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Bruised Heel

If you know me, you know I love searching for Jesus throughout the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Genesis 3:15. There was going to come a woman who would have a seed without a man. Isaiah 7:14. Now, if we go back to that passage in Genesis, it also tells us that, like it or not, the devil has a seed, too. The devil’s seed is sin.

What is the scariest part about a snake?

The answer is his head. His power, his venom, and even his death are in his head. So, let’s move from the snake to satan. For about 4,000 years, the devil was the king of death, separating families and destroying lives. In satan’s head was the power of sin that people had no ability to break off without the help of the Lord. But there was One coming who would bruise satan’s head.

Where did Jesus bruise satan’s head in the Bible?

Isaiah 53:10-12. Ephesians 4:7-10. What happened when Jesus gave up the ghost? When His spirit left His flesh body, it did not ascend, but it descended. Why? Because this Gospel we preach wouldn’t be perfect if it was only for the people who came after Calvary. Jesus descended to go after those who came before Calvary. Revival came to Hell when Jesus walked into the place where the enemy was.

They were having a party in satan’s throne room, thinking they had finally destroyed the Prince of Peace. All of a sudden, something began to rumble in Hell as Jesus walked down that long corridor into the throne room of satan. satan stared on, asking Jesus why He had come there. I believe Jesus lifted up his right foot and put it down on the devil’s head, saying, “I’ve come for the keys. You are no longer in power anymore.”

Something amazing here is that when Jesus took the keys, He didn’t take them to Heaven. He gave them to the apostles and the church. He gave the keys to the ministry.

There are some ministries out there that had gotten this revelation, but they didn’t stop at the light. Now, what does that mean?

When you walk towards a light, you have a shadow. As you get closer to the light, your shadow becomes smaller, in turn, people see less of you and more of Jesus through you. Then you stop under the light and there’s no shadow. But, if a person doesn’t wait for the light to move before they do, and they try to go past the light, they will start casting another shadow behind them.

That’s what some ministries have done. They got this revelation of Jesus going into the pit and then say that He died. They preach that He ceased to exist and for 3 days there was no God.

But here’s the thing, when God created man, He breathed the breath of life into him and man became a living soul. No matter how far a person runs from the love of God, God’s eternal breath is still in them and it will never cease to exist. So, if the soul inside a man can’t cease to exist, then how could the I AM go to Hell and cease to exist? If He ceased to exist, the whole world would do the same for it’s all held together because of God.

Jesus has never stopped being the Light of the World. He’s never stopped being the Prince of Peace. He’s always been, He is, and He always will be.

If you’ve ever been delivered from something, satan’s head has been bruised.

You are part of the body of Christ, and when you got set free, the devil’s head was bruised. But don’t think that when you walk with God, you won’t get some bruises on your heel. When you bruise the head of satan, he bruises your heel. Even though it may be hard to walk sometimes, just keep on. We’ve come too far to look back now. Heaven is in view! There are still more souls to win! There’s another victory to gain! Just keep on walking!

Jesus told Peter that He was building a church and the gates of Hell would not prevail against it. Why not?

Because Jesus would walk through the gates Himself and take the keys. He gave us the keys (authority), telling us that whatever we bind on Earth would be bound in Heaven and whatever we loosed on Earth would be loosed in Heaven.

When a policeman happens upon a scene where someone is about to shoot someone else, he will not beg for mercy or plead with the criminal to put the gun down. He will get out of his car, draw his gun, and take authority telling the criminal that he will lay the gun down or the policeman will take him out.

We cannot plead with the devil not to fight us. We cannot beg him to leave us alone. God has given us authority over the devil in the name of Jesus. We need to realize that we are not weak, and we are not castaways.

The bruise on your heel may make it painful to walk sometimes but know that you are in the eternal plan of God, and you have authority in the name of Jesus to come against the devil and his attacks. You have power over the enemy and with Jesus, you will bruise satan’s head!

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

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