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Faith Has No Condemnation!

I want to talk to you about 3 realities of faith.

1: Sometimes, your faith in God will deliver you from something.

2: Sometimes, your faith will deliver you in the middle of the trial.

3: Sometimes, your faith will bring you through the trial.

Hebrews 11:1-3,6. Faith will deliver you from the storm, in the storm, or keep you through the storm.

Matthew 6:13. Sometimes, He will deliver you from it. 2 Chronicles 20:22. All the people did was praise. God said, “You don’t have to fight today, I’ll deliver you from the enemy.”

Gideon is another example of people being delivered from their enemy. Judges 7:22.

Sometimes, a person is delivered within the storm.

The doctor might give them a report of the problem still being there, but a month later it’s gone. The storm started and God could have stopped it, but when the enemy comes in like a flood God raises up a standard. Daniel 3:23-25. Whether God delivers you from the storm or in the storm, either way victory is yours!

So, let me ask you this: because the three Hebrew boys were delivered within the furnace instead of from it, does that mean they had less faith?

No. God has appointed some things that a person will have to face. That person just has to hold their head up and keep living for God. Don’t let anyone condemn you because you are facing something. Sometimes you are in a fiery furnace and still in the perfect will of God. Mark 4:37-39.

The main thing I want to talk about is when your faith delivers you through something.

I looked up the word “through” in Hebrew. It means: across, over, passing through. If God is letting you go through something, it means there’s somewhere He’s wanting to take you. 2 Corinthians 5:7. Jeremiah 2:6.

Before those three Hebrew boys, we didn’t have any testimonies of anyone making it through a fiery furnace, but now we do. If you don’t know anyone else going through what you are going through, just wait! There will be a testimony that God brought you through it! That’s why you can’t quit right now; the church needs your testimony. Don’t give up in the middle of pressure, I promise you, there is an end to this thing.

Hebrews 11:11,33-34.

Don’t be upset or discouraged if you don’t get delivered from, or in the middle of your storm. Don’t be upset if you have to go through something. Understand that what you are going through, others might have died in that very thing. What you are going through may have broken other people’s minds, homes, and families. Exodus 15:4-5. But you are going through it! Hebrews 11:29. How can you go down when you are holding onto Jesus?

Elijah said there would be no rain for three years, and then there came a famine.

Elijah was not delivered from the famine, but God kept him through it. God hid the prophet in a cave and let some ravens bring him food for a while, but God didn’t want Elijah to come out bragging on the ravens, so he brought Elijah to a little widow woman. This little lady who didn’t think she had anything was going to be used by God to sustain the prophet for a while.

Sometimes, we don’t know how to take a blessing from someone else. But get this, if Elijah hadn’t let that woman help him, she wouldn’t have been helped. He held her destiny by allowing her gift to come into his life.

The ravens sustained Elijah with food for a while next to a brook, but soon that brook dried up. Sometimes, it doesn’t seem like things could get worse, but then the brook starts drying up. Whatever that brook is in your life, God doesn’t want you to depend on it more than you depend on Him. Nothing will bring you through this trial but God and He wants you to realize that.

That little widow woman thought it was all over for her, but she ended up helping Elijah. Don’t tell yourself that you can’t help people when you are going through something. When you are sick you can lay hands on others. When you are broken, you can pray for people. It’s not your power that helps them, it’s the anointing of an almighty God flowing through you. That anointing is in your relationship with God.

Someone could have your answer and they have been commanded by God to change your life, but they are in a mess. When they help you, however, their miracle will come.

What I’m trying to say here is that sometimes the devil likes to try and condemn a person when they are going through something while someone else was delivered from it. The person starts wondering if their faith is less than the faith of others.

Get up. Go forward. Worship and be happy again. Don’t let the devil make you think that you don’t have as much faith as someone else just because you are having to go through something. God has somewhere He wants to take you. Don’t give up on God. Psalms 66:12. Exodus 14:14-15.

Keep walking with the Lord, my friend. He will surely bring you through your storms! Isaiah 41:10.

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

5 thoughts on “Faith Has No Condemnation!

  1. Jerry LaRue says:

    In this storm it seems like God has foresaken me , its like death is the only way out. Oh God spare me for my grankids s little while

    1. Faith Cross says:

      Dear Jerry,
      Thank you for commenting! We are putting you on our prayer list and we will be seeking God for blessings in your life. If you would like someone to pray with you, you can call 1.877.226.4088. “Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost.” (Romans 15:13)

  2. Billy+Spurling says:

    Got an unfavorable dr test results, but God is capable please pray for wisdom for me to glorify Jesus no matter what. Thank you in advance.

    1. Faith Cross says:

      Dear Billy,
      Thank you for commenting! We are adding you to our prayer list and we will be lifting you up in prayer. We love you and God bless you!

  3. Billy+Spurling says:


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