which we conduct our services.

Bro. Anthony and Sis. Shelia Wynn are the pastors of MDT Church. We also have other ministers and leadership. Meet The Pastor

Our services are broadcast on TV as well as on social media outlets.

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Game Changers is a group for young adults ages 13-24. We meet every Thursday and alternate between a teaching night and a game night each week. We start at 7:00 PM and end at 9:00 PM.