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I Am Free

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Welcome to our Course; I AM Free!!

Unpack the Biblical foundation of freedom and liberation. Identify and confront the yokes of bondage in our lives. Understand the process of breaking free from sin and oppression. Embrace our identity as sons and daughters of God, redeemed and set free. Equip participants with practical tools and strategies to walk in newfound freedom. Introduction to Freedom. Exploring the concept of freedom in scripture. Reflecting on personal experiences of bondage and liberation. Breaking the Yoke. Analyzing key passages such as Genesis 27:40 and Exodus 6:6. Understanding the significance of breaking free from bondage. Identifying the yokes that hinder our spiritual growth and freedom. The Power of Redemption. Examining Romans 6:22 and Romans 8:2 for insights into redemption. Embracing the truth of being set free from sin through Christ’s sacrifice. As we conclude this course, let us declare with boldness and conviction, “I am free!” May the truths we have uncovered empower us to walk in newfound liberty, leaving behind the shackles of our past and embracing the abundant life Christ offers us.

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