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Compassion Chronicles – May

Welcome to our Compassion Chronicles blog, where we connect with our incredible supporters like you! This space is dedicated to sharing updates on how the generous contributions of our partners are making a tangible difference in our mission to spread the Gospel and make meaningful changes in the lives of many.

How Our Donors Contribute

   We want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude for the support of our partners and all those who have contributed to this ministry in the past. Your commitment to our cause fuels our efforts to bring about positive, Godly change in our community and beyond.

   With your help, we’ve been able to undertake several exciting projects and initiatives. Here’s a glimpse into what your donations have been accomplishing:

>>>   Planning for Papaw’s Prayer Garden: We’re creating a serene space for connection with our Creator, thanks to your contributions.

>>> Replacing Damaged Equipment: Your support enables us to replace essential equipment like the 4K camera damaged by lightning and upgrade our sound system, ensuring that the Gospel message reaches far and wide with clarity and impact.

>>>   Supporting the Orphanage in Haiti: Your donations provide crucial support to the orphanage in Haiti and the dedicated individuals working tirelessly to improve the lives of the children there.

 >>> Expanding Outreach: We’re expanding our reach through television and online platforms like, spreading the message of the Gospel to even more hearts around the world.

 >>> Creating Resources: Your generosity helps us create valuable resources such as a new children’s book addressing fear, an updated edition of our Dealing with Grief booklet, and the newly released book, “The Seven Churches”(soon to be on the Oasis Store).

Your Invitation to become an Oasis Partner Today

   When you make a monthly donation to Oasis Ministries you can have confidence that your gift will help to spread the Gospel around the world. Here is what your gift is going towards:

 >>> The running of Oasis Ministries Office & employee’s

 >>> All the free resources we offer: books (for kids & adults), prayer cloths, CDs / DVDs, etc.

>>> All the equipment to record & edit all our TV services

 >>> The prayer phone line for all those in need of prayer and resources

 >>> Televising Pastor Anthony’s services all over the world to millions

>>> The GreaterLove.TV station and all it takes to run it

 >>> Help to those in Haiti (food & health needs)

And so much more!

   God has truly blessed this ministry, and we’re so excited you’re a part of it! Thank you for your help getting the message of Christ out to all the World.

   Your recurring donation keeps this ministry going. Your support helps people all over the nation and all over the world. If you only give once a month, please consider Oasis Ministries the next time you feel inclined to give to those who need the love of God shown to them.

   God bless you! We love you!

   | The Oasis Team | 

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