The Father’s Heart

This past Sunday was Family Day for MDT Church.

Isaiah 9:6. Genesis 1:1. God had been an architect and designed the world. He had been a scientist and created the sun and moon. He was a doctor and made the heartbeat of the deer and the antelope. He had been an engineer, making the world turn at the right speed and right angle. He had been King with His throne. He had been Master and the angels served and worshipped Him. He had been a judge, casting the fallen angels out of Heaven. He had been an artist, painting the blue sky and green grass.

Before man was created, this God that I have just described did not know what it felt like to be a father.

Genesis 2:7. I cannot tell you the love and compassion and love I had for my sons when they were first laid in my arms. Adam was God’s son. One day the enemy showed up. He knew God loved righteousness and hated sin, and since God was so big and strong, he couldn’t hurt God.

The enemy watched God and saw how He acted around the birds and the trees and all His creation. God liked all the creation, but when He got around His son, Adam, His heart grew softer. The devil said, “I’ve found what God loves the most.” Did you know that your weakness is what you love the most? The enemy can’t fight you with something that means nothing to you.

So, the enemy plotted to take what God hates (sin and unrighteousness) and get it inside what God loves (His children). That way if God was going to save what He loves, then He would have to save what He hates. And if God destroyed what He hates, then He would have to destroy what He loves.

So, the enemy got Eve and Adam to eat the fruit God said ‘no’ to. God stepped back and the judge inside of Him said, “They sinned. Let them die.” The creator inside said, “Your creation has failed. Let them die.” The engineer said, “They are no good for your eternal plan. Let them die.” But as God stood there, the creator and the judge and all the rest sat down. The Father stood up.

You and I would be in Hell now if the Father part of God hadn’t stood up.

God said that the day Adam ate of the tree, he would die. He couldn’t go back on His word. But He made a way out for Adam in the sacrifice of a little lamb and later, He would make a sacrifice of Himself, the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. He would take our sins and give us His righteousness, giving us a way out of eternal death, and giving us the opportunity to spend eternity with Him. Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sins. Adam was protected by his father.

The Father never forgets His children.

Joseph was sold by his brothers. His brothers gave their father Joseph’s bloody coat and his father mourned for him. He refused to be comforted. There are people who have been hurt by church folk and wounded by their church families, and they left. People may have forgotten them, but God will never forget them no matter how long they’ve been gone. God still loves them and wishes that they would come back to Him. When God was on the cross, we were on His mind. He has never and will never give up on us.

David was a man after God’s own heart. David had a son named Absalom, and he broke David’s heart multiple times.

David had a daughter named Tamar who was taken advantage of by her half-brother, Amnon. When Absalom heard of this, hate rose up in his heart against his own brother. Soon, he killed Amnon for what he did to Tamar. David not only had a daughter whose life had been wounded by her brother, but he now had a son who had killed his own brother.

David had to banish Absalom from the land. 2 Samuel 13:38-39.

David realized that he wasn’t going to get Amnon back, and longed to see his other son. Soon, David brings his son back to the kingdom, but not back into David’s presence. Absalom would be sort of like someone who got back in church, but never got right with God. There’s a big difference between coming back to church and coming back to God.

Absalom started burning fields. Fields in the Bible represent souls. Absalom was destroying souls and yet his father loved him. You’d think that after all the love David had given him that Absalom would soften and support his dad. But his number one objective, instead of loving his father, was to take his father’s throne.

Absalom started stealing the hearts of the people of Israel. 2 Samuel 15:4-6.

Still, through all of this, David kept on loving his son. Now, that Absalom had the hearts of the people, all he had to do was raise up and kill his father to get what he wanted. 2 Samuel 15:14. Psalms 3 is a psalm David wrote when fleeing from Absalom.

Soon, David starts winning the battle against Absalom’s army. One day as his men are going out to fight, he told them that when they came to Absalom to deal gently with him for David’s sake. When David’s men looked at Absalom, they saw the man that burned David’s fields, tried to take his throne, and tried to kill David.

The king and the judge in David sat down, and the father stood up. All David saw was his son.

God was looking for a man after His own heart.

David wasn’t a perfect man. He had sinned and, in some ways, he was more wicked than Saul. But when David’s kids messed up, sinned, and hurt him, he still loved them. That’s the heart of a father.

2,000 years ago, Jesus didn’t die for Anthony Wynn the Preacher. He died for Anthony Wynn the Mess. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us!

You haven’t gone too far. You haven’t messed up too many times. If the devil tells you God doesn’t love you, then you need to know that is a lie. Despite knowing the worst about you, God loves you the most. That is the Father’s heart.

2 Samuel 18:33. David didn’t care that his son had messed up, he would have died for him. This is a beautiful picture of Calvary. “I don’t care if you spit on me or discredit me, I’d die for you! You’re my child and I love you!”

God is not mad at you. He hasn’t forgotten you. He hasn’t thrown you away. He cares about you. You are His child, and He loves you!

Don’t beat yourself up for what you have done. If you’ve asked for God’s forgiveness, then what you have done is under the blood. It’s like it never happened. You can’t keep living in yesterday. By the grace of God, you can get up and move forward.

The Father always has and always will love you!

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

Dealing with Weariness

Whether you are a wicked or a righteous person, you will get weary at times. You get weary because you are human.

Judges 4:19-21. This man was thirsty and weary, and he laid his head in a place where it cost him his life. You live long enough, and you will get thirsty and weary. It’s okay to get weary, but don’t get weary in well-doing. Don’t get weary in praying, worshipping, or loving Jesus.

We love to talk about the God part of Jesus, but what about the man part?

Jesus cried. The shortest verse in the Bible simply states that “Jesus wept.” (John 11:35) Matthew 4:2. Jesus got hungry. Matthew 8:24. Jesus even got tired. There were times Jesus got weary. Just because you fast and pray, that doesn’t mean you are exempt from getting tired. Do not beat yourself up because you are fighting weariness. Tell the devil, “You may fight me, but you won’t beat me. Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. If God be for me, who can be against me?” Encourage yourself with the Scriptures of God’s promises to you! I’ve seen the enemy come in like a flood, but I have never seen God’s people forsaken!

John 4:3-7. There are a bunch of different ways you could look at this, but here’s one of the ways I see it.

When you are weary with your journey, and you are thirsty for some water, it doesn’t always have to be a preacher with a microphone who can give you a drink. The little woman scanning your groceries in the checkout line in Walmart may have a word from the Lord for you. It doesn’t have to be a prophet or preacher. God could use a child in the toy aisle at the store to speak to your heart.

Just because someone has a past, that doesn’t mean that God can’t use them.

This woman at the well had had five husbands and she wasn’t even married to the one she was living with at the time. Most of the men she came in contact with wanted to mistreat her. People preach that Jesus was the 7th man. Jesus didn’t want anything from her. He just wanted a drink of water. He wasn’t going to hurt her. He wanted to change her life.

You may have met 5 or 6 doctors, or religions, but if you will ever meet this 7th man named Jesus, He will change your life! He won’t rob you or throw you away. If we commit to Jesus, He will never leave us.

Do you want to know how you can tell this woman’s heart got touched? She came to the well to get a drink because she was thirsty. But she left her water pot there and things were no longer about her. She wanted someone else to have what she had just received. When you get up from the altar only wanting to talk about yourself, you didn’t get a big change. But when you go to the altar and really get saved, you’ll leave your water pot because it’s no longer about your need. You start to be concerned for others’ needs, especially the lost.

One of the best things you can do for your health is to drink water.

A baby does not need water until it starts eating solid foods. When you first get saved, all the water you need is built into the milk of the Word of God. But when you get a little older and you start to dig into the meat of the Word, you have to learn to drink living water. We better not read the part about loving our enemies until we get a drink of living water because the flesh cannot love its enemy. We have to have the Living Water that will change our lives.

A person can try all the religions, all the drugs, all the drinks, but if they ever taste the Living Water, then they will never want anything else again. A person will keep coming back to the well of Living Water because that will be the only thing that satisfies them.

Here’s a test for you.

If you pinch the skin on the back of your hand, and it stays up, then you are dehydrated. This means there is not enough water in your body for your skin to bounce back.

One of the ways you can tell if you are dehydrated in the spirit is if someone pokes you and it doesn’t bounce back. When you are really full of the Lord, people can be smart and snap at you and it’ll just bounce right back and not matter much to you. But if that Living Water isn’t there, someone can upset you and their words won’t bounce back. This doesn’t mean you’ve backslid or that you are a wicked person. It just means you’ve gotten dehydrated, and you need to go back to the Well and get a drink.

Sometimes people struggle with drinking just plain water.

Nowadays, there are a lot of flavorings you can put in it. It wouldn’t be so bad if we could add flavorings that wouldn’t damage the original effect of the water. The flavoring may taste good, but a lot of them can cause cancer or diabetes. The flavoring may help “Amazing Grace” sound pretty, or help wash religion down, but ask yourself this: is the flavor helping you or destroying you?

I don’t want anything that will try to diminish Jesus or take away from Him. I don’t care how good it looks, if it will cause diseases in my spirit, I don’t want it. Just give me Jesus, the Living Water!

When you realize that you need a drink, you have to be careful which well you sit by.

Exodus 15:23. Ruth 1:20. When you are weary, do not call upon bitter people. When you are discouraged, do not hang around someone who is mad at God. Whatever you take in becomes part of you. Genesis 26:15. Humans are made of dirt. When you are weary, do not hang around wells that are filled with dirt, or rather the flesh. 2 Peter 2:17.

Let’s pray that we never become a well full of dirt. So that way when someone crosses the dry desert for help, we can be a well that Living Water can flow out of. Let our lives be a well that Jesus can flow through to reach others.

How can you get a drink of Living Water?

You can almost always get a drink through prayer. You can get a drink through worship. Acts 16:23-26.

Listen to your spirit and when it’s telling you that you need a drink of the Living Water, do not go against that. When you are weary, run to the Well!

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

If God Was Hungry

God is the Creator of the universe who carefully fashioned mankind in His own image.

If we are not careful, we can make God so big that He seems untouchable. We make Him so big that we take emotions, feelings, and desires away from Him. And we almost make Him like He’s something there that will never move. But God is so much more than that.

Psalms 50:9-16, 22-23. I want to focus on one particular phrase in verse 12. “If I were hungry, I would not tell thee:”

You can preach that in different ways. “You’re stingy, and you wouldn’t care.” or “You’re nasty, and I wouldn’t eat your cooking.” or “You don’t care for anyone, and you wouldn’t help if I asked.”

Has it ever crossed your mind that God gets hungry?

There was one particular morning I woke up and felt the presence of the Lord in my house. I started to jump up and go pray, but I realized that He didn’t come to hear my need. He came by because He was hungry. If God was hungry, would He come to your house? Would He pull on your heart?

What do you and I, as humans, have that God would desire? What would God come to someone’s house for?

1 Corinthians 16:2. Psalms 50:10. Would God come to someone’s house to pick up their tithes because He has a need? It’s more than that. It’s not that God comes to their house because He needs the money, but we are His children. The only way He can bless us is if we release what He’s given us. He’s held back car wrecks and heart attacks. He’s given us wisdom in making decisions and the strength to be able to work. It’s not just our money, it’s His too, and all He asks for is 10%. It’s not to rob us, but to open the window of Heaven to us and pour out blessings upon us. Malachi 3:8-12. Even after all God has done for them; some people will still cross their arms when it comes to giving back to Him. And then they wonder why God won’t move for them. If we are faithful to God, God will be faithful to us.

Exodus 19:5. Micah 6:8. 1 Samuel 15:22. God is hungry for someone who will not question Him but will obey Him. Have you ever heard a child ask “why” almost every time they are told to do something? God is looking for someone who will just go do what He asks with no questions. Do you want to know why the Lord went by and ate a meal with Abraham? One of the reasons is that even when God asked him to sacrifice his son, he didn’t ask “why.” When God tells us to do something, we don’t need to ask “why.” We just need to go do it. We don’t have to have the answer. We are his children, and He is our Father. We must submit and surrender to God. Why should God continue to ask someone to do something when they won’t obey?

If God comes to your house, will you worship Him?

The Lord is not just hungry to heal or save someone. He’s the Lord, and He’ll do that every time He shows up. But every once in a while, He’ll show up and say something like this, “Today, this service is not about the preacher or the needs of the sheep. I’m hungry. People have pushed me out of another courthouse and another law, and they’ve hurt me. They’ve cursed me and mocked me. I just want to be around someone that will tell me that I’m altogether lovely. I want someone to let me know that they haven’t forgotten me. I just want someone to worship me.”

When I woke up that morning and I was about to go pray, God checked me. I heard him whisper in my spirit, “I’m hungry. Would you spend a little time with me and not ask for anything?” We don’t need to spend all our prayer time asking. We need to stop sometimes and just worship and praise the Lord. Sometimes we just need to come to Him and say, “Lord, I haven’t come to ask for anything. I just wanted to tell you that I love you.”

Psalms 4:4. Psalms 63:6. Pain, pressure, and the enemy might have stolen your communication with God, but there can be restoration. Pray and get back that stillness in the midnight hour. You don’t have to wake up crying, or worried about things you can’t fix. You can wake up in God’s presence and praise Him and magnify Him. Your relationship with God can be renewed. Angels will stand in awe and demons will back up.

When the President comes, he doesn’t ride in one lone car by himself. He has a whole lot of people around him to protect him. God doesn’t come to your house by himself. “The angel of the Lord encampeth round them that fear him, and delivereth them.” He’s the Healer, so when He comes to your house, healing comes with Him. When He comes, blessings come with Him. When the Prince of Peace walks into your house, that means depression and discouragement have to leave, and peace will come into your house.

God is hungry to be loved.

We, as humans, desire to be loved, but where did that desire come from? The answer is that desire came from God. Mark 12:30. Deuteronomy 10:12. Romans 8:28.

God wants a friend. Would God come to your house if He was hungry for a friend?

— Pastor Anthony Wynn


Predestination: the doctrine that all events have been willed by God, usually in reference to the eventual fate of the individual soul.

In my opinion, they leave something out here in this definition. They leave out the part where man has free will. If everything is totally determined, then we are no different from an angel. The angels have no choice but to glorify God and magnify Him. But God wanted a creation with free will.

Isaiah 35:8. In this passage of Scripture, I see two roads. One leads to Heaven, the other leads to Hell. Matthew 7:13-14. John 14:6.

Interstate-75 is a major north-south interstate highway stretching from the Great Lakes to Florida. The designer of the road had a plan, a destination for the road. The predestination is not in the car on the road. The predestination is in the road itself. It’s in the WAY. Jesus is the way.

If you abide on the road, I-75 was designed to take you from Florida to the Canadian border in Michigan. Many who start on the road don’t travel the entire road.

Predestination should never be used in the sense of divine determination that any and all actions are determined by God. You have free will.

I knew a man one time, he asked God, “Lord, what do you want me to wear today?”

The Lord spoke to him and said, “Son, I’m your father, not your mother.”

I know the Lord will lead us and guide us, but we have free will. We are the only thing that God made that can step out of the design for our lives and still exist. If the fish refuses to swim, it will die. If the antelope refuses to eat grass and only runs, it will starve. We were designed to worship God, please Him, and be a friend to Him.

There was an emptiness in God that angels crying ‘holy’ didn’t fill. God wanted a creation that would love Him because it fell in love with Him. He wanted someone to worship Him because He is the apple of their eye.

People can curse God, mock God, and not believe in Him, and He will still let them live. But if they would praise Him and love Him, He will fight for them. He would deal with them when others had thrown them away. If we worship the Lord, He will walk into every circumstance and be our Prince of Peace!

The predestination is not just for you to go to church, but for you to be conformed to God’s image.

Everything is about you being conformed to the image of Christ. John 15:16.

Jeremiah 1:5. Galatians 1:15-16. Jeremiah gave in instantly to the ministry. Paul, however, was not a man of God, yet, God had separated him when he was born.

I’m going to drop a bombshell on you.

Matthew 22:14. “For many are called, but few are chosen.”

There are those that are a ‘whosoever will’ and they may come to the Lord. But there are also those that are chosen. Thousands of people followed Jesus, but He CHOSE twelve.

Being chosen by God is an opportunity, not a guarantee. If you are really chosen by God, you can’t ever really be happy unless you do what He chose you to do. If a person can get mad, stop praying, never go back to church, and never think about Jesus again until their deathbed, they are just a ‘whosoever will.’

When a person opens up a business, they have to have people in management, then they have the 2,000 or so ‘whosoever wills.’ Jesus has people in management, and they aren’t just pastors. They are ervants, chosen of God, and there’s something in them that won’t quit. If they do quit, they don’t want to live.

If you are really chosen by God, you could partake in the pleasures of this sinful world, but nothing would ever satisfy you. If you are a ‘whosoever will,’ you can hold on to God or not. You can give up or not. But if the hand of God has put a stamp on your life, you could join God’s haters for a while, but you wouldn’t be able to stay there.

Jonah could run for a while, but a storm turned him around. Moses didn’t get it right for 40 years, then he ran from God for 40 more years, but he had a visitation that turned him around.

The hand of God was on Moses’ life, Jonah’s life, and Paul’s life, bringing them back to their call, bringing them back to what God had chosen them for.

There is no need to run.

If the hand of God is on your life, it’s bigger and stronger than you, and you can’t outrun God’s hand. There’s a call that will follow you everywhere you go.

Luke 19:10. It’s more than just a friend or neighbor who was lost. The image of God was lost. The likeness of God was lost. The mind of God was lost. Genesis 1:26. The world doesn’t long to see another preacher or singer. The world wants to see the love of God flowing like a river out of people. Romans 8:29.

This world doesn’t need a new doctrine or religion. This world needs a body of believers that will stand up and strive to love, forgive, and pray like Jesus.

If you are chosen by God, you need to make your calling and election sure. How?

Do everything to reach everyone you can. Get everything out of you that’s unlike Jesus. Get everything out of you that hinders the manifestation of God in your life. Get everything out of you that blocks God from flowing through you like a river.

When you get saved, Jesus will give you your heart’s desire. Not those carnal desires like a new car or more money. Jesus will give you the desire to love Him. He will give you the desire to want to be like Him. He won’t give you the carnal desires of your flesh because your flesh could pull you away from Him.

Romans 8:29 is not giving you the liberty to sin. It is a liberty to crucify yourself, that Christ might be revealed in you. You aren’t quitting your sinful ways to fit into some religion or to be accepted by certain people, you stop your sinning because you’re abiding in Christ and you want to be accepted by HIM.

Your destiny is more than just to prophesy or preach a sermon. Your destiny is to be conformed to the image of Jesus.

The predestination is not in you or me, it’s in Jesus.

Not everyone who starts on I-75 will finish traveling the entire road. Just like not everyone that starts with Jesus will finish with Him.

I would encourage you to click the sermon below and listen to how you can abide in Christ and stay in the predestinated way.

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

The Empty Seat

POW/MIA bracelets were engraved with the name, rank, and loss date of every American serviceman who was captured or missing during the Vietnam war.

People would wear these bracelets as a reminder to pray for a certain prisoner of war or soldier missing in action. The Oasis Team got to work on some bracelets similar to the POW/MIA bracelets.

1 Samuel 20:18 — “Then Jonathan said to David, To morrow is the new moon: and thou shalt be missed, because thy seat will be empty.”

Just because we are on our way to Heaven, let’s not forget the lost.

The devil will use so many different things to advert our attention away from the lost. In the 70s, life was okay in America and people would sometimes forget that their beloved soldiers were suffering in a prison camp in another country. Even Mordecai told Queen Esther not to forget her people living outside of the king’s palace.

Hebrews 10:25. We need to get people to see the need to go to church. James 5:8. Revelation 22:20. Jeremiah 8:20. Jesus is coming back. It’s time to reach for souls.

Luke 13:25. There will come a day in every person’s life when the door is closed. You don’t get saved whenever you want to. You get saved when Jesus is drawing. You can’t just sing a song and get someone to cry, getting their nerves worked up for them to pray. It takes good, old-fashioned, Holy Ghost conviction from the Lord.

1 Samuel 20:18. I don’t want your seat to be empty in Heaven. Think about if Jesus were to come back today. Are there people you love whose seats would be empty in Heaven? What can you do in the next weeks and months to help bring them into the Kingdom?

How do you win the lost?

You don’t use the same bait for a trout as you would a shark. There’s not just one way to win the lost. Some people you win by pulling them out of the fire. Others you win by having compassion on them for a long time. Sometimes, it’s a prodigal son and there’s nothing you can do but pray. Sometimes it’s a lost sheep in the storm and you have to risk your life to pick it up and carry it.

John 20:24. All the worship and the great services are amazing, but how can we settle for a good service when Thomas isn’t with us? Let something inside you catch fire for the lost and renew your burden to see people saved.

Luke 14:16-24. The people making the excuses can represent church folk. The things they are saying are not bad. The bad thing about their situations is that their priorities have changed. The things they are doing have gotten their eyes off of being in the presence of the King. There should be nothing in your life more important to you than Jesus.

Verse 23 is our commission today. I want to take someone to Heaven with me. If we don’t take time to do the commission, as it says in verse 24, we will never taste of the supper.

We treat death as a monster, but there are times when I have seen death as a friend when someone’s little body has been broken. What is really sad, however, is when death comes, and the person is not ready. That leaves not only an empty seat on this earth but an empty seat in Heaven forever. Mark 8:36-37.

Jesus never gave up on you. It may take months or even years, but don’t give up on someone. You are the one God can use to help bring a lost soul to Him.

1 Corinthians 5:10. The judgment seat of Christ is the only seat that will determine your eternal seat. People cannot curse you or put a hex on you and make you go to Hell. Matthew 10:28. On Judgment Day, God isn’t going to be your father figure. He’s going to be the Judge of all judges. There will be no altar call on that day, no moments of silence, and no opportunity to bow your head and ask for forgiveness for your sins and accept Jesus into your heart on that day. Now is the day of salvation. TODAY is the day to listen and call out to God!

Make up your mind that the devil can’t have your family. Put on your armor, pick your weapons back up, do not recant, do not surrender. Bring prayer to your fight, bring anointing to your fight, and bring the blood of Jesus to your fight! Fight for the lost. Fight for the hurting. Fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.

You may not reach the whole world, but you can reach at least one person.

I don’t want to stand there on Judgement Day when Jesus asks me if I accomplished anything and my answer is, “Jesus, the devil beat me up and I got back to my feet.”

“But did you tell anyone I love them? Did you pull anybody out of the fire?”

“Well, no. but I survived.”

“Son, I didn’t die just for you to survive. I died so you can be a soul winner. I died so you can overcome, bruise the head of satan, and put the enemy under your feet. I died so you could let your light shine and make a difference.”

Here are three reasons someone’s seat would be empty in Heaven.

#1: John 3:36. Somehow the person never believed on Jesus.
#2: Hebrews 2:3. They neglected Jesus one day too many.
#3: Revelation 20:15. They never had their name in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

The POW/MIA bracelets were reminders of those men who were prisoners of war or missing in action. Some of those who are lost are prisoners of sin, and others are missing in action.

We have a bracelet for you to wear as a reminder to pray for your lost loved ones. The bracelet comes with a card for you to write down the names of those you are praying for.

If this message has touched you, please contact us about one of these bracelets. The first one is free. Any additional bracelets are $3 each. You can request yours today by calling us (1.877.226.4088) or by email at

Thank you for being such a wonderful soldier for the Lord. You are so precious to me.

— Pastor Anthony Wynn


3 Reasons to be Thankful

“I’m down and discouraged. How can I praise the Lord? Why should I give Him praise?”

Psalms 100. Even doctors have found out that thankfulness improves relationships and creates contentment. Thankfulness helps you remain healthy. Being thankful will cultivate humility. Thankfulness is contagious and produces a positive attitude inside of you. Thankfulness promotes generosity and increases your likability.

Being thankful displays God’s character inside of you.

Being thankful keeps our hearts toward God. When we are ungrateful, it keeps us from seeing God as He is. Our hearts would become bitter and our relationship with God and others would suffer. We would start to worship less, pray less, and read the Bible less when we are ungrateful. This is very dangerous in that we start to think that we have achieved everything on our own. Pretty soon we would forget about all the good things God has done for us.

Being thankful will allow us to see all the mercy and love God has shown towards us.

You may not have everything you want in your life, but God has given you so much. Take some time and reflect on all the blessings and goodness He has bestowed upon your life. Do you realize that there are things that you have that other people are praying for?

James 1:17. Colossians 3:15.

If you are going through a hard time, if you are struggling and the devil is telling you that you have nothing to be thankful for, I’m giving you the opportunity to reach into three worlds and find something to be thankful for.

The first world is the past. The second world is your present, right now. The third world is the world we haven’t touched or seen yet, the future.

Let’s look back into the past for a moment.

You ought to be thankful for the opportunity to get saved. I don’t know all that you’ve been through in your life, but God has kept you this far. Jesus loves you so much that He came looking for you! If you aren’t saved and the Lord is drawing you closer to Him, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. 1.877.226.4088. We want to pray with you and help you grow closer to the Lord.

But if you are saved, reach back a little further into the past and be thankful for the shedding of God’s blood for you. Isaiah 53:4-5. You have something to be thankful for! Jesus loved you when you were in a mess, while you were a sinner, and while you were in the depths of hopelessness! Romans 5:8.

Reach back into your past and thank God for keeping you! Thank Him for stories you don’t talk about where He has brought you through and miracles that others don’t know about. You could have given up, but God got to you first. Somehow when it looked like you couldn’t go any further God kept you and you’re still here! Hallelujah!

Now, let’s look at the present.

Take a second and thank God for what He is doing right now. You’re breathing right now. If you are reading this, you can see. You’ve got a sound mind, food on your table, and peace in your heart.

2 Corinthians 6:2. Thank God! Someone could get saved today! Someone could get a new beginning today.

Too often in life, our minds want to dwell on the negative, what we are missing, where we’ve gone wrong, and how far we are from our goals. It may not be a good season right now, but you are in a good place because you are in God’s hand. Stand up and refuse to let your circumstance control your thankfulness towards God! It really moves God when your world is shaking and you’re still thankful.

Depression can’t hang around when you are thankful. Victory returns when you are thankful. Peace takes over when you are thankful! Yes, you may be facing storms, but we aren’t in Heaven yet. Don’t be just a survivor. Be an overcomer. Walk in victory and peace and put the storm under your feet. Tell the devil you will be thankful to the Almighty and you will exalt the Lord!

Jesus has never given up on you. Take a moment and thank Him for loving you.

Let’s look into the future.

Thank God for what He is going to do. I don’t know what’s going to happen with the government or the grocery stores, but I do know that we are in the hands of the Good Shepherd and we will not go hungry. Things are hard right now, but you will not have a breakdown, you can rest and trust in the Lord. He will take care of your family and make a way for you. He did not bring you this far to let you go. He didn’t start a work in you to throw you away. He’s the Creator and Provider. Shake your fear off today and be thankful for what God is going to do for you! Philippians 4:13. Blessings are coming your way, Friend!

Another thing to be thankful for is that Jesus is coming back for us!

Acts 1:11. You won’t always be laughed at, cursed, and mocked. You won’t always have to fight devils. Jesus is literally going to return! Romans 8:28. 1 Thessalonians 4:16.

When our born-again loved ones who have passed on rise when Jesus comes back, they will not have the problems they had while here on this earth. They won’t have the pain or the heartache. They won’t have to face any storms. They won’t have a body that will get sick. They will have a glorified body.

Praise the Lord, the grave is not our final abode! You have something to look forward to! Whatever you are going through right now, break out in praise and thankfulness! The grave has no victory over you! Death has no sting!

Take a moment and give God some praise. Ask Him for an anointing of thankfulness to fall on you. We have so much to thank God for. You have friends and family who care about you. Your name is written down in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Your sins are forgiven and your transgressions have been blotted out.

Come to the Lord today and just thank him for what He has done, what He is doing, and what He will do.

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

If I Make My Bed in Hell

Psalms 139.1-8. I have wrestled with verse 8 for a long time.

Just because I make my bed doesn’t mean that I’ll get in it right away. So, in that last verse God is saying, “If you make your bed in Hell, I’m going to be there, trying to pull you out before you get in it.”

Hell is a real place.

Some don’t think about it. Some refuse to talk about it, but that doesn’t make it fiction. Hell is very real. 2 Samuel 22:6. Notice the ‘s’ at the end of “sorrows.” Some people think the heat will be the only sorrow there, but no. There will be no peace there, no mercy, no hope, and there will be no end to the sorrows. There will be no friends in Hell. Hell will be eternal torment for all those who go there.

Job 11:8. Hell is a place for the unrepented wicked. Psalms 9:17. Psalms 55:15.

I believe there will be different levels.

Heaven won’t be the same for everyone. It won’t be the same for the thief who repented on the cross as it will be for Apostal Paul. It won’t be the same for someone who just got saved as it will be for someone who’s laid up treasures upon treasures. Heaven will have different levels for the thirty-fold, the sixty-fold, and the hundred-fold.

That being said, I think that Hell has levels, too. I don’t believe that a kind, gentle, caring neighbor who doesn’t care for Jesus will be at the same level as Adolf Hitler. Psalms 86:13.

Proverbs 7:24-27. Proverbs 9:17-18. A person can sneak around and hide sin that they’ve been doing, but it won’t be hidden for long. We will spend eternity somewhere. A person cannot live a double life and get away with it. Isaiah 5:14. Isaiah 28:15. God sees just as good in the dark as He does in the light. People will not get away with trying to hide their sins.

Matthew 10:28. There is no person big enough or powerful enough to send you to Hell. No person has your soul in their hand. They cannot prophesy you into Hell. God is just and full of mercy and love. Your soul is in His hand and not someone else’s.

Luke 16:23. Revelation 20:13.

“…If I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there.”

You have to have sheets on your bed. Do you know what sheets are? Sheets are things you get dirty and wash once or twice a week. I’m not being mean, but some people have been in church for years upon years. A person like that shouldn’t be in the altar every week repenting of the same sin. How far could they be with God right now if they didn’t spend the last 100 times at the altar asking for forgiveness for the same thing?

King Saul’s life became a pattern: sin and repent, sin and repent. God has a lot of mercy, but I’m afraid in this last day that He’s going to draw some lines. There’s a story in the Bible where Paul was preaching, and a man fell out the window and died. Why did he fall? Because he was more outside the window than inside the building. Can I ask you a question? How far are you outside the window right now? Are you holding onto the world more than you are holding onto Jesus? If something happened and you fell, would you fall forward on your knees and pray through or would you fall back into your old habits and addictions?

I’m asking you, if you have anything you keep falling back into, to bring it to the altar one final time. Ask God to cleanse you and sanctify you. You should not want to go back to the way it was before you got saved. That life almost destroyed you. Run to God! His way will keep you and give you eternal life.

The next thing on the bed is a coversheet or a blanket. This is what keeps you warm.

Acts 17:30. Acts 3:19. Luke 13:5. When life gets tough, what do you turn to? When it’s a cold night, nobody’s watching, and you’re all by yourself, what do you turn to? I pray it’s God that you turn to!

The next thing after the blanket is a pretty spread that hides everything.

Some people have a pretty spread, praising the Lord and trying to make it seem like everything is right between them and God. But God sees under that spread and is watching them trying to run from Him.

Before God will cut Samson off, He’ll allow an anointing to fall over him so that he can carry the gates of a city up a hill. Sometimes we may wonder why God anoints people who aren’t living right. Could it be that God has drawn a line for that person and He’s about to let them go, but He’s trying to pull them away from that line by giving them a taste of the anointing?

Proverbs 8:13. Ecclesiastes 12:14. When you confess your sin before God, it is no longer a secret sin. 1 John 1:9.

There are two different pillows on the bed.

First, there’s the pillow you lay your head on. Where do you lay your head when you are tired? It wasn’t wrong for Samson to get tired, but it was wrong for him to lay his head in Delilah’s lap. Matthew 11:28. Jesus will give you rest and peace.

Then there are the other pillows. These are the pillows ladies use for decoration on the bed. You know you are getting in trouble when you are trying to make your sin look good. You know you’re heading down the wrong road when you try to justify your sin. If you make your bed in Hell, Jesus is standing there watching, asking for you to let Him help you.

Only you, the Lord, and the devil really know what’s under all those pretty pillows. Psalms 69:5. 1 Samuel 15:24,35. Saul was called by God to be king, but Saul played with his calling. He threw his walk with God away. Please don’t trade a moment of pleasure for your precious soul!

If we leave God, it won’t change Him. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. But if we leave Him, it will change everything about us. He is our Provider, our Healer, our Protector, and our Way Maker. He can go on without us, be we can never go on without Him. James 4:8.

I’m going to get really personal for a moment. If you die right now, where will you spend eternity? Do you know that you know that you are ready to meet God? Is there anything between you and the Lord?

He’s watching you. He’s watching me. Jesus wants to help us and keep us right with Him. Let’s pray for the Lord to search our hearts and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

— Pastor Anthony Wynn


Banquet of Praise

I want to talk to you a little bit about the book of Esther.

King Ahasuerus in the book of Esther is a representation of Christ. So, the story starts out with a feast and the king wants to show off his beautiful bride. Queen Vashti is a representation of the Jewish people. He sent for her, but she wouldn’t come. Why? Well, she probably thought she had too much planning to do. Too many organizations needed to be taken care of. She was too busy working in Ahasuerus’ kingdom to spend time with him. She was too busy trying to fulfill her obligation as a bride that she didn’t have time to be a bride. This is a representation of Jesus coming to His own and His own receiving Him not.

So, King Ahasuerus held a meeting about what he was going to do about his queen. He wanted to do something worse than beheading her or torturing her. They decided upon banishing her from the king’s presence and she would never hear his voice again. There is something worse than death and it’s knowing that the Lord will never speak to you again and you will never come into His presence again.

Thank God for old-fashioned Holy Ghost conviction!

When you go back to the kingdom now, there is a bride missing. So, the king put out a decree for all the young virgins of the land to be brought forth. But before they brought them into the presence of the king, the girls were to be dealt with for a while. The Holy Ghost will deal with you for a long time and prepare you for a visitation from Heaven.

So, they bring in all these young ladies. There are a lot of wealthy and well-known people. There was a little lady who was a representation of the Gentiles, and her name was Esther. She had some things against her. 1: She was an orphan. 2: She was a Jew.

Each of the ladies brought in was assigned a teacher. We are given the Holy Ghost. The teachers were to teach the ladies what the king liked or didn’t like, what he wanted to hear or what he didn’t want to hear. They had a certain oil that they would use and it would pull out any bad smells and purify the skin. They went through six months of purification to stand for one moment before the king.

When you go into the presence of royalty, you can never be higher than them.

If they kneel, you kneel. We ought to never feel like we are better than the Lord. If we would learn the power of worship, there would be services at church where there wouldn’t have to be any preaching. The preaching is to get people to that place where God meets every need. All we need for that is the presence of the Lord. We can usher God’s presence into the church through worship, too.

So, the king was looking for someone that would love him.

They brought the young ladies in and pretty soon Esther was next in line to see the king. She started walking towards him, her past telling her that she would never be picked. Your past can say, “You’ll never preach, or get anointed. You’ll never sing or prophesy.” I want you to know that your past is no match for the blood of Jesus. Esther fought that battle in her mind, and as she walked toward that king, something in her began to relax.

She wasn’t the kind of person he would have chosen, but he looked at her and loved her. She became his queen. She moved from rags to riches. She moved up from oppression into victory, from sickness to health, and from discouragement to peace.

There’s no doubt that she found out why there was an opening for a queen.

When she heard that the other woman didn’t have time for the king, I’m totally assured that Esther made it a priority to make time for him. There should be nothing in our life more important than being available for God.

The relationship and love between the king and queen grew.

While Esther is in the presence of the king, her uncle sits in ashes at the gate of the city. He made up his mind that he would reverence no one but his king. When a certain man named Haman would walk through the streets, people had to bow to him. Mordecai, Esther’s uncle, would not bow to anyone but his king.

Haman is a representation of the devil.

When Mordecai wouldn’t bow, it eat him up inside. Do you want to know why the devil gets so mad at us sometimes? It’s because he can’t stop us. There’s something in you that won’t give up. This eat at Haman so much that he was willing to spend a large percentage of his fortune to destroy a whole nationality of people. He did this all because he hated one man, Mordecai. Remember that no matter how many there are against you, Jesus is for you and has all your haters outnumbered.

So, Haman went to the king and asked for his permission to destroy the people. That king did in his throne room what God did in the Garden of Eden. Haman was given some power.

As they were making preparations to assassinate all the Jews in the land, Mordecai got word of this and started to fast and pray. One day he realized that the Lord had already set everything up. One of the people Haman was trying to kill was in the castle married to the king. So, Mordecai asked Esther to go before the king about the matter.

I believe she hesitated, not knowing what to do.

Finally, she settled on the fact that the king hadn’t sent for her. This is one of the biggest hindrances of prayer in America today. “I just don’t feel led today. I don’t feel a great stir to pray.” If we only prayed when we felt like it, how little would any of us really pray? Sometimes you have to pray when you feel like crying, when you don’t feel like living, and when all you hear is the voice of the enemy. We’ve got to keep praying.

I ask you what Mordecai asked Esther, “Who knows if you came to the kingdom for such a time as this?” God brought you into this place in 2022 for such a time as this. If Esther didn’t go to the king, her and her father’s house would not escape the massacre of the Jews. If you don’t pray for your family, who will? Esther would not only have to fight for herself, but she would also have to fight for her people as well.

Back to the story, Esther fasted for three days and even though she wasn’t called for, she was still going into the king’s presence. I believe the Lord brought to her mind the first time she came into the king’s presence. She found favor with him then, the Lord was going to allow her to find favor with him again. Take a moment and praise God for all the times you’ve found favor with Him!

Prayer has a cost.

The three days were over and she was going to the king without being asked into his presence. If he didn’t hold up his golden scepter to show his favor, then her actions would cost her life. Real, deep prayer has a cost. When you are interceding for a soul, you have to walk up to death’s door sometimes. You have to fight fear, powers, and principalities. But to make it through, you have to keep on walking.

When Esther gets to the king and he holds up the scepter, something flooded over her. All the fear and the worry had been on her mind. She’d been praying and fasting about the situation. When she looked at the king, she must have thought, “Who am I to come into the presence of such royalty with my petitions when my king deserves my praise?”

“Esther,” the king said, “Tell me what you want, even if it’s half of the kingdom. I’ll give it to you.”

All she had to do was to tell him about Haman wanting to destroy her people. We are so quick to go from praise to our needs. I’m not talking about our urgent needs; I’m talking about our daily prayer. We need to realize that we are in the presence of royalty. There’s no king like our King, no rock like our Rock. No one can heal like Jesus.

Esther looked at the king and said, “My king, all I really want is to have a banquet of praise. I’ve got great music and wonderful food lined up for you. I want two or three days to just enjoy you. Oh, and one more thing, can Haman come too?”

Esther asked the king if she could bring her problem with her.

She was going to praise the king, but the thing tormenting her mind would come too. Later, after all her praise, Haman was hanged when she told the king what he intended to do to her people.

I have a request for you. I’m not going to tell you not to pray about your needs. But if you pray about your needs for 5 minutes, praise God for 10. If you are going to tell Him about your needs for 10 minutes, worship Him for 30.

The request is just that we worship God more and ask for less from Him. If we just praise the Lord, He will silence our enemy and make a way for us in our situation. Praise the Lord!

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

Job Fair

A job fair: an event in which employers, recruiters, and schools give information to potential employees.

It’s not the will of God for you to just be an average Christian. It’s the will of God for you to have victory in your life. His will is for you to cast out devils and for you to win souls. God’s will is for you to be an overcomer and conquer every battle the enemy throws at you. It’s the will of God for your life to be a light and to make a difference in this dark world.

Now, when a man or a woman leaves this world for Heaven, their anointing, their mantle, doesn’t go with them. It falls to the ground because there are no sick needing healing and no lost souls to be witnessed to in Heaven.

I want to talk to you about a few job openings.

There was a man named Enoch, and Enoch walked with God. Genesis 5:24.  I think his hunger for God started when he was a little boy. While everyone wanted to be like Mom or Dad, or Grandpa, Enoch wanted to be like Adam. When he heard that Adam walked with God, that’s what he wanted to do. I believe his daddy told him what modern religion tells us.

“Well, it’s not like that anymore. They don’t speak in tongues or shout or worship. God doesn’t talk to people anymore. That was just one time.”

But I think little Enoch said, “Daddy, you told me that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If He walked with Adam, why wouldn’t He walk with me?”

“God just doesn’t do it anymore.”

Is it that God won’t do it, or just that no one is hungry for Him? Some people have sat down and gotten comfortable, but we need God to shake our comfortability and give us a new hunger for Him. There are deeper depths and higher heights that we haven’t reached yet. There’s more to God than what we have.

So, Enoch started searching for God. He had a good life, not really needing anything. I believe one day the I Am got off His throne and came down, hiding while Enoch was praying.

“God, where are you?” He said. “God, I’ve been looking for you!”

I believe God stepped out, “Enoch, what’s going on, boy? They say you’ve been doing this for months. You’ve been looking for me. Is your wife sick? Is your family in trouble? What do you want?”

“Well, God.” Enoch says. “I don’t really want anything, but you.”

Something moved in God that He hadn’t felt in 7 generations. For 7 generations, people prayed when they needed something and never really wanted to walk with God. It’s not enough to pray when the baby is sick or when money is hard to come by. Someone needs to pray when the sun is shining, and everything is good. Someone needs to cry out to Heaven, “God, I want a desire for you! I just want God!” The Lord is looking for somebody that just wants to sit at His feet.

Enoch is gone. The job is open. God is looking for someone who will pick up the application and walk with Him.

Genesis 6:8. Judgment is coming. You don’t have to love my Jesus, go to church, or read your Bible, BUT things are fixing to change. One day, there won’t be any altar calls, no preachers, and no one to cry for people to come to the ark.

We need some Noah’s that will say, “satan, you are not going to take my children, as long as I can weep and pray before God.”

When you first start living for God, things are a little easier. When you first start building the ark, the trees are only about a hundred yards away. The next year they are about two hundred. But maybe five years later, they are a mile away. If you aren’t careful, you won’t get out of the church, but you will stop building your ark because it gets too hard. What happened to our burden for our loved ones? We need to go back to the situations we’ve given up on and pray again. If we will just pray and keep on praying, God WILL answer. Pray again! He will make a way!

There’s a job opening right now for a Noah that will stand up and say, “I don’t care if the world laughs at me. I’m going to build an ark. My family will not be lost. There won’t be perversion and filth in my home. I will fight for my family.” Hebrews 11:7.

God is looking for a friend.

James 2:23. People fast and pray for a greater anointing or gifts, but how many seek God just to be His friend?

If you are going to be a friend of God, you can’t get mad when He says, “Not now.” You have to learn to love Him and trust Him when He crosses his arms and tells you to wait. A servant will stay faithful as long as God does what he wants. However, it takes a real friend to be true to God when nothing is happening.

If we are made in the likeness and the image of God, then where did our desire for friends come from? It came out of the heart of God. God is unshakeable, but He has emotions and feelings. You can look in the Bible and find places where He will laugh or places where He wept. God has desires. He wants to be wanted.

I would encourage you to pray that God draws you. There are times when we ignore God’s draw and then later, we wonder why He doesn’t do it as often. If He draws you and you yield, He’ll start drawing you more.

God is the type of friend that when He walks in the room, something will change. If we will just be His friend, when He shows up, every enemy of darkness will flee. There’s an application. God is searching for a friend.

There’s a job opening for a Joseph.

What happened to your dreams? Some people used to dream about having so much faith that they would lay hands on the sick and they would recover. Some dreamed about being so anointed and helping people. Some dreamed that they would get so close to God and He would use them.

The haters, Joseph’s brothers, tried to stop his dream. Potiphar’s wife tried to stop his dream. Years in prison tried to stop his dream. But Joseph made up in his mind that his dream came from God and he was going to keep on dreaming. God is our present help in times of trouble. No matter the situation or what it looks like, God will make a way.

Joseph was part of the lineage of Jesus. The devil wasn’t necessarily after Joseph just to kill Joseph. The devil was after the seed that was going to come after Joseph. If you are being attacked, the devil is doing so because of the seed ahead of you.

There are many other job applications available.

Moses’ job is available. If we’ll become like Moses, we’ll see miracle after miracle. There’s an opening for a Joshua.

There are some applications for a young lad who will lead a man or woman back to God. Samson used to be so anointed, but something took his eyes off of God. The enemy plucked out his eyes and took his strength by cutting his hair. The little lad in the story led Samson to the pillars to fulfill the last big job God had for him. I’m sure you know someone who used to sing, preach, or pray, but satan has taken their eyes and they can’t see any way back to God.

This is one of the applications that I personally want to pick up. I want to be a little lad in someone’s life, leading someone back to the Lord. I want to win a soul.

Jeremiah, Isaiah, Daniel, they can all lay back down and rest. They’ve fought their fight and ran their race. This is our opportunity to win the lost and help people back to God.

I want to encourage you to listen to this sermon below and pray. Pray that you get a greater hunger for God. Pick up one of these applications and chase after the Almighty!

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

3 Arks

If you’ve known me long, you know that in my studies in the Bible, I’m always looking for Jesus from Genesis to Revelation.

I’ve been working on numbers for a little bit and I’m digging into things about the number 3. It amazes me how many times 3 is in the Bible.

Matthew 13:8. Luke 9:33. 1 Corinthians 13:13. Jonah spent 3 days in the whale’s belly. After 3 days, Jesus rose again. Death, burial, and resurrection. Faith, hope, and charity. Seed, plant, harvest. Jesus was, is, and is to come.

A person can come to 3 different arks in their life.

Noah’s Ark. It represents salvation. It’s where you start in your walk with God. Just as Noah and his family had to go into the ark to be safe from the Flood, so must we come to Jesus for our salvation.

Noah’s ark had one door. There’s one door into Heaven and that’s Jesus. Anyone who enters has to come through the blood. If they enter any other way, they are the same as a thief.

Noah’s ark became the bridge from the old world to the new world. Jesus is the bridge from this life to eternity. 1 Peter 3:20. You have to enter into the first ark, repent of your sins, and be born again.

Moses’ Ark. It represents sanctification. I found another meaning of sanctification that just warmed my heart. The generic meaning of sanctification is the state of proper functioning. To sanctify someone or something means to set that person or thing apart for the purpose they were intended for by the designer.

I found a pen. And that pen wasn’t doing anything bad, and it wasn’t in a mess. But it hadn’t been sanctified for years because it was hidden and not doing what it was intended to do. God intended for you to worship Him and love one another. A pen is sanctified when it is used to write. A person is sanctified when they walk according to God’s design and purpose.

Moses went into the ark a slave and came out a son. He went into the ark with a death sentence on his head and came out the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. Sanctification is not to make you look silly. It’s to make you accomplish the plan that Almighty God ordained for your life. It will move you from a life of slavery to sin to a life of victory.

Exodus 2:2. When you first get saved, God will hide you from people who want to pull you back to your past and things you were addicted to. There comes a time, when you have to get up and live in a real world. Dishes have to be washed and people have to work. There is a place called sanctification where you can walk in this world but not be a part of it. Sanctification will take the desire to sin out of you and give you new desires. Exodus 2:3.

I don’t believe sanctification is a one-time thing. I believe that as you grow, your sanctification has to grow. As you mature in your walk with the Lord, pray that you are kept. The reason why Moses’ mother put him in the ark was to protect him. Jesus wants to sanctify us, not to hurt or control us, but to protect us from destruction.

Nobody’s sanctification is the same. Some people who have just gotten saved don’t want to watch horrible, filthy movies anymore. Others who already have that under control may just desire to not watch so much of “I Love Lucy.” Everyone’s sanctification is on different levels.

Moses was floating down the same river that was killing thousands of baby boys. The ark protected him. You will walk through things that destroy others because you are hidden in the ark of sanctification. Moses was in the river, but the river never got in him. We live in a world of sin, but sanctification keeps the world out of us.

Moses’ ark will change your identity. There are people in churches today that don’t do what they used to, but they want to. Sanctification will change you from the inside and cause you to not want to do those things anymore. Moses was no longer a Hebrew slave; he was the grandson of a king. Sanctification will change your identity. People will look at you and see a change in your life.

It is the sweetest, purest desire to want to be sanctified. “I don’t want to do anything that will hinder my walk with God.”

You have to get in Noah’s Ark and in Moses’ Ark, but you have to get the Ark of the Covenant inside of you.

There are thirty-fold, sixty-fold, and a hundred-fold. This last ark is the hundred-fold. Hebrews 9:4. The Ark of the Covenant contained the Ten Commandments, Aaron’s rod, and a pot of manna.

The Ten Commandments. We are to have the word of God in our hearts. Before something goes terribly wrong with my vehicle, a warning light will come on the dash. The word of God is that warning light in a person’s life, telling them to take caution in a particular situation. God’s word will rise up and talk to you, keeping you out of trouble. It will lead you and guide you. But for the word of God to guide you, you have to have it inside your heart. You have to read the Bible and keep on reading. If you will get the Word of God inside of you, He will hide it. The devil may not back up at every worship song you sing, but he has to back up at the Word of God. You won’t walk in victory if you don’t read your Bible.

Numbers 17:1-10. When Moses picked up Aaron’s rod after a night of it being in the tabernacle, it didn’t look like the eleven other rods. Aaron’s rod has buds, blooms, and almonds. It had three seasons in one night. God took this rod and removed the equation of time from the situation. He gave one branch three seasons (that took nine months to complete) at the same time in one night.

When the doctor shakes his head and only gives a person 6 more months, they can pray, saying, “God, if you gave Hezikiah 15 more years, you can do it for me.”

Moses couldn’t have gotten a rod from an almond tree that was going through three seasons at the same time and replace Aaron’s rod. God will do things that the devil can’t replicate. There is a real anointing from God that will stand up inside of you and it can heal the sick and cast out devils. That anointing can’t be duplicated. We need that real, undeniable anointing flowing through us! You have something inside of you that is greater than any storm.

Exodus 16:15. Manna is when you are praying for something, and God gives it to you, but you don’t recognize it. You don’t always have to recognize what God is doing. Sometimes He moves in strange ways to turn situations around. You don’t have to have some 40-year-old prophet to give you a word, God can use a child to speak to you. When you are in trouble, you don’t care how God moves, you just want Him to move.

You can walk in confidence. God will move and make a way in whatever situation you find yourself in. In these last days, there will be an unshakable faith and trust in the heart of true saints. God is our healer and provider. Philippians 4:19. Bring your needs to the Lord. He loves you and cares about you.

Remember the 3 arks. You must be saved, sanctified, and filled with God’s word and the sweet Holy Ghost!

–Pastor Anthony Wynn