It Only Takes One

Have you ever realized the power of one?

Sin abounds in this world and people are trying to take God out of everything. And the devil hasn’t been doing it all at once. He’s been getting us used to the dark little by little until it’s everywhere now.

But, you can do something about it.

You may not be able to touch the whole world. But, if you stand up and let your light shine, you can keep the darkness from taking over in your corner of the world.

God is looking for somebody that’s available, somebody who isn’t afraid to stand up. Back in the Bible, Pharaoh was closing in on Israel. But one man decided to stand up and God brought deliverance to His people.

Trouble is standing in America right now.

It’s time for the children of God to stand up. Keep worshipping, keep praying, and keep on driving back the darkness in the corner of your world.

It’s not enough to fight battles where others can see you. You have to fight bears and lions when nobody is watching. You have to make up in your mind that you won’t let the devil intimidate you. You are God’s child. It’s you and God, and with God all things are possible. You have authority over the  devil. The only power he has is what you allow him.

God is looking for someone to stand and drive back the darkness. Will you be that one?

–Pastor Anthony Wynn


  • Isaiah 1:6-8
  • Ezekiel 22:30
  • Matthew 5:14, 16

The antichrist

In this message, I decided to talk about three different christs.

1- Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.

2- The false christ

3- The antichrist

Now, many people will tie those last two together, but I think they are two separate things.

You have the false christ, like Jim Jones for example, who started out right. Yet, something inside him desired money and power, desired the glory of man, more than Jesus Christ.

There is a huge difference between a false christ and the antichrist.

There is the spirit of the antichrist that I believe has been on earth for years and years. But, there is the person of the antichrist, who will be a human totally surrendered to the devil, coming as a man of peace, magnifying himself. But he will be broken!

So, don’t spend 100% of your time studying the negative in the Bible. Before you do that, work on finding everything you can about the real thing. Study Jesus and His life and what He did. Study the truth so much that you will immediately be able to recognize a lie when it shows its ugly face.

In this message, I talk about Revelation, and how it’s a book revealing Jesus in the end time. Jesus conquered in the beginning, in the middle, and he will conquer in the end.

Remember this:

Anytime that you walk through a storm or satan throws something at you, Jesus is going to stand up because He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If He protected His children in the Old Testament, He will protect you now.

Listen to this message below to hear more about the antichrist.

Pastor Anthony Wynn


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Why David Wept

“Why didn’t I learn to listen and talk things out?”

In this message, I talk about why I believe David wept when he came to Ziklag. One reason I think he wept is that he wished he had learned to listen and talk things out with his wife.

We don’t always know how to communicate. It’s not always about who is right and who is wrong. Families, husbands and wives, need to talk some stuff out, without breaking things. Talk stuff out without hateful glares, or getting up and sulking out of the room. Talk things out without giving the silent treatment. And we need to listen, too. If we would listen more and respond with respect and gentleness, so many problems could be fixed.

“I got used to being married.”

Another reason I think David wept is that he worried he wasn’t kind enough to his wife. He feared he had not loved her enough and could have been a better helpmeet. I’ll tell you one reason that so many marriages fail: they make it a partnership instead of a commitment. Partnership: I will give my 50% as long as you give your 50%. Commitment: ‘Til death do we part. I will give my 100% even if you don’t. David wished he had a commitment rather than a partnership.

Listen to this powerful sermon below to hear more about “Why David Wept.”

— Pastor Anthony Wynn


  • 1 Samuel 30:1-6
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  • Ruth 1:16-17
  • 1 Samuel 30:8, 18-20

End Time Ministry

This is our season to believe in the miraculous!

It’s true that miracles are amazing. But, we have to be careful not to get so hungry for miracles that we look over character. If I am willing to follow a man in sin who does miracles, I’m taking pleasure in his unrighteousness. Anytime that a preacher gets bigger than Jesus, something isn’t right. Anytime that a miracle doesn’t glorify Jesus, something isn’t right.

There will be deceivers.

But you can only be deceived if you allow yourself to be. You must know the Lord for yourself. You must have the truth. There are going to be signs and wonders, but study them and make sure they are from God. Some people prophesy, but some people prophelie.

Get a hold of this.

You’ve got to know the love of God for yourself. It’s not enough to go to church. You’ve got to know that you know you’ve been touched by the love of God. Because the love of God will remain. The genuine love of God will stay standing when all the fake stuff falls away.


There is a real Heaven, but there is also a real demon world. Just because you live for God doesn’t mean that satan won’t show up from time to time. We aren’t exempt from the attacks of the devil, but because we are under the blood, we will win.

-Pastor Anthony Wynn


  • Isaiah 44:6
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  • Revelations 20:10
  • Revelations 19:20

Watch and Pray

This is something a little different. We are changing things up and turning the Sermon Recap into a blog.
Most of the time on Tuesday nights, the church has a prayer night. But, there was something on my heart that I felt desperate to share. I started with the question, what does it mean to watch and pray?
I had a beautiful revelation. Jesus tried for thousands of years to pull the church to Him, but when they wouldn’t come, He stepped down to them. Just like Adam did for Eve when the devil deceived her. Adam, like Jesus, loved his bride so much he was willing to step down and stand between her and God. So, if God killed Eve, He would have to kill Adam also. Adam stepped down to protect Eve.
God has called you to a protector of your household. One of the ways we protect our households is to pray. I see prayer warriors as real soldiers. I see moms, daddies, and teenagers with the spirit of prayer, driving demons back and praying healing and conviction down.
I feel like screaming out to America to warn them that there’s a darkness on this world right now. We need to pray, but that’s not enough. We need to watch.
To watch means to keep awake. So, we need to keep awake and tell the devil he has no right on our grounds. We are children of God. We need to wake up and let the devil know he can’t have anything of ours, not our children, not our homes, not anything. We cant back into a corner and let Hell take over. We are the light of the world, and this is our season to shine.
It’s time to put your weapons on and stand up. Stand and let satan know that he won’t take over as long as we can still watch and pray and stand in the gap. If we don’t stand up and teach our children right then what’s going to be happening a few generations from now?
Someone has to stand and fight. Someone must pray and watch. Will you heed the call?
-Pastor Anthony Wynn


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