Faith of a Child

My heart is so heavy for our youth.

Before Bible reading and prayer were taken out of our public schools, talking, chewing gum, making noise, running in the halls, and getting out of line were some of the leading discipline problems for students. Teachers now have to worry about school shootings, assault, teen pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse, and teen suicide. It was not the right decision to take God out.

Luke 11:1-13. Matthew 18:3. There is a difference between being childish and being child-like. Matthew 18:4. If you will become like a child in your prayer life, you can move Heaven.

A child will not allow the last answer to affect their next petition. A child will not quit asking.

A child will keep asking because they know that the one they are asking loves them and wants to give them their request. We must stop basing our prayer life on whether or not our last prayer was answered. Instead, we should base it on the Holy Bible that declares God answers prayer. If you’ve prayed 10 times and your prayer isn’t answered yet, it doesn’t mean that God doesn’t answer prayer. The Word of God says that if you pray, He’ll answer. If you seek, you will find. If you ask, the Word of God says you will receive. 1 John 5:14. Jeremiah 33:3. Psalms 50:15. Psalms 138:2.

Do you really trust that God loves you?

Do you really believe that the Creator of Heaven and Earth knows you? Philippians 4:19. Psalms 9:10. God has not forsaken you. Ephesians 2:4.

My grandchildren, Kara and Henry differ in their ways of asking. Kara will ask a few times for something and then what really gets me is when she says, “I love you, Poppy.” Do you ever stop praying for a moment and start worshipping? Sometimes you can be praying in the spirit and then you start to move from your spirit to your flesh. Instead of praying from your heart, you begin to pray from your mind. And the carnal mind is enmity against God. God is a spirit, and you can’t talk to Him if you remain in the carnal.

I was working outside with Henry one day. He was working so hard, but I could tell he had a plan. He looked up and eyed my tractor, “Nice tractor.” He said. He waited a little bit and then said, “Want to ride tractor?” I just kept working. But after a second he said, “Please, Poppy, let’s ride tractor.” I didn’t care about the rest of my work because that baby had moved me. I didn’t love him any less the first and second times he asked. But it was his continuous asking and his gentleness that moved me.

God really does love you. We have to understand who the Lord is. He’s gentle, kind, and merciful. He’s altogether lovely.

A child believes that you can fix anything.

I had bought my son, John, a knife. While he was praying with one of his friends, they ended up breaking it. They didn’t know I was there, and I heard his little friend say, “Let’s throw it away and hide it so no one will get mad and upset at us.” My son said, “Thow it away? My dad can fix anything!” I knew if my son had that much confidence in me, I was going to fix that knife.

God can fix anything. What you are facing may look impossible but think of how great God is. Think about what He has done. There’s nothing too big for God. Psalms 50:10. God has so many cattle, he doesn’t bother to count them. Instead, He counts the hills they are on. Whatever you need, God will provide.

A child, no matter what is going on, has 100% of your attention.

1 Peter 3:12. God doesn’t only listen to me or my Shelia. God listens to you. Jeremiah 29:13. If you, a human, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the Lord give unto you? God has not forsaken you. His ear is open to your cry. This is not the last chapter in your book.

It makes God feel good when you come around Him. God loves you and longs for your presence. You don’t have to pray like someone else. You are not someone else. You are you. God wants YOU.

We need to learn to forgive like a child.

Kids can be fussing at one another one minute and the next they are best friends. This God who is holy will not hear our prayer when there is hatred in our hearts toward each other. Hatred will hinder your prayer. Forgiveness is an important policy in a relationship with prayer. If we are going to be forgiven, we have to forgive. Ephesians 4:13. Matthew 6:14.

Children are needy.

They can’t protect themselves or provide for themselves. They seldom make the right decisions, because they see nothing beyond having fun right now. God wants us totally dependent on Him. Psalms 70:5. Psalms 40:17.

A child is humble.

Humble — having a showing of modesty or low estimate of one’s own value or importance. A child doesn’t say, “Look how holy and important I am.” A child says, “I’m just a little child that needs you, Jesus.”

We need to learn to approach Jesus like a little child. If we could learn to do this and really apply it, I believe our prayer life would go through an amazing change!

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

Sons of Thunder

I’ll admit, this was a strange Mother’s Day message.


The house unit has changed beyond recognition. In the 1950s, over 50% of families attended church each week. In 2014, it dropped to 36%. In 1969, there were 58.25 million TV sets in homes in America. Now, there are 119.6 million sets. There’s so much entertainment, and so much to keep people busy. While American families spend more time watching TV together, they are spending far less time having dinner together.
Family dinners were almost a nightly ritual in most homes during the 1950s-1970s. A recent survey revealed that 40% of modern families only eat dinner together less than 3 times a week. 45% of people claim to hate cooking. The average family spends about $3,008 a year dining out. A survey in 2000 found that the average family only spends about 37 minutes together each day.

A long time ago there was a city that an enemy was trying to overtake, but the enemy couldn’t manage to defeat it. The enemy knew that they could overtake it if they could get inside the city. So, they built this Trojan Horse on wheels, filled it with soldiers, and put it outside the gate of the city. The city saw the beautiful Trojan Horse and brought it into the city, not knowing the enemy was inside. Late that night, the soldiers came out, taking the city from within. This is what the devil is doing to our families.

One of the strongest things in Amercia is the family.

What about the church? If you don’t have good families, you can’t have a church. If the enemy can stop the family, then he has broken the foundation of our nation.

It takes a lot to raise a child. It takes a lot of love, money, patience, and prayers. With this message, I want to reach for that little momma that doesn’t have this type of help in her home. I want to salute that momma that didn’t know what it was for someone to hold her hands up and strengthen her. I want to tell you that you can do it and you can do it well.

Two of my heroes in the Bible are James the Greater, and John the Beloved Disciple.

You have the ability to raise a James or a John. Acts 12:1-2. James and John were a part of Jesus’ inner circle. Luke 9:28. John 9:23. John 21:20. Revelation 1:9. Matthew 26:37-38.
How does one momma raise two sons like this? Out of all the people who saw Jesus, these two (aside from Peter) were the closest to Jesus. Jesus picked these two out of thousands to be His pals and get close enough to see Him crying in the garden. The only ones He trusted His pain with. What kind of background did they have?
One of the great lessons we learn from James is readiness to answer the call of Jesus. Before Jesus called Him, he had a thriving fishing business that he was going to inherit. Jesus comes by. James, John, their father, and hired hands were there. Jesus says, “Follow me.” James got up and left his inheritance to follow a man he didn’t know. He left the boat, his source of living. He left his dad and mom. He must have looked at all he had and said, “Is a man a fool to give up that which he can’t keep to gain that which he can’t lose?”
John was the only one besides Judas who didn’t die a martyr’s death. History says when John got well up in age he got frail and they’d carry him to church. When they’d ask him to testify, he’d say, “Brethren, love one another. God is love. If we can’t love one another, we can’t love God.” We have to love each other. We can’t go to church and shout and then go treat each other wrong. If we are going to love God, we have to love each other.

Matthew 4:18-22. All Jesus said was, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Jesus didn’t say, “James, John, follow me.” He didn’t give specific names in this passage. So, what was different between the call that James and John heard and the call that Zebedee (their father) heard? What was the answer to the call? The sons heard the call, but the dad was too busy. He was too caught up in his life, trying to work for things he couldn’t keep.
In the end, your money will not matter. Nothing will matter except where you are with God. What are you doing with your time right now? Life changes and your kids get older. Have you heard that call to follow Jesus? You don’t mind your spouse and kids going to church, but will you completely surrender to Jesus?

Matthew 27:54-55. Mark 3:17.

Thunder is the sound lighting makes because the air molecules heat up so fast they pop. Lightening produces a sudden increase in temperature and pressure which results in the rapid expansion of air around and within the lightning bolt. This expansion causes a sonic shockwave producing the sound of thunder.
Now, Jesus wasn’t calling James and John thunder. He said they were sons of thunder. Here’s what I’m trying to say, they had a dad who made a lot of noise. A dad who thought he was all that, but he never did anything but roar. Loud, scary, forceful, but just a sound. Wouldn’t pray, go to church, or pay his tithes. He never brought life or light to a dark soul, he was loud. Their dad didn’t do anything in their spiritual raising, it was their momma. But that little momma didn’t give up because she was married to a thunder. She made up her mind that even if Zebedee would drop out, she wasn’t going to drop out on her children.
I want to thank all the women that are married to a Zebedee and still made up their minds to keep those babies from the devil. Even if it was just you and Jesus raising them. If we don’t turn our children’s hearts to the Lord, we fail.
If the mother of James and John could do it, so can you. God helped her, He will help you. Listen to the boldness of this woman, Matthew 20:20-21. She didn’t ask God to give them a lot of money or a lot of faith, she just wanted them to stay close to Him. In verse 20, she brought her boys with her, worshipping God.

“Train up a child…”

You may bring your children to church, but do you train them? If not, it’s kind of like taking a coon dog out to the woods and telling him, “Alright, you go learn to coon hunt and I’ll just sit here.” Some people want their children to worship, but they themselves won’t worship. Your babies are watching you more than they are watching anyone else. If we don’t teach our babies to worship, they won’t stay in church. We are our children’s examples. If our babies worship like us, how pleased will Jesus be with our worship?

You will never raise good children if every time you get in a battle, you quit.

It has to be made up in our minds that storms will come, but we are staying right with Jesus. Jesus was dying and the mother of James and John was still there. If you are going to raise godly children, you have to be faithful. When Jesus moves, when Jesus is silent, when you are blessed, and when you have to sacrifice, you have to be faithful. Anyone can follow Jesus when he’s healing and blessing. But if we want to raise our children to love Him, we have to let them see us love Jesus when we are crying and hurting. This is what builds integrity.
Zebedee was a great provider for his family. But we have to have a heart toward God to raise these babies right. They need more than food, more than another toy.
They need Jesus.

— Pastor Anthony Wynn

What Is God’s Language?

I want to challenge you with something: to find the time to learn a new language.

Genesis 11:1,7. Zephaniah 3:9. 1 Samuel 3:1. Back in this time, God talked very little to the common people. He usually spoke to priests and people like that. I have to admit that I am scared of people that say that God speaks to them 24 hours a day. I know He speaks to us though. Exodus 24:16. It used to really bother me when I really got into the glory of the Lord and He didn’t speak to me. But His glory was thereupon Mount Sinai for six days before he ever said a word to Moses. 

Fear screams, but God often whispers. Goliath’s loud voice attempts to bring us under fear, but God’s voice always brings peace.

What is God’s voice? It’s a tug on the heart to go pray for someone. It’s a thought that you can’t shake coming through your mind saying someone needs prayer, a text, or a call. English comes through the ears or the eyes, and God can do that too, but He can speak to you in so many different ways. He can speak to you out of the Bible.

 He speaks through your soul your spirit your mind and your heart. 

He speaks to your soul (the eternal part of you). You can be praying for someone and just somewhere deep inside you know that everything is going to be okay. When He speaks to your spirit, He is often leading you to something. God will speak through your mind putting Scriptures and bits and pieces of His Kingdom together like puzzle pieces. He’ll speak to your heart. When you come upon a tragedy or trouble, God’s voice is usually the first one you hear. 

Jesus stands at the door, knocking. It’s not just for your salvation. He knocks every day even after you’re born again. But a knock will not always determine what you are going to do. Your heart cannot be opened from the outside. The only doorknob there is lies on the inside. God will not tear open your heart from the outside and make you love Him. 

To open the door, you have to move.

The reason why most people never hear the voice of the Lord is because they never open the door. They just stand there on Sunday morning. They wonder why God doesn’t touch them, but it’s because they never get up to open the door. Revelations 3:20. “Behold, I stand at the door and knock, and if any man hear my voice…” Which are you listening for? The knock or the voice? You are not going to hear the voice until you open the door. If you open the door, Jesus will come in and sup with you. It’s not enough to hear a voice itf you don’t know the language. 

Don’t be a stranger to God.

1 Corinthians 14:4,11. A barbarian means a foreigner, a stranger. If I know not the meaning of the voice, I shall be a stranger to him that speaks. When God speaks to me, I don’t want Him to be a stranger, and I don’t want to be a stranger to Him. We carry a certain label because we believe the Holy Ghost dwells in us and we speak in tongues. There are some that believe spelling the word “comic” is enough to say that they’ve spoken in tongues. You don’t get the Holy Ghost by repeating syllables. You get the Holy Ghost when He moves inside of you. Really speaking in tongues is not controlled by you, it’s God speaking through you. If it’s real tongues, you don’t memorize it. If it’s real tongues, something stands up inside of you and flows out like a river. The spirit that moved across the face of the deep moves through you. 

Sometimes we don’t know how we should pray. God will look around and see things He wants to fix and heal, but He needs a vessel to work through. He’s wanting somebody to let Him take authority in the earth. Somebody who will be a willing vessel that He can speak through and flow through.

In Esther, Haman came to the king and got permission to kill a certain people. The king later found out that Esther, his queen, was one of those very people. The king knew he couldn’t change his word after he had granted Haman’s request with his seal, but there was one thing he could do. He could give Esther and her people greater power over their enemy. When man fell, the devil got certain power, but God has given us greater power.

Most of the average church folk only hear the voice behind them. 

Revelation 1:10. 1969 (I was 9 years old), I was dying. The doctor told my parents I was not going to make it. My dad heard a voice behind him, “I am the Lord, thy God, that healeth thee.” He started a 7 day fast and the word God spoke to him started catching up. By Monday, God’s word got to me and it came to pass!

“If you draw nigh to me, I’ll draw night to you.” All anyone wants to do anymore is listen to the voice behind them about what God has done in the past. You have to reach for the voice in front of you. 

When are you going to know God? Not when He’s knocking at the door, but when He sits down and talks with you. Don’t just go to church! Don’t just go to hear a sermon! Go to open the door. Don’t settle for the preacher’s voice. Open the door, listen to Jesus. This is the language I want you to learn. The language of God.

 –Pastor Anthony Wynn

The Hill Called Calvary

I want to talk to you about some mountains.

Genesis 31:23. Mount Gilead, where Jacob separated himself from Laban. You are going to face AT LEAST one Mount Gilead in your life, where you have to separate yourself and make up your mind that you are going on with God.

Exodus 4:27. If you live for God long enough, you will find that Mount of God where you get to find God for yourself. The place where God shows you that He is the I Am, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

Genesis 8:3-4. Mount Ararat is the place the Ark rested after the Flood. Noah walked out and said, “Everything that I had, other than my family, is gone. But you know what I’m going to do? I’ll build an altar.” Mount Ararat is where your world has been shaken and you make up your mind that you are going to keep praying. 

Exodus 9:11,18. You have two classes of people. Mount Sinai separates people. Some don’t want to get too close and stay at the bottom with only a chill bump or a touch. But some people are willing to go up the mountain with a hunger for God and cry “I want to know Him!”

Exodus 33:6. Mount Horeb is the place where we have to lay some stuff down. So many church folks want to hold onto the world with one hand and hold God with the other. But we have to let that stuff go and decide that we want God more than anything.

2 Samuel 15:30. We all have our Mount Olivet experience where our hearts are broken and we weep. But thank God He will comfort us!

2 Kings 4:25. You will have that Mount Carmel experience where you don’t know where else to go, but if you could just get to the presence of God. 

1 Chronicles 10:8. Mount Gilboa, where we look back on those who walked away from God, not taking Him seriously, and lose everything.

2 Chronicles 3:1. Mount Moriah. People want something from God, but they don’t want it to cost them anything. If you are going to go all the way with the Lord, it is going to cost you something. Mount Moriah was a place of sacrifice. Solomon built the glorious temple on that mount, but travel back in time before the temple and you will find the ashes of the ram that took the place of Isaac. God likes to build glory on ashes.

Isaiah 24:23. Joel 2:32. Mount Zion represents the church, the presence and the glory of God.

John 8:1-2. Mount Olive is where you learn to pray and rest. It’s where you find refreshing and hope. 

Here’s where I want to talk about one of the greatest of these. The hill called Calvary.

There are so many thoughts about why they call it Golgotha (the Place of a Skull). One ancient theory is that it was the dump outside the city for their dead cattle and where they would crucify people and leave them laying for the animals to eat their flesh, leaving their bones. One account says that there were hundreds of skulls on that mountain. Another account says that the mountain was shaped like a skull. 

Isaiah 53:9. Jesus did not lay in that grave numb and asleep for three days. When He cried, “It is finished!” His spirit went down into the uttermost depths of Hell and He began to preach to those there. There’s silence in Hell as Jesus walked into that throne room of satan and took back the keys of death. When Jesus arose, He led captivity captive!

Jesus’ friends walked away not even asking for His body! There are so many preachers/ministries that only want a person when they’re breathing and helping the ministry, and paying their tithes. But when that body slips up and messes up, they don’t want them anymore until they start breathing again. But God will always send you a Joseph that will hold your hands up, who will wrap you up and take care of you because they know that God will restore and bring that body back to life again. The presence of God, the anointing of God will return! Everyone wanted that Jesus walking on the water, but only one man bargained for that little body in a mess knowing that He would live again!

The curse on your family/bloodline broke at Calvary. Galatians 3:13.

You are not under a family curse. When you went to that altar and gave your life to the Lord, that curse was broken and broken long ago! You do not have to live in fear of the next doctor’s report. You are under a family blessing. When you got saved, you received new DNA. When the blood of Jesus began to flow through your veins, it overpowered anything passing through your bloodline. You are not under a curse, you are under a blessing!

It’s not enough to be a good person.

There are going to be a lot of just “good” people in Hell. It doesn’t matter how good you are or how kind you are. What matters is the blood of Jesus shed over your life. If you don’t have that blood to wash your heart clean and you aren’t saved, you will go to Hell. You must be born again. And without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin. That’s why we have Calvary.

It was a sacrifice only He could make.

It’s just like a person out of debt taking on the debt of everyone else. Jesus said, “Whatever you owe, I will pay it.” That’s how He became sin who knew no sin. Not only feeling the pain of the lashes and beatings, but also the pain of all the sin.

Why I believe He chose to die on Mount Calvary.

Golgotha means the place of a skull. Jesus knows that our roughest, toughest battles will be fought in our mind. God went to the skull. The worst torment you will ever know will be in your mind. Jesus went to the place of a skull and died, now nerves are stilled, bitterness is broken, mind battles are won at Calvary. 

Isaiah 53:4-6. Romans 14:9. 1 Thessalonians 4:14. 1 Corinthians 15:21. John 11:25. 1 Corinthians 15:42-46, 52-53.

Lift your voice and thank the Lord for Calvary and don’t ever forget what He did for you there!

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

Fire Shut Up In My Bones

1 Chronicles 11:1. 1 Corinthians 12:17-20, 27. Ezekiel 37:1-7. Ephesians 5:30. John 19:36.

Bones provide 5 different jobs for the body.

Bones provide a framework for the attachment of muscles and other tissues. They help us with our movement. They act as levers and points of attachment. They give you mineral storage, to give you strength and energy. They even give you blood cell production. 

The Legs and Feet

Oasis Ministries could not do what we do without you, our leg bones. The leg bones carry you to work, to church, the table. Some people are the legs and feet that help find direction. Those people are those willing to fast and clean. People who won’t step over a piece of paper in a parking lot, but pick it up. People who see a need at church and take care of it. They are the leg bones. The feet bones. You don’t often see the feet, but the whole body’s ministry shows up because the feet brought them there.

The Hips

The hip bones shift weight and turn to the left and right. Thank God for the hip bones that see a vision and turn toward it. Some churches have no hip bones. They never have new visions, they just want to walk straight. They don’t know how to turn and pick someone up who fell, to turn to win a soul. But the hip bones say, “We need to feed the hungry, give strength to the weary.” Don’t fail your calling and have to be replaced!

The Backbone

Every pastor needs a Peter in the crowd that will fight for them. I thank God for the backbones in my life who care for me, asking nothing in return! Lift your hands and thank God for the people in your life that care about you and fight for you. Thank God for the people who have reached into my life. But I want God to stir me and allow me to reach into someone else’s life as well.

From Many Bones to Few

When a child is born, they have more bones than an adult. When they reach about 25-27, some bones have fused together and the adult is now left with 206 bones. There are some people you start with that you will never finish with. The day God put them in your life, He knew that they were only there for a little while. You can spend the rest of your life crying about the bones that are gone, or you can get up and say “I am in the will of God. I won’t look back and cry about yesterday no more.” Don’t get mad at God for people He removes out of your life. Get up and move forward.

The Skull

The skull is to protect your brain, your mind. Most of the biggest battles happen in the mind. I understand we have to bear our burdens, but 90% of what people talk to others about is what they themselves are facing. We need to stop worrying about what we are facing and start praying about what others are facing. If we will fight for others, God of Heaven will fight for us.

The ribcage is a big part of my message.

The number one duty of your ribcage is to protect your heart. They keep your organs safe from hard impacts and punctures and other injuries. God is calling some rib bones to repentance. Some people have forgotten that they are their brother’s keeper. It never was the will of God for you to be an island, for everything to just be about you and the Lord, or you and your battle. If I am someone’s ribcage and they got hurt it’s because I let down my guard. My prayers could have helped them. If I had been fasted up and prayed up, the Holy Ghost would have woke me up at 2 in the morning to pray for them!

If there are no rib bones and someone gets hit in the chest even lightly, it can stop their heart. But there is something between the heart and the fist. That something is the ribcage that says, “I’ll take a hit for this person. If that fist is going to get to this heart, it has to break me.” I wish the church could get such compassion for one another that we would stand between someone else and their battle, “If you are going to get to them, you have to break me first.”

We Are Our Brother’s Keeper

It’s not enough to go to church together, shout and pray together. Then go home and cry by yourself. That’s nothing more than a club. We are not a club or an organization, we are the body of the living Christ! We got adopted into a living body. We are part of something that’s eternal! And when we walked into this, we also walked into an obligation to do our part. 

Have you ever walked into someone’s life to help them and you got hurt? A rib will not go through a car accident with the airbag coming out and not be sore. Instead of whining about being sore, we need to stop and thank God that we stopped a death.

1 Samuel 12:22-23. Ephesians 4:32. Give a little of your time that’s valuable to you to someone else. It’s easy to give money but give your time. Check on someone, take them out to eat, help them, do something for them. Lay your life down for someone.

We are our brother’s keeper. Be that rib bone that protects and guards.

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

Heart of Thankfulness

God is good!

So, one day recently, my daddy had been sick. His stomach had been hurting and other things were wrong. We carried him in prayer and I got up a couple of mornings later to find he had slept through the night and things had turned around. We’ve been praying for my Shelia for some time now about her heart, but she had another condition. So, we took her to the doctor and we could have gotten the worst news. But we got such a good report, the best news you could get! Didn’t even have to come back to that issue anymore.

Daily we should give thanks!

I looked up the word thankfulness. It means an expression of gratitude or acknowledgment of a favor. God has just been so good and I have a lot to be thankful for!

Our nation picks one day out of the year to be thankful. But I don’t want to take Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for me, for granted. I refuse to only choose one day out of the year to be thankful. I want to make it a daily routine. I want it to be my heart, my character, I want to be a thankful person.

If you are thankful, He’ll draw nigh to you. When you’re thankful, He comes, and when He comes, He brings healing, peace, and blessings!

Psalms 116:8. I’m pretty sure that thankfulness is the key into His presence. Psalms 100:4. Yes, there’s always something to grumble and complain about. But if you’ve ever come out of a car wreck, sickness or depression you should praise Him. If you woke up this morning, you should praise Him. There’s so much we can grumble about, but there is so much we can be thankful for! As long as we are receivers of mercy, we should be givers of thanks. Mercy permits us to enter His gates. Let us praise Him for that mercy! Psalms 145:2.

God pulls back from unthankful people.

Romans 1:21. If you decide to be unthankful, God will draw back from you. We have to make up our minds that even if we only have a glass of water to drink, we are going to praise Him. Whether it’s a T-bone on our plate or a cheese sandwich, we are going to thank the Lord. If we have a place to lay our heads, we should thank the Lord.

They have the saying “Remember the Alamo!” I’ve based a saying on that. I want to “Remember Calvary!” When the enemy comes against you, you ought to stand up and say, “Remember Calvary!” Remember everything Jesus has done for you! Remember what He paid, all the love and all the blood.

We take so much for granted.

I went to preach in Jamaica and I saw children laughing and playing with their toys. They didn’t have bicycles. They were rolling bicycle tires. They didn’t have pretty matchbox cars or toys from the store. Their cars were milk cartons that they had attached sticks to for wheels, and they had a string, dragging them and playing. Laughing and playing, so thankful for their milk carton cars.

We ought to be thankful for our food. Mark 8:6-7. 

It is sad when you sit down in a restaurant and see how many don’t pray. Why should you be intimidated to give thanks to a God that loves you and takes care of you? You shouldn’t be embarrassed to sit down at a restaurant, bow your head, and pray. You don’t have to make a scene or lift your voice. There were things in your body that weren’t wrong and He fixed them. There have been car accidents or scares in your health, and He brought you through them. There have been things that could have taken your life. But God has had mercy! Let your thankfulness be greater than your bashfulness.

Don’t grumble and complain!

Instead of whining and complaining, lift your hands! “God, you woke me up today! Thank you!” Start praising Him and thanking Him for all the things He’s done and all the things He is going to do. If He’s ever healed you, you should never quit talking about it.

Unthankfulness hinders our worship.

If we were really thankful, we couldn’t help but worship Him. If we would get our thankfulness back, we wouldn’t wait until the music and singing started. We’d walk into the church, hands raised, “I’m on my way to Heaven because a King died for me!” You can’t worship if you’re not thankful. And if you’re really thankful, you can’t help but worship.

We shouldn’t be embarrassed or intimidated by other people looking at us. God has been too good to us for us to be unthankful. God has been too good to us!

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

The Bleeding Ear

We had a service unlike any other Sunday morning!

Revival is in the land! The worship service was so full of the Spirit. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom and we had freedom Sunday! A praise break happened in the church and we had such a good time praising and worshipping God! You can watch the service below at the end of this blog.

From Sea to Sea

Amos 8:11-10. Nobody is going to wander from sea to sea if they aren’t wanting to hear something. These people are hungry; they are searching. Do you want to know what the famine is in this Scripture? The sorry, low-down, lazy preachers who won’t pray and read their Bibles, but instead play on their phones and facebook. Then they go to the pulpits talking about how great they are, preaching glamour, glory, and false things when people need and desire a word from the Lord. The famine is not because people don’t want to hear, it’s because of preachers who just want to preach doctrine, ideals, and selfishness, making themselves look good. They’d rather do all that than tell this generation that He still saves, heals, and delivers.

The Truth Is What We Need to Hear

They preach how to be happy, to be popular, how to get more stuff. Even how to use your faith to get rich. They don’t preach how to win souls or be holy or how to please God. They preach how to please yourself.

2 Chronicles 18: 5-16. If you are lost and on your way to Hell, I don’t want to pat you on the head and let you leave the service feeling better than you did when you came, still being lost. I will not trade your soul for your favor. If I can’t help you, I don’t want to hurt you, but I will not lie to you. You cannot live any way, pay your tithes, and go to Heaven. Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than swimming makes you a fish. Pretty words aren’t going to drive Hell back, but the presence of God will. We need preachers that are going to preach the truth.

You have to be born again with your name written in that Book of Life. You may fall down in a mudhole every once in a while, but you better not stay in that mudhole. Pray, worship, and run to Jesus again.

If people would quit sending tithes and offerings to these sissy, money-hungry preachers, if these preachers who don’t care about souls weren’t supported, they would go away. A lot of these preachers don’t preach because of the anointing, but because they’ve found themselves a money tree. 

A Preacher, a Sword, and a Bleeding Ear

Luke 22:46-51. John 18:10. Jesus is in the garden, praying and getting ready to die. The multitude comes to take Jesus away. Out of all the limbs Peter could have cut off, he chose the ear of Malchus.

The Bible is also called the Sword of the Spirit. There is a ministry right now that has used this sword and cut off some ears. Malchus did not get hurt down at the drug parlor or with some lady of the night. He wasn’t in some skating rink or sports arena. Malchus got hurt in the presence of Jesus with a preacher carrying a sword.

“Why can’t nobody reach this certain group of people? Why can’t nobody touch them?” It’s Christ in you the hope of glory. Until we get close enough to Jesus to reach down and pick that ear off the ground and love that person and heal them, they don’t want to hear what we have to say.

There was one time I felt to witness to someone. When I said, “How are you and Jesus doing?” he tore into me. He started telling me about preachers and why he didn’t have anything to do with church. I let him talk and then said, “Can I tell you my story?” The whole spirit turned.

It would have been easy for me to slap that bleeding head. This man snapped at me because his ear was cut off and he was bleeding. It wasn’t the drug dealer that hurt him. It was some preacher with a sword. I’m not talking about preaching living right. I’m talking about preachers that preach their agenda and if they can’t control you, they’ll destroy you.

You wonder why you can’t reach certain people.

It’s not because of their wickedness. It’s because somebody cut their ear off and they are bleeding. Now, they are afraid to trust churches and preachers.

The name of Jesus is not a club to knock someone in the head with. It’s not a stick to use to poke someone out of the boat. The name of Jesus is a lifeline to throw out into the raging sea and pull somebody to safety. Don’t fight over this name again. Tell the devil that you are not going to use this name as a sword to fight with, but as a power over the kingdom of Hell. Use Jesus’ name to set the captive free and heal the broken-hearted. 

The next time someone in town or one of your lost loved ones gets on your nerves, perhaps is it more than a rebellious, hard heart? Could it be somebody that got their ear cut off? Jesus whispers, “I love you. I care about you.” But they can’t hear it because their ear is gone. 

Maybe they need that Jesus in you to reach down, pick up that ear, and put it back on so that they can hear what the spirit is saying.

Listen to the sermon below hear why a certain boy’s ear grew sideways and to a short passage I wrote about why so many ministries fail.

– Pastor Anthony Wynn

Your Choice, Darkness or Light

What is sin and where did it come from?

Have you ever been cold? You can describe the word cold, but when you do some research on cold you’ll find something interesting. Cold does not really exist. The definition of cold in the encyclopedia is the absence of heat. Absolute zero is -460 degrees, which means there’s no more heat in the environment. This means we have created the word “cold” to describe how we feel if we have no heat.

How would you describe a hole in the ground? Say you want to plant a shrub and you need some peat moss, fertilizer, and a hole. But you can’t just buy a hole. To get the hole, you have to remove the dirt where you want to plant. A hole is just the absence of dirt. A hole is not a thing. It is the absence of something.

In my study, they said that evil does not exist. At first, it seemed that if God created all things, then evil had to have been created by God. God created good, true things. However, evil is not a thing. You can’t have a box of evil. 

My definition of evil is the absence of God.

We are the only creature that God made that can step out of His will and still exist. God created us to worship Him, to be His friend, but you can push God away and exist for a little while. People do it every day. During that time God will draw and tug on your heart. God gave us free will to choose. Nobody can be evil when they are full of God. No one full of God is going to want to harm someone. 

Darkness. 1 John 2:11. John 3:19-20.

Darkness does not really exist. The only accurate way to measure darkness is to measure the absence of light. We can study light with our prisms and break up the colors of white light, but we cannot study darkness. Darkness is man’s word to describe when there is no light present. 

The devil will not leave you alone because you are a good person. His plan is to destroy you. The only thing the devil is afraid of is the light. The only thing holding darkness back is the light. The light in you holds back the darkness in your family. If the devil can get the light out of you, he can take over a whole community, a whole lineage, a whole generation. All the lights don’t go out at the same time. Just look how bad our schools have gotten since America has taken God out little by little. Stop reading the Bible and the enemy creeps in. Stop praying and he creeps in some more. To reject the light is to choose darkness. You cannot turn the lights off and keep the darkness at bay.

You can scream at the darkness and tell it to go away all you want. And you can plead with the sin to not pull on you. But the only thing that is going to drive the darkness back, is the Light of the World stepping into your life. You aren’t big enough or strong enough or good enough to do it yourself.

You are not an exception to the rule. 

If you push away the light, the darkness will take over. It doesn’t matter how good you are or how much you love others. satan isn’t looking to see if you take drugs or if you drink. he’s looking to see if you are empty. Has the light moved in? Is Jesus in your heart? And if the Spirit of the Lord hasn’t moved inside of you, that devil is going to get him seven others and they’ll come back. Your end will be worse than your beginning. 

In this day it’s so dangerous to only go partway with God. How much filth do you allow in your home? Do you get up and say, “Jesus, we are going to do some things we don’t want you to know about. So, would you just leave our house for about 30 minutes so we can laugh at the wages of sin? But come back after a while because we might be sick or in trouble.” Jesus is not always going to knock at the door. You keep playing with the devil and he’ll move in and when he does that, he’ll take over and destroy. 

What do we do?

This is not paradise. This is not Heaven. We aren’t home yet. We live in a world where Adam fell and satan has been released. We are going to get hurt sometimes and get angry with people, but we can’t get mad at God. Even if you have to cry all night, hold on to God.

 We must get close to God; He’s the light. Love Him again, pray again, seek Him again. This race isn’t to see how fast you can go and beat everyone else. You have to keep walking when you’re tired and keep praying when you are weary.

This is an endurance race. Live right in hard times when Hell’s raging and stay in church or the light goes out and the darkness takes over.

Is there light in your house?

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

3 Coats

Threes are found in a lot of places in the Bible. 

Matthew 13:23. 1 John 2:13. Revelation 1:19. These are just a few. The point I’m trying to make is whether it is a call to preach or to be a missionary or use the gift of help, every call has three levels. It doesn’t matter if you are a prayer warrior, you have three levels, and inside those three levels are hundreds of levels.

You can grow and excel in God, or you can waste your life pleasing yourself and others and die empty.

I want to show you these three levels being represented by coats.

THE FIRST COAT: Genesis 37:3-4. Joseph’s first coat was his first level. Every person that gets born again gets this first coat. It’s the coat of the Father’s approval and love. It’s sad to say, but many never go past this coat, and the enemy would love to rip it away. This first coat is around Joseph when he’s always at his father’s feet, never reaching out. Not having a desire to go with his brothers until his father sent him.

Now, we all know what happened to Joseph. But Joseph did not get in his storm chasing some nasty, empty dream. He followed his father’s will. When his brothers see him coming to them, they rip off his coat and throw him in a pit, then later sell him. He passes to a man named Potiphar. And Potiphar eventually trusts Joseph with everything. That was Joseph’s second coat.

Your first coat is given to you. To get the second coat, you have to be faithful when it’s not easy.

THE SECOND COAT: Potiphar realizes that God blesses all that Joseph touches and ends up trusting Joseph with everything. That is Joseph’s second coat.

Anyone can serve God when they have friends, health, and everything’s going well. I don’t care how much you pray, you may not get what you want. God may cross His arms and say, “Not now. It’s not quite ready yet. I have to work some stuff out on the other side.” This is why so few get the second coat. They serve God a little while when it’s rough, then they throw their hands up and just exist. But if you want that second coat, you have to get up and win a soul when you’re wiping a tear, fast when you don’t feel good, and pay your tithes when money is scarce. You didn’t start to quit. It’s not going to be a bed of roses. It’s a fight, and you are going to fight! You’ve got on your armor and you are going to win! Joseph got his second coat because he was faithful in hard times. Just like Joseph, God will use us to bless others even in our storms.

The best servants make the best leaders. If you start training to be a leader as soon as you get saved, you will love your coat more than God. And you will love your title more than you love people. If you know what it’s like to live the way of the servant, then when you are put into a leadership position, you won’t have your thumb on people but will reach down your hand to help pick them up.

In Between Coats

Genesis 39:12. His master’s gone, he goes into the house, and the master’s wife tries to get him to sin. She takes hold of his coat and he flees, leaving it in her hand. He’s now lost his second coat. Genesis 39:20. 

The first coat is given to you. The second comes from being faithful in the hard times and realizing the authority you now have in Jesus’ name. The third coat comes to you because of your gift. The anointing on your life, the presence of God that you allow to work through you, is what determines your third coat.

Being in the prison, Joseph was in between coats. He decided he would be faithful and keep living for God. He started to get promoted in the jail, being put over taking care of the prisoners. The Bible says that the Lord remembered him.

This is what messes a lot of people up. Sometimes, within our storms, there will be such an anointing come to us and we think that when we walk out of the church service everything is going to be different. But then we walk out and it’s not. The thing is, God didn’t come to us to turn everything around at that time. He visited to encourage us, to tell us it’s not here today, but it’s on its way.

There is a season of silence. God isn’t mad at you. He just wants you to see that you can pass a test. Like a teacher sitting back real quiet when you are taking a final exam. This is just a test and it’s not always going to be like this. It’s a process.

The Third Coat

So, Joseph at this moment has this old raggedy garment on, but when he interprets Pharaoh’s dream, he’s given Pharaoh’s ring and is arrayed in fine linen titled the second-highest ruler in Egypt. Joseph has gone from his father’s coat to a servant’s coat to a king’s coat. Genesis 41:44

Romans 8:18. 2 Corinthians 3:18. In our life, we go from glory to glory, level to level, coat to coat.

I want to challenge you today.

There is the thirtyfold, the servant, the one that lives for God enough to get to Heaven. Then there is the sixtyfold, the son of God, the one who loves God and is close to Him, but not with Him 24/7. I think the hundredfold is the bride of Christ, someone that longs so much for God that nothing will be able to satisfy them.

So, what level are you on with the Lord?

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

He Is Able

Jude 1:24. Psalms 121:1-8. Psalm 127:1. 

The President of the United States is probably one of the most guarded, protected people in all of America. But even being guarded by the best, some were still assassinated. Abraham Lincoln. James A. Garfield. William McKinley. John. F. Kennedy. Surrounded by the best, and yet their enemy got to them.

But YOU! You have Someone greater than the secret service on your side. Someone greater than any police force you can have. His name is Jesus Christ, and He is able to keep you! 1 Samuel 2:9. 1 Peter 1:5.

What God doesn’t keep you from, He’ll keep you through. 

Anyone can praise God when everything’s alright. But you ought to be able to praise Him even if you don’t see a way out. The world’s shaking you and you don’t know what to do, but you’ve got to decide to hold on. God is able. 

He didn’t deliver Daniel from the lion’s den. He didn’t keep the Hebrew boys out of the fire. He didn’t keep the whale from swallowing Jonah. But He kept them through their trials. Genesis 39:21. Revelation 3:10. 2 Thessalonians 3:3. Luke 4:10. Isaiah 36:3.

How are you going to get your peace back?

Some people’s biggest problem right now is not the devil and not their hurt, it’s the fact that their mind is set on all the bad stuff. All the negative plays over and over and over. I know a woman who had a total breakdown, even put in a mental institution. She started reading her Bible and now she’s a counselor for others going through what she went through. God miraculously restored her mental health!

If you want to win, I will help you. But you aren’t going to win until you make up your mind and tell the devil that you are going to fight. You have to turn everything off, pick up your Bible, and read until the words run together. Then you have to get your phone and let it play the King James Version. Try letting it play Psalm 23 first. Then, Romans 8. You have to take the fight to the devil and let him know you didn’t start to quit. You are going to win! You are going to overcome! You will have the victory! 

Why are you not strong?

You eat too much junk food. It’s life or death right now. You have to make up your mind instead of entertaining it. You need to feed it some substance, some real food. Get God’s Word inside of you. When the Word begins to speak to you, darkness is driven back. God is a keeper and He will hide His Word in your heart.

Whatever is in the Bible is yours.

John 14:27. You don’t have to live your life in depression. When you give your life to Jesus, you have legal right to everything the Bible offers. If there’s peace in the Bible, it’s yours. Victory, blessings, healing, it’s yours.

We have to get a hold of our minds. 

Philippians 4:8. Some people think they are okay if they don’t think of anything perverted or real sinful. Abraham was called a righteous man because he had faith in his mind. It’s not the will of God for you to play all these “what if” games with yourself. 

There are some things that are honest, but they aren’t pure. There are some things that are honest but are not lovely. Some things are honest, but not of good report. There are some things that are honest, but there is no praise in them.

Despite everything going on, you didn’t wake up in your basement with bombs dropping everywhere. We ought to praise God for our freedom. Even with all the things we go through, there is still something somewhere in our lives that we can thank God for and praise him for. 2Timothy 3:16. Joshua 14:10.

God keeps us from making messes.

1 Samuel 25:32. David was on his way to kill a man. He had protected the estate of Nabal and not let any harm come unto him for some time. David asked for some sustenance from Nabal and he said ‘no.’ David determined to kill every one of Nabal’s servants and household. There wouldn’t be one left alive. But God spoke to Abigail and told her to go down and stop David and give him some food.

I believe Abigail is a type of the Holy Ghost. Have you ever been on your way to a mess? You were going to do something to just ruin it all, but somehow the Holy Ghost stopped you!

God has kept you through your trials. He’s kept you from making messes. He’s kept you through tears and heartache. God has kept you this far, and He that started a good work in you will finish it! 2 Timothy 1:12. 

God is able, and will keep you!

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

There Was a Break-In

The devil comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy.

John 10:10. If you are under attack, that’s because the enemy knows you’re carrying a valuable anointing, and he would like to stop you. And he can win if he stops you. 

The devil is after your peace.

Isaiah 10:27. Isaiah 61:1.John 14:27. Just the same as God will use someone to encourage you. The devil will use someone as well. Those gossipers are a tool in the enemy’s hand to steal your peace. If you get your eyes on temporal things, it will distort your attention and get your eyes off the goal. The devil wants to steal your peace because if you have peace, you can pray anything through. If you have peace, you can walk through anything. The God of all comfort and peace is our God! Isaiah 38:17.

The devil is after your prayer life.

Your prayer life is where you find the edification from the presence of God. Your prayer life will help you get through what you’re in and prepare you for what you haven’t faced yet. When you pray as a corporate body, it encourages you to pray by yourself. The enemy knows that when you pray, he’s defeated and yokes will be destroyed. How many times have we stopped praying just before we got our miracle? Don’t listen to the devil telling you that God’s not listening. Go a little further and get your answer!

The devil is after marriages.

Marriage is God’s original plan. This is one of the reasons satan attacks your marriage. Another reason is that your friends, your family, and the lost are watching you. You are your neighbor’s example, your co-worker’s example. If you don’t fight for your family, what hope do you give them? And if your home has been attacked, the devil doesn’t want it to be an example of restoration. You are connected with people I am not. God needs you to be an example of restoration for them. God will turn what the enemy is trying to destroy you with into a testimony.

The devil is after your health. 

Proverbs 3:5. 3 John 1:2. If you wake up and you are in good health and you don’t feel bad, God forbid you don’t take a moment to praise Him for it. Don’t ever take your health lightly. I don’t ever want to be so caught up in my world that God has to go around me and leave me out of the equation when you need prayer. I want to shout with you, but I will also cry with you. I’ll worship with you and I’ll help you carry your heavy load. You can be an example to others who are going through issues in their health. You can be healed, and help others who are going through the same thing. You have a legal right to healing and you need to go into the throne room of God and file your claim on your benefits listed in His Word.

The devil is after your joy. 

You can’t have joy and walk in fear. The devil can’t get you under a spirit of depression when you have joy. When you have joy, you can’t be under a spirit of heaviness. If we are fighting fear, it stems from somewhere we’ve let the enemy take our joy. Your joy is in the presence of God inside of you, knowing that everything is going to be alright.

The world is in a mess right now, but you can’t let it consume you. Yes, pray for the people in trouble. Fast for them. But you can’t keep it on your mind 24 hours a day, it will steal your joy. If the enemy can steal your joy, he can put you under a spirit of fear and control you. We are in this world, but not of it. Some will go into the lion’s den or the fiery furnace, but we will come out. Get up and fight again. Get up and smile again! Your life isn’t over!

The devil is after your finances.

The devil has been after your income. he wants to stop your blessings. he wants to stop you from paying your tithes to hinder God from flowing back into your life. Proverbs 3:9-10. The devil wants to hinder how much you help others.

You may have gotten hurt by someone who never gave thanks when you helped them, or even complained when they didn’t get more from you. And you wanted to give up on helping people, but that was the devil’s plan all along. It’s the heart of God to help people, and that’s one of the things we are called to do as Christians is to help people. Only Heaven knows what treasures you have laid up because you have ministered to those in need. Deuteronomy 28:2-3.

The devil is after your faithfulness to the House of God.

I don’t want to be mean, but how is it that someone can stand in line at the store or at the bank and not catch anything, but fear they’ll catch Corona at church? I grew up old school and I was taught to put God first, not work Him into my schedule. If you do that, the doctors can shake their heads, but you can smile and say “God, I’ve been faithful to you. It’s in your hands.” 

The devil is after your worship.

Praise is for what God has done. Worship is for who He is. To worship God, you have to be in love with him. Abraham, when he was challenged by God to offer his son as a sacrifice, said that he was going to “go yonder to worship.” He know that when he worshipped God, God would be faithful and He would move. Paul and Silas worshipped God in chains and they broke free in the spiritual and in the natural. People in the Bible worshipped amidst death, destruction, and prison. How much more can we worship God?

The devil is after your thankfulness.

2 Timothy 3:2. satan is trying to steal your thankfulness because he knows that if you are thankful for something you will guard it. Being unthankful makes you unholy.

The devil is trying to take the message of God away from you.

Matthew 13:19. After you hear a sermon, sometimes every little thing seems to get on your nerves. The enemy knows that there is a seed planted in your heart and he’s trying to stop it from growing. Mark 4:15. 

How do you stop a thief?

#1: Shut the door. Get a hold of your thoughts, cast down imaginations, and shut that door so the enemy can’t get through.

#2: Get the burglar alarm called the Holy Ghost. He will let you know when a break-in is about to happen. When the Lord warns you about something, He wants to turn it around, so you better start praying.

#3: Leave the light on. Get the light of the Lord shining in you again. 

#4: Post a guard. The enemy is lurking about seeking whom he may devour. 

You have let the devil beat up on you long enough. It’s time to get your fight back.

–Pastor Anthony Wynn

I Am That I Am

Be Still.

I was in prayer last Wednesday asking the Lord which direction I should go for that Sunday’s sermon. As I was in prayer, the faces of the congregation at MDT came before me, and I heard the Lord speak to my heart saying, “Be still and know I’m God.”

Psalms 46:1-11. So, I went and looked up the words ‘be still’ and the definition surprised me. It doesn’t mean to pause. It means to stop what you’re doing. In its original meaning, it means to surrender. It means to cast down or to let fall. It means to slacken, especially the hands. Whatever you’re holding on to just let it go. There are some things you can’t fix and all your effort to try is doing nothing.

Psalms 83:18. Psalms 100:3. We can go to a lot of places looking for the answers to fix the problem, but if we will go back to the One who made us, He will fix everything. Everything in this world has limits, but our God has none.


1 Samuel 17:46. You may be going through something right now, but maybe the Lord is trying to show your family and friends that you don’t go through things like lost people do. Sometimes God wants to use you to show this generation that He is a way maker. I’m not talking about some president or old prophet. I’m talking about the I AM, the Lily of the Valley, Jesus, who still saves, heals, and delivers. BE STILL and look past the preacher, the doctor’s report, and look past the storm. BE STILL and know that He is God. 


I never really caught this until last Thursday. Psalm 46:10 – “Be still and know that I am…” He’s not some preacher or some priest. He’s the I AM. Whatever you need, Jesus is. He is the way, the truth, and the life.

When Moses was being sent to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt, he told God he needed to tell them who sent him. It was going to have to be a name bigger than Pharaoh. It had to be a name that the children would recognize. God just told him to say that I AM that I AM sent him. He is the self-existent One who needs no other being to have created Him.

When I’m praying now, I like to just praise the Lord a bit before I bring Him my need. You got to quit going to God, “Aunt Mary said when you get this it won’t ever get better.” You have to go to God more like this, “God, YOU ARE and beside you there is no other!” He is the healer. He is the way maker. If He did it for Abraham and David, He’ll do it for you. “Be still and know I AM.” Matthew 22:32. John 6:35. John 8:12.

Jesus is a living word. He’s bigger than disease, bigger than hurt and suffering. He’s bigger than what you are going through. It’s not just you and the devil attacking you with the spirit of fear. I AM is involved. And If God be for you, who can be against you? 

He Is God.

I’ve seen people walking on their bleeding knees to give thanks to a statue that can’t see or hear them. People go to thank a pope or buddha or allah and none of those false gods can do anything for them. We serve a living God and when He heals us, sometimes we’ll just say ‘thank you’ and forget it. Those souls crawl five miles on their knees to give thanks to a statue. How much more thankful should we be to the One True God!

He’s provided for us when there was nothing. He’s wrapped His arms around us and protected us when we needed comfort and saving. When the devil sets us up, He delivers. When we cry, He bottles our tears. When we are down, He sends men and women into our lives to encourage us. Acts 18:10.

So, what do you do? Let it go. How can the ship sink if Jesus is on board? You don’t have to fix it. Just get close to God, BE STILL, and know that He is the Lord your provider and healer.

“Be still and know that I am God.” – God

– Pastor Anthony Wynn