Your First Love

In the church of Ephesus, they were working hard.

They had patience through the storms when they prayed and it turned around, and when they prayed but it didn’t turn around. They had been through a lot and had remained. They had a desire for truth and a willingness to stand up for truth. They hated evil. But God had somewhat against them. What horrible sin made the Lord disappointed in them? After all the good things that they are doing, what would make God say that He wasn’t pleased with them?

“Because thou hast left thy first love.”

I’ve heard numerous, wonderful sermons preached on this. Sermons on losing your love to go to church, losing your love to worship. I heard it preached that you’ve lost your desire to fast, to read your Bible, to pray. I heard it preached that you’ve lost your passion to win souls, to evangelize, to do mission work, to give to the work of God. None of them were wrong. They were all such on-time, encouraging words. But I always felt there was more to it. And I’ve come up with this after many, many years of rolling this over in my spirit and digging through the Word.


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What is your first love?

1 John 4:19 — “We love him, because he first loved us.” Our first love wasn’t about getting the Holy Ghost, being faithful to church, or being passionate about winning souls. Our first love was when we were in a mess and our world was falling apart, and somebody got word to us that Jesus loves us. Before we could ever love Him back, He loved us first.

The Church of Ephesus was fighting devils and carrying loads, but they forgot how much God loved them. They were trying to do it all themselves. “It’s not about you,” God says, “I wanted a friend. I Bled for you. I died for you. It wasn’t you who died for me. It wasn’t your first love, it was my first love. Because you’ve made it your first love, you’re getting into works and you’re trying to do it yourself. Now, you’ve lost my rest.” When it goes from our strength is His love to our strength is our love, we have fallen.

I want to talk about the difference between love and favor.

We don’t have to do anything for God to love us. There isn’t anything we can do to make Him love us more. His love for us will never change. There were millions of people in the world at Noah’s time. Millions of people that God loved, but only one that found grace (favor) in the eyes of God. And that was the one who survived the Flood.

Who would want to die for someone who doesn’t want to change, for someone who didn’t care? Who would want to die for someone working for the enemy? But Jesus did, and that’s the first love right there. While we were in a mess and no one cared for us, Christ died for us.

God’s love is free. God loves you where you are, not just where He’s taking you. God’s love is immeasurable. I believe that if we understand the love of God and it starts flowing through us, no enemy can stand against us.

Now, let’s talk about favor.

Never a day did I not love my sons, John and Micah. But if they did something wrong when they were younger, I might have had mercy and not use the switch I had. They have my love. But at that moment they did not have my favor. They have my love, but they had been disobedient.

If you want to get it right, you don’t just have the love of God, but you have the opportunity to have the favor of the Lord. when you get the favor of God, millions will die in that Flood, but you’ll be safe and sound in the Ark.

“Why should I live right when everyone else isn’t?”

It’s not about everybody else. It’s about you and God. How close do you want to get to God? How much do you want to please God? Let the others sneak around and do what they are going to do. Serve God as much as you can. Love Him all that you can. Walk as close with Him as you can.

What are some ways that we can find the favor of God?

Just because we choose to be righteous, God will bless us with favor. Favor with God will give you favor with man. I’ve walked through seasons where I had so much favor with God, that He would deal with people who didn’t even like me to bless me. And favor is not always fair. Just like David, if you get out there and fight bears and lions, He’ll take you by all your brothers and even Jonathan and make you king. When you have the favor of God, He will put a blessing on you so you can reach and be a help to others.

We do not do what we do to try to earn God’s love. 

We do it because we fell in love with Him. When He saved us, He changed something in us and gave us our heart’s desire. That doesn’t mean that He’s going to give that yacht that we’ve been wanting or something like that. He’s going to give me a desire to want to love Him, to serve Him. Our heart’s desire is going to be what He places inside of us. We aren’t doing this because we are afraid that He won’t love us if we don’t. But when the enemy comes in like a flood, I want to know that I have God’s favor. When my world is shaking, I need to know that I have the favor of God.

The three Hebrew boys that were thrown in the fire, if they had the favor of God they would come out. But what about the others thrown in who didn’t have the favor of God? The children of Israel had the favor of God and walked out on the other side of the Red Sea, but the Egyptian army did not have God’s favor and drowned.

When everyone was wicked, Noah got it right. When everyone was wicked, Noah was faithful to church, faithful to God, faithful to prayer, and faithful to family. He was faithful to help others. This is how you win favor.

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

Such a Time as This

The king sent for the queen but she refused to come.

I fear that queen Vashti in the book of Esther is like an average church member in America. She was in the king’s house and doing good, but she really didn’t have any time for the king. “I’ll hold my position,” she says, “I’ll pastor the church. I’ll teach Sunday school. I’ll sing a song. But I really don’t have time for a prayer life and dedication.”

So, they decided to do the worst thing that they could to her. Did they kill her? No, they banished her from the king’s presence. I believe that the worst thing that a person could ever go through is knowing that God will never touch them again.

In the next part of the story, the king sends for all the fair, young virgins in the provinces of the kingdom to come unto him and he would choose from that group a queen. But they couldn’t just walk into the presence of the king after a 14-day journey. They had to have several months of purification. If we are ever going to touch this generation, we need everything out of us that’s not like Jesus.


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He picked you and me.

The richest and the noblest came before him and he refused them. Then a little girl named Esther who didn’t have parents, whose nationality wasn’t really loved in this nation, walked down the hall and stood before the king. He pulled her up a little closer and told everyone that he had found his bride. There are millions more fit, millions more worthy, and millions more deserving, but the King has chosen you and me.

Now, she’s living in the king’s house, and Haman was introduced.

Life was wonderful until an enemy showed up to destroy. Haman was a type of the devil. I had always wondered what made Haman so angry. What makes the devil so angry at me and you? It has to be more than him just being evil. I found it. What made Haman, who is a representation of the devil, so angry was this: Modecai did not bow.

The devil is trying to imitate God. The devil is wanting you to bow down and surrender. Anytime that Hell tempts you and you fall to it, you have bowed. But somebody has to keep fighting, standing, and holding on. 

Make up your mind that the only one you will bow to and surrender to is Jesus Christ.

But now that you’ve made up your mind that Jesus is the one that you are going to bow to, your enemy is mad. Only good and perfect gifts come from above. Anything bad that happens to us does not come from God. But sometimes God raises up the hedge of protection a little bit. I believe it’s to show the flames that they don’t have power over everybody and to let the lions know that they don’t have authority over everybody. You are God’s child and the enemy can’t do anything that God doesn’t allow.

Does God trust you so much that He can bring your name up to your enemy? Does God have such a confidence in you that He can bring your name up to the devil? God needs somebody He can trust that’s not going to give up or throw in the towel. “Have you considered my servant Job?”

But before the enemy can touch you, God has to allow it.

I’m not going to tell you that everything is well and good. Hell is going to drag everything it’s got out of the closet. Everything is going to be in your face. satan has come to kill, steal, and destroy, but he is not going to win. The church is going to stand up with the glory and power of God. America will know that there’s a God in Heaven with a people in the land.

So, the ministry (Mordecai) tells Esther that everything is not okay and that there’s an enemy.

God who knows everything, has brought you to this place in your walk with Him for such a time as this. He did not save Jerimiah, Rachel, Esther, Ruth, or Daniel for this day. He saved you for 2021. He saved you for this generation. He saved you for such a time as this.

He saved Esther for her time and she drew near to the king and gained favor in his sight. He asked her what she wanted. She didn’t want to dump it all at once on him. She realized how amazing and awesome the king was when she got in his presence and she decided to have a couple days worship service. She gave the king a banquet, but she did have one request. 

“Can Haman (my problem) come to church with me?”

When she had spent her time worshipping and praising the king, he finally asked her what her request was. She told him about her problem. If Haman would have known that Esther was a Jew then he would have tried to destroy Mordecai a different way. God hides some things from the devil. What the devil means to destroy you with God has a blessing in store.

God is about to set the devil up.

The king gets mad and goes out into the garden. When he comes back Haman is up on the bed that Esther was on, begging. But the king sees it as him trying to force the queen. Over on the other end of town Haman’s family is building a gallows to hang Mordecai on, but what they didn’t know is what they meant for evil, God was going to turn it around and work it out as good for His people.

In the Garden, satan was given an authority. However, he only gets that authority if we give it to him. God has given us greater authority.

Esther worshipped the king, but that wasn’t enough. The Jews fought those who came against them. We can worship, but we have to put on our armor and fight, too.

If we stand up and fight, we are going to see victory.

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

Have You Ever Won a Soul?

Every heartbeat is a soul. Every life is a treasure. Every soul is precious. Every soul counts.

Everything that goes under the blood will never be brought up again. The minute something goes under the blood, you get justified and it’s as if it never happened. When you bring it to an altar and repent, it is over. You get to start a whole new season in your life.

You and I have an appointment with death. But after death, there is a judgment. Our soul is going to spend eternity somewhere. There is a part of us that doesn’t die when they lay the body in the ground. It’s either Heaven or Hell.

When it’s hot outside, you ask for a glass of water. Could you imagine being in a place of such torment that you don’t ask for that cup of water, but only a drop to cool your tongue? I’m afraid that Hell isn’t real enough to us. But there is a place called Hell, and it is just as real as the trees that give you shade and the God that gives you grace. Someone needs to remind this generation that there is a place that they can’t buy their way out of. If they make it there, it’s too late to make a deal. If they ever wind up there, there’s no exit, no door out.


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If someone winds up in Hell, it’s a settled matter and it never changes.

I think Jesus was always kind, and He was always reaching. Even when He was on the cross, He was reaching for people. One of the men hanging on a cross next to Him mocks Him. It is a trick of the devil to get people who don’t like you all up in your face so you get distracted. The man on the other side of Jesus needed help. It’s a trick of the devil to get you fussing at the other so you don’t have time for the one who’s trying to get help.

Maybe you are addicted to drugs or about to be thrown in jail for stealing, but your momma still has your plate on the table. Your father hasn’t forgotten you., But you have to want to come home and want to be restored. You have to want to change and you have to want help.

Win a soul, and change a life. Win a soul, and change a family lineage.

I want to be such a soul winner that at my funeral, they will be having a party in hell saying, “He’s finally gone!”

When you look into someone’s eyes you need to realize that God loves this person. God cares about this person. You don’t always know a person’s story. You may not know what they’ve been through. How they’ve been hurt and broken. But there is a God that knows, and if they are still breathing, then that’s a pretty good sign that He’s not given up on them. If God allowed you to look into their eyes, it’s a pretty good sign that He hasn’t cut them off yet. Jesus cares about people. When you look into those eyes, please realize that if there was no one else on this earth, that God would still have died for them. He doesn’t see where they are, He sees where the blood can take them. He doesn’t see what they are doing but sees how He can change them.

God put this person in your life at this time.

This person has an appointment with death, but between then and now, God has put them in your life. Has their name been written in that Book of Life? If not, can you have a small part in changing their destiny? If they are born only once, they die twice. But if they are born twice, they die only once. 

The first death is when the heart monitor shows a flat line on the screen. For Christians, that is the only death we will have to face. But after that line has gone flat, there is a judgment. When God gives the word. There is an eternal, not one month or one year, but an eternal death starts. That first death can last for about a fraction of a second, but that second death is forever ongoing.

To show someone the Savior, they have to realize they are lost.

We need to gently let people know that both sides have a payday. One of the reasons that Covid shook the world so much is because people have no hope after this. When they thought they were losing this, they thought they were losing it all. But Christians are going where the roses never fade and the night never creeps up. We are going home, and this ole world and what’s in it is not our hope.

If you want a long, healthy life, make yourself available in the Kingdom of God. Why should the farmer keep a tomato plant that doesn’t produce anything? Make yourself a blessing in the Kingdom of God. Make up your mind that your neighbor is not going to Hell without knowing that you love them. Make Hell go through your prayers to get them.

Win a soul, and change a life.

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

What Does the Father Bring to a Fight?

I want to invite you to come watch a fight.

The enemy cannot do anything with God. He couldn’t take God’s glory. He couldn’t crush God nor stop God. He was cast out of Heaven and he watched how God acted. When God created man, satan saw how God loved His children. The devil thought to himself, “If I can’t get to God, I’ll get to His children. I’ll hurt what He loves, then I hurt Him. ” 6,000 years after Adam, satan tears at our kids and our grandchildren to hurt us.

satan has watched us and our love for God. He’s seen our minds made up and that we won’t give up on God. satan tried to destroy us, but God fought for us. The enemy couldn’t get to us, and so he’s going after what we love, our children.

Every enemy voice we stop from getting to our kids is another victory.

The devil talks to our kids in many ways. One way is through their friends. Every bad influence we pray out of our kids’ lives is a victory. We need to build a fence around our babies for two reasons. One: to keep them in. Two: to keep the enemy out. “It’s just fun. No one will ever know. Just try it one time. Look at what you’re missing because of the way you live, because of how you dress, and the places you don’t go. Look at the fun you’re giving up.” When we don’t try those things, we give up misery. Years later down the road in their lowest place, if they never tried it, the devil can’t tempt them with it.


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When our kids start hiding things, we better watch out.

Adam and Eve sewed fig leaves together to cover their nakedness. When we catch our kids in lies, hiding their phones or stuff in their room, we better not let it go unpunished. A cover-up is a sign that something is wrong. Our babies are our most prized possession, they belong to us. It is our responsibility to protect them from the enemy. We need to know the music they listen to, the games they play, the movies they watch.

We need to search their phones.

A cell phone is such a blessing to my dad. He’s in his nineties and if he needs to get in touch with me or if something happens he can call me on his phone and I’ll be right over. It can be a blessing when we need to get in touch with our kids to make sure they are alright. But this tiny cell phone can be such a curse. It’s a treasure and a trash can. You can go find a whole bunch of praise and worship songs and good ‘ole Holy Ghost preaching. But if you can be drawn by the lust of the flesh then you can find perversion, nastiness, and so much filth. And it’s all right there at your fingertips.

Why would someone give a five-year-old a loaded gun? Why give a fourteen-year-old a cobra to play with? It doesn’t matter if they are good kids and have been raised in church. That which is flesh is flesh, and that which is spirit is spirit. We are not home yet. If satan can mess with a David that is after God’s own heart, then he can mess with our teenagers and our little children. We didn’t have our children for them to go to Hell.

All that was a bonus. I’ve arrived at what I wanted to talk about now.

When we are going to confront the devil that’s trying to steal our children, what do we bring to the fight? A knife isn’t enough. A gun isn’t enough. Those things won’t do any good in this kind of fight. So, what do we bring?

We bring the Lamb.

It doesn’t matter if someone tries to hide their sin like Adam with the fig leaves. God sees everything that’s not under the blood. When God shows up, He never allows Himself to see anything you’ve truly repented of. We need to let our kids know that they don’t have to be afraid if they get it under the blood and repent. God won’t ever bring it up.

We shouldn’t let our kids pass the blame.

Talk to the devil and let him know that they are your kids, your grandkids and that he needs to back off. Bind him in the Name of Jesus Christ. We need to meet the temptations of satan as Jesus did with a plain and positive declaration of the Scripture. 

In Genesis 3:15, God brings up the Lamb and He would bruise the head of satan.

Go ahead and let him know, “Hey, devil, you know all those sins you’re accusing my baby of, and that list you keep bringing up in my face? Well, I got a Lamb and it’s under His blood.”

That same Lamb that died 2,000 years ago lives in you, and He wants to stand up inside of you, manifest His glory, and destroy the works of the devil. We need to get our minds made up that we are going to fight and we are bringing the Lamb with us.

He will fight for us.

Pastor Anthony Wynn

Put on Jesus

Everything that life offers you is never good enough by itself. But if you ever find Jesus, you don’t have to add anything to Him.

We live in an evil day right now. We have to learn to withstand the enemy. We may have troubles and trials, but we are still standing. And if you’re still standing and you still love God, that’s something to shout about.

In football, there is offense and defense. 

Defense keeps the opposite team from getting the ball. Offense tries to get the ball from the opposite team. It works the same way in the Christian life. We have to play defense by keeping safe what we have, and then we have to play offense by fighting and taking back what the enemy stole from us.

We have a generation of weak Christians. The enemy comes and can just knock the wind out of them because they went to the altar and got the blood, but they never ate all of the Lamb. People don’t put on their clothes in public. They go into their closet. We need to go into our prayer closets and pray to walk more like Jesus, and to love like Him. We need to pray to reach for the lost with the heart of Jesus.

Putting on Jesus doesn’t come with someone laying hands on you or shouting. Putting on Jesus comes when the enemy is waiting outside and you’re in your closet, praying, “Jesus, I want to go out there and fix this my way, but that’s not what you would do. I want to decrease so you can increase and they can see you in me.”

It’s going to be a journey, and we have to put on the whole armor of God to protect us from the enemy.

I’m afraid that some people when they see that they need a Shield of Faith or a Sword, they hold onto Jesus, but they are reaching for something else, “Well, I have to get my faith working.” But you don’t have to work up a faith when you realize He cried, “It is finished.” When you put on Jesus, everything that He purchased when He died becomes ours. You don’t have to struggle with putting on righteousness. If you will just get into your prayer closet and lay on your face and put on Jesus, you will go where He wants you to go and say what He wants you to say. Just put on Jesus and you will do what He wants you to do. When you put on Jesus, no enemy can stand.

The Bible tells us to gird our loins with truth. The loins are where the reproductive system is. We have so many organizations now that have their loins girt about with false doctrine, and every soul they reach or touch, they give them false doctrine. That’s not how it should be. We need to speak truth. Truth is the very character of Jesus. We can be kind about it, but we shouldn’t water down the blood of Jesus.

When we are truly saved, something inside us changes.

When we get saved, it doesn’t do away with the law. It just writes it on our heart. The old man wouldn’t steal because the law said ‘no’. But the new man, the saved man, the born-again Christian, doesn’t steal because it’s not in their heart to do so. You don’t kill because the law says not to. You don’t kill because it’s not in your heart. When you are saved, God changes you, and then it’s in your heart to forgive and to love. He gives you a new heart.

“What do we call them?”

Jesus had gone into Heaven and left his disciples to preach. People thought of what to label them. Someone thought of how much they reminded them of Christ, “They act like Jesus, Christ-like. They reach for people and love like Him. Let’s call them Christians.” They called them Christians because of how much they reminded them of the Savior.

If the enemy is attacking you, Christ will be your Shield. Jesus will be your armor if you will just put Him on. If someone has a disease, they go to the doctor, they need to slap fear in the face and let it know that long before any of these diseases were ever discovered, there was a God. They are not going anywhere until God is through with them. Let the doctors do what they can, but when they are limited, we know a God that isn’t. Put on Jesus. He won’t let the enemy that comes against us to win, He will take authority over the enemy and put him in his place.

Just put on Jesus.

–Pastor Anthony Wynn


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There Is a Lion Inside of You

This message is part two of an earlier message. And guess what! There is a blog on part one HERE. If you haven’t already, I want to encourage you to go read the blog or listen to the message at the bottom of the page.

Now, here’s part two.

Jesus is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and He is the Lamb of God.

In Revelation 5:5, we have Jesus as the Lion. In the very next verse, He is the Lamb. The triumphant Lion is also the slain Lamb. We take on one characteristic of Jesus as we approach Him as a lamb. But we have to learn to fight the devil as a lion.

We go before the throne as a lamb, praising and worshipping God, humbling ourselves before Him. But we don’t walk out as a lamb. We don’t fight the enemy as a lamb. The only way to fight the devil is to take authority over him in the Name of Jesus.

The devil works by fear.

He doesn’t attack you when you’re strong and ready. When you are weak, sick, discouraged, and hurt, that’s when he will attack the most.

There are two types of attacks.

One is the offense where you go out after a lost soul. You go after somebody that’s sick and you pray until it turns around. You go out and you fight. But, there is the defense. That’s when the enemy is attacking you and you are trying to block him. You’re trying to keep him from taking over and trying to have faith when Heaven is silent. It’s easy to pray through when you’ve got support, but sometimes you stand alone, and you have to learn to pray when others don’t feel the burden or have given up.

We don’t go to fight the devil as a lamb. We have to be a lion. We have to have confidence. A confidence that we will come out of this, that God’s going to move and that He will bring us out. Get up in the devil’s face and let him know that he’s not going to win, that he’s not taking over, he’s not going to destroy what God has planned. Let him know that his attacks won’t work this time.

If you’ve been running from the devil, I want you to realize that you’ve got power over the enemy. He’s more afraid of you than you should be of him because he knows the One that lives in you. You’ve got that same Jesus that rose from the grave, that same Jesus that calmed the sea, living inside of you. The devil knows that the only way to destroy you is to get you away from Jesus. But you are a child of God, and He’s going to fight for you and make a way for you. He’s going to be your shield and He is going to keep you. 

You’re not going under because of Who you have inside you!

Praise is the roar of the lion inside of you. When you roar, you’re marking your territory. You let the devil know that you have a worship that will call Jesus to stand up for you, that you have a worship bigger than suffering and pain. A worship that will call the King into your battle. And when you roar it will encourage the other lions around you. You can roar against the enemy and it will encourage others to get up and fight. When David roared against Goliath, it encouraged the army of Israel to go into battle.

A lion in a pride with the most scars is feared the most. 

I’ve gotten more wounds that came from the body of Christ than I have from outside the body. But doing the study on this message, I realized that I don’t have wounds anymore from that stuff. It’s just scars. Some scars are touchy, but you can poke one of my scars and it does not bleed anymore because it’s healed. When the devil looks at the scars, he sees someone that an enemy has messed with but they are still here. We’ve been hurt so much, but that just gives the Lord someone to throw in the devil’s face and say, “You’ve tried so many times, but my hand is on them. I live inside them.” Your scars say, “I was attacked. I cried and hurt. Then, I got up and I got healed.”

Your scars prove you won and the enemy lost.

If we live, we are the Lord’s. If we die, we are the Lord’s. The devil needs to know that we won’t back down.

Pastor Anthony Wynn


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Becoming a Lion and a Lamb in Prayer

We need to take on the dual character of Jesus.

Jesus is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, but He is also the Lamb of God. The Lord began to speak to my heart about learning to pray as a lion and as a lamb.

Praying as a Lamb

In 1st Samuel, when David’s wives had been taken captive and the people talked about stoning him, he encouraged himself in the Lord. I’m positive that this is praying as a lamb. He encouraged himself in the Lord by saying things like, “God, You are my Prince of Peace, my Strong Tower, my Healer, my Provider. You are my Shepherd.” He worshipped God. And after that, he didn’t go chase after the enemy right then. He went to the throne room for fresh direction.

You find it over and over in Judges where the children of Israel as a lamb asked counsel from God. Pray as a lamb to worship God and hear from Him.

Praying as a Lion

When you hear the Lord tell you to pursue like He told David in 1st Samuel, you don’t go out to fight as a lamb. There has to be a fight stand up in you. You have to go toe-to-toe with the devil and say, “I’m coming in the authority of Jesus. I’m coming with the power of the Lamb of God. I’m coming with a Word from Heaven.”

In Judges, when the children of Israel got their answer from the Lord, they didn’t walk out of the Presence of the Lord as a lamb. They got their strongest weapons, put on their armor, and went out to fight as a lion.

Praying as both Lion and Lamb

I’m not being mean here, but we have a mixture of people. Some pray all as a lion and some pray all as a lamb. But what if we could pull these two together inside of each one of us?  We go before God as a lamb to get His attention and get His Spirit moving. When God speaks, we go out of the throne room as a lion with authority from God to come against the enemy battling us or our loved ones.

The amazing part is that we don’t even have to get off our knees. We can walk out of the throne room and into a hospital room without even leaving our altar. We can walk into a situation where the devil is trying to devour and destroy and never get up from our altar.

We can’t really pray if we don’t know who God is.

He is the I Am. He is the Almighty, the First, the Last, the Beginning, the End, the Good Shepherd, and the Bread of Life. When you understand who He is, upon that revelation He will build a church that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against.

But the gates of Hell never come against you, if you ever get involved with the gates of Hell, you have to go to them.

God is going to raise up a church that doesn’t hide in the sanctuary, but goes out into the darkness. A church that takes the battle to the devil with the spirit of a lion.

We don’t stand against the devil as a lamb. We fight against him as a lion.

–Pastor Anthony Wynn


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Keys to Your Miracle

A miracle is something that nobody can do but the Creator.

You can own a car, pay for it, and have the title. You can have the tag and the insurance. You can have everything ready, but that car is of no benefit to you without its key. Your house key can’t be used to start it. Your garage key can’t start it. It has to have the key that goes to that car. But sometimes, we want the same key to go to everything.

I think we all have several keys. You can have your miracle, but until you find the right key, you might still be in the waiting line. I want to talk about seven different keys.

1. Keep on praying. 

Pray when you’re crying. Pray when you don’t know what to do. Pray when you stand alone. Pray when your world is shaking and when you feel broken. You have to keep on praying. When you pray, He listens. Some things only come by prayer and fasting. The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Your prayer is like a hammer beating the rock holding back your miracle.

2. Find you a real, true Christian prayer warrior who will agree with you in prayer. 

There is power in prayer, but there is also power in numbers. When you have something going on in your life, be careful who you tell. Because not everyone will tell you good things, and if you get the wrong people involved and they are speaking unbelief over you, it might be more than you want to deal with at the moment. You need to find someone that will speak faith to you. Someone who will encourage you, and tell you, “Yeah, I know what’s going on, but Jesus is the Way Maker.” You need somebody who is a prayer warrior. Even Jesus asked some of His disciples to pray with Him.

3. The prayers of someone standing and praying for you. 

Peter, when he was in prison in Acts, walked out because somebody kept praying for him. Prayer warriors are the front line on the battlefield and the devil shoots arrows at them first because they are protecting the people behind them. I want to encourage you to send in your prayer request to us. Email us ( or call us (1.877.226.4088). We love you and we want to help carry your load.

4. Simple obedience.

Naman wanted his leprosy healed, but he was mad and turned away in a rage when it wasn’t going to be healed the way he wanted it done. But when he obeyed the Lord, his skin was completely free of the disease. Some things aren’t going to happen until we obey the Lord.

5. Some miracles come from worshipping the Lord when it’s just you and Him.

That is something the devil is really trying to stop, your worship. In houses and buildings, there is this thing called a thermostat on the wall. It doesn’t control what the temperature is on the outside, but it controls the temperature on the inside. Each one of us has a thermostat called worship inside of us, and it doesn’t change everything going on around you, it will sure change everything going on inside you. If we worship the Lord, He’ll bring peace and joy back to us.

6. Laying on of hands and anointing with oil. 

Get Holy Ghost-filled, sanctified, washed in the Blood of Jesus people to lay hands on you and pray for you. I’m not being mean, but we don’t need hypocrites laying hands on us. We need people full of the love, mercy, and goodness of God to anoint us and pray for us.

7. Wait on the Lord.

Like for Joseph when he was in prison, sometimes God turns the hourglass and says, “Pray and fast, but Joseph, you’re not coming out until the hourglass is ready to be turned again. You keep your integrity and walk right, but you’re not coming out until everything is set up.” When a person is driving and they come across a red light, it doesn’t mean ‘no,’ it just means ‘not now.’ Sometimes, you just have to wait.

Pastor Anthony Wynn


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Go Look Again

Jesus doesn’t always wrap your present in pretty paper.

When the children of Israel were crossing the Red Sea, everyone didn’t go in at the same time. Some were going in, others were in the middle of it, and some were coming out.

Even when you don’t see or feel God, He’s working. Hard times and sad times never slow God down. He just keeps being God. 

America is in a mess. But our God still works miracles in the middle of messes. Stop looking for failure and fear. Tell the devil that you didn’t start to give up and that you are looking for God to show up.

When there was a horrible famine, Elijah went up to the top of a mountain and prayed. He asks his servant if he sees anything yet. The servant replies with, “I see dead bodies and smell rotten flesh. All I see is a mess.”

“Don’t you look at the mess,” Elijah says, “I’m praying for it to rain. Look unto the hills from where our help comes from. Go look again.”

If you keep looking at the mess, you’re going to break. But, if you lift your eyes and look, there is a miracle in this mess.

Don’t give up. Don’t you throw in the towel. There is a God and He doesn’t always wrap your present in pretty paper and top it with a bow. Sometimes, He gives you your miracle right in the middle of a mess. When it looks like it can get any worse, God has a pattern throughout time of providing a miracle in the midst of a mess.

David killed a bear and a lion. He killed Goliath. Those enemies he would never have to deal with again. But David would have to contend with Saul for years until God said it was over. You may have a Saul in your life, something in your past that you’ve had to deal with for a long time. But don’t worry. It’s not going to break you. It won’t destroy you. Don’t give it power over you. 

Right in the middle of the mess don’t sit down. Go forward. Read your Bible. Pray. Make a commitment to God. Worship and fight. Serve the Lord. Go forward! God will make a way for you. God doesn’t stop being God in messes. I don’t know what your mess is, but I know He’s a big God.

Go back and look one more time. God has not forgotten you.

Nebuchadnezzar looked into the fire wanting to see the mess the three Hebrew boys were in, but when he looked down into the fire, he saw a miracle. The world thinks that just because their home, their finances, and their nerves are a mess, they can look into our lives and see that same mess. But when they look into our lives they aren’t going to see a mess, but a miracle.

God took care of Joseph, He took care of the children of Israel, He took care of Peter when he needed money, He took care of Jonah in the belly of the whale, God will take care of you.

Go look again. There’s a miracle somewhere in that mess.

Pastor Anthony Wynn


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A Goliath Called Covid

What was man created for?

We were created to worship God. The angels can worship Him, sure, but if they stopped they would be cast out. They have no choice but to worship God. God wanted a being that had a choice to worship Him or not.

The devil has stopped leaders and kings, but he knows he has no power over a true worshipper. The devil knew that if those three Hebrew boys didn’t sell their worship that they would come out of that fire. The devil knew those three worshippers would walk out of that fire because the Fourth Man would walk into it. If you worship God, He will show up!

We all know what this virus called Covid is. This virus has two main spirits attached to it. Number One: Fear. Number Two: Control.

In 1st Samuel, Goliath came with the Philistines to fight Saul’s army. You don’t hear much about Goliath before he shows up. He just comes up on the scene seemingly overnight. Kind of like the way Covid did. And now, for about 16 months, we’ve been held hostage by the biggest enemy our generation has ever seen. It’s not the meanest or the strongest. It’s not the deadliest and not even the worst. But it is the biggest.

I’m not taking this thing lightly, but it’s just another enemy. It’s the biggest one we’ve seen so far, and America has given into fear.

 Let me tell you something we all need to realize.

If we die, we are the Lord’s. If we live, we are the Lord’s. We need to let go of this fear. We aren’t going anywhere until God is through with us.

The enemy recognizes there is power in numbers. Goliath called for one man to come out and fight against him. With Covid, there’s a spirit of isolation. Covid says, “It’s just you and Goliath.”

If you don’t shake this fear, the devil won’t let up. It will just get worse.

Goliath drew near morning and evening. The devil knows that what you see first thing in the morning will be on your mind for the rest of the day, and the last thing you see before you go to bed will stay with you all night long. About all we’ve heard on the morning news, evening news, and night news is the Coronavirus. It’s in our faces day and night. It’s trying to put a spirit of fear over us, but God hasn’t given us that spirit. He’s given us a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.

Over several months, the devil has been pushing further and harder, but somebody has to stand up and fight back.

That’s where David came on the scene.

David didn’t tell Saul this, but David had gotten anointed to be the next king. He knew that if Goliath killed him, then God’s Word would fail, and God’s Word never fails.

You have a promise beyond this battle.

Saul put his armor on David, but David hadn’t proved it. But he had proved his little slingshot and he had proved he could trust God. Later, he picked up five smooth stones and we all know the story from there.

I’m not telling you to not be cautious. I’m saying we need to shake this spirit of fear off us. We are children of God and held in His hand. We aren’t going anywhere until He says so. Shake the fear off! Worship God!

Pastor Anthony Wynn


  • 1 Samuel 17:1-51