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Broken But Repairable

God will mend a broken heart, if you give Him all the pieces.

Broken means for something to be separated into parts or fragments.

In the old days, things were repaired. Repair shops were everywhere. But we live in a generation now, that if something breaks, we just throw it away and get a new one. Our dumpsites are full of repairable things that people have given up on. It’s the mindset of today: it’s easier to replace than to repair.

You are fixable.

We are all a little broken in certain areas in our lives. I want to encourage you today and tell you that you are worth investing in. God saw our brokenness and the worst things about us, and still believed we were worth dying for! He thought we were worth saving, dear friend! He took one look at all our mess and said, “I can fix them.” Your life is repairable!

Psalms 31:12, 38:8. satan rolled dice and went before the throne of God like he did with Job and said, “I can make this person quit, if you will let me shake their world.” God grinned and said, “Okay, I know their integrity, their character, and their love for me better than you do. I’ll let you shake their world under one condition: they won’t come out the same as they were before. They will have double for their trouble.” The devil is trying to use our pain to drive us from God, but we need to allow it to drive us to God.

Psalms 51:17. If you live for God long enough, you won’t see blue skies every day. The enemy will come in like a flood and it will storm sometimes. But keep walking! Psalms 34:19, 34:18, 147:3. The very next verse says that God has names for all the stars. We can’t even count all the stars! And get this, the very same, powerful God that has named the countless stars, wants to heal your broken heart!

Sometimes, life breaks a person.

Troubles, sickness, death, perhaps it was all just too much. Proverbs 15:13. God is a gentleman and he will knock on your heart’s door to comfort you. If you don’t open that door, then you limit the Holy One. When Joseph was sold and his brothers told his father that he was dead, Joseph’s father refused to be comforted. He was determined to go to his grave grieving. If you allow yourself to sorrow long enough, it will break your spirit.

2 Samuel 4:4. Mephibosheth was broken by the ministry, by the church.

He was broken by someone that should have taken care of him and fed him. Sometimes, people leave church because of brokenness and pain from those who should have taken care of them. Let me tell you, before you were even born, God set up a mending for you. Look to God! He will mend you and help you! If we’ve ever needed Him, we need Him now. Just because we have God, that doesn’t mean we won’t face bears and lions, but it does mean that we can overcome them!

God uses broken things.

It takes broken soil to produce a crop. Broken clouds give rain. Grains of wheat have to be broken to make flour for bread. Bread has to be broken to feed the hungry. Psalms 69:20, 51:8-13.

Sometimes, you are broken so that you might feed the hungry. 1 Corinthians 11:24. The Bible is full of accounts of broken people who God alone mended and healed.

God is the ultimate repairman.

Jeremiah 20:9. The beginning of this verse starts out with a broken Jeremiah, but by the end of that same verse God is working in Jeremiah to mend his brokenness. Jeremiah had so much of God’s Word in his heart that it wouldn’t allow him to slow down and forebear from preaching that Word. He got his fight back; God healed him! God will do the same for you!

Jeremiah 18:3-4. A child of God my have blemishes and marks, but they are in good hands, the Creator’s hands!

1 Samuel 30:3-6. Friend, it may look like you’ve lost everything and everyone’s against you, but encourage yourself in the Lord! He will fight your battles. He will mend your heart and strengthen you. Pray, seek the Lord, allow Him to help you. He will restore you! 1 Samuel 30:18-19.

Reach for the Lord, Friend! He is ready and willing to mend your broken heart. He who started a good work in you will complete that work. He is not finished with you yet!

Pastor Anthony Wynn

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