"Breaking Every Chain!"

This is a powerful booklet crafted specifically for individuals struggling with addiction. Drawing wisdom from the Bible and certain individuals experiences, this transformative guide shows the essence of deliverance and offers hope to those seeking liberation.

Within its pages, you'll find profound insights and testimonies of individuals who have triumphed over addiction, providing encouragement for your own journey to freedom. With each story, you'll witness the transformative power of God, faith, determination, and the unwavering belief that change is possible.

"Breaking Every Chain" equips you with practical steps and advice to break the shackles of addiction. It outlines Biblical principles and offers guidance on spiritual strength, seeking support, and cultivating a renewed sense of purpose.

Through the heartfelt narratives and teachings, this booklet encourages self-reflection, instills hope, and serves as a guiding light toward deliverance. Discover the powerful message of "Breaking Every Chain" and embark on a path of healing, restoration, and a life free from addiction. Jesus is the 'chain breaker.' Hallelujah!

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