Becoming a Lion and a Lamb in Prayer

We need to take on the dual character of Jesus.

Jesus is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, but He is also the Lamb of God. The Lord began to speak to my heart about learning to pray as a lion and as a lamb.

Praying as a Lamb

In 1st Samuel, when David’s wives had been taken captive and the people talked about stoning him, he encouraged himself in the Lord. I’m positive that this is praying as a lamb. He encouraged himself in the Lord by saying things like, “God, You are my Prince of Peace, my Strong Tower, my Healer, my Provider. You are my Shepherd.” He worshipped God. And after that, he didn’t go chase after the enemy right then. He went to the throne room for fresh direction.

You find it over and over in Judges where the children of Israel as a lamb asked counsel from God. Pray as a lamb to worship God and hear from Him.

Praying as a Lion

When you hear the Lord tell you to pursue like He told David in 1st Samuel, you don’t go out to fight as a lamb. There has to be a fight stand up in you. You have to go toe-to-toe with the devil and say, “I’m coming in the authority of Jesus. I’m coming with the power of the Lamb of God. I’m coming with a Word from Heaven.”

In Judges, when the children of Israel got their answer from the Lord, they didn’t walk out of the Presence of the Lord as a lamb. They got their strongest weapons, put on their armor, and went out to fight as a lion.

Praying as both Lion and Lamb

I’m not being mean here, but we have a mixture of people. Some pray all as a lion and some pray all as a lamb. But what if we could pull these two together inside of each one of us?  We go before God as a lamb to get His attention and get His Spirit moving. When God speaks, we go out of the throne room as a lion with authority from God to come against the enemy battling us or our loved ones.

The amazing part is that we don’t even have to get off our knees. We can walk out of the throne room and into a hospital room without even leaving our altar. We can walk into a situation where the devil is trying to devour and destroy and never get up from our altar.

We can’t really pray if we don’t know who God is.

He is the I Am. He is the Almighty, the First, the Last, the Beginning, the End, the Good Shepherd, and the Bread of Life. When you understand who He is, upon that revelation He will build a church that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against.

But the gates of Hell never come against you, if you ever get involved with the gates of Hell, you have to go to them.

God is going to raise up a church that doesn’t hide in the sanctuary, but goes out into the darkness. A church that takes the battle to the devil with the spirit of a lion.

We don’t stand against the devil as a lamb. We fight against him as a lion.

–Pastor Anthony Wynn


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Keys to Your Miracle

A miracle is something that nobody can do but the Creator.

You can own a car, pay for it, and have the title. You can have the tag and the insurance. You can have everything ready, but that car is of no benefit to you without its key. Your house key can’t be used to start it. Your garage key can’t start it. It has to have the key that goes to that car. But sometimes, we want the same key to go to everything.

I think we all have several keys. You can have your miracle, but until you find the right key, you might still be in the waiting line. I want to talk about seven different keys.

1. Keep on praying. 

Pray when you’re crying. Pray when you don’t know what to do. Pray when you stand alone. Pray when your world is shaking and when you feel broken. You have to keep on praying. When you pray, He listens. Some things only come by prayer and fasting. The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Your prayer is like a hammer beating the rock holding back your miracle.

2. Find you a real, true Christian prayer warrior who will agree with you in prayer. 

There is power in prayer, but there is also power in numbers. When you have something going on in your life, be careful who you tell. Because not everyone will tell you good things, and if you get the wrong people involved and they are speaking unbelief over you, it might be more than you want to deal with at the moment. You need to find someone that will speak faith to you. Someone who will encourage you, and tell you, “Yeah, I know what’s going on, but Jesus is the Way Maker.” You need somebody who is a prayer warrior. Even Jesus asked some of His disciples to pray with Him.

3. The prayers of someone standing and praying for you. 

Peter, when he was in prison in Acts, walked out because somebody kept praying for him. Prayer warriors are the front line on the battlefield and the devil shoots arrows at them first because they are protecting the people behind them. I want to encourage you to send in your prayer request to us. Email us ( or call us (1.877.226.4088). We love you and we want to help carry your load.

4. Simple obedience.

Naman wanted his leprosy healed, but he was mad and turned away in a rage when it wasn’t going to be healed the way he wanted it done. But when he obeyed the Lord, his skin was completely free of the disease. Some things aren’t going to happen until we obey the Lord.

5. Some miracles come from worshipping the Lord when it’s just you and Him.

That is something the devil is really trying to stop, your worship. In houses and buildings, there is this thing called a thermostat on the wall. It doesn’t control what the temperature is on the outside, but it controls the temperature on the inside. Each one of us has a thermostat called worship inside of us, and it doesn’t change everything going on around you, it will sure change everything going on inside you. If we worship the Lord, He’ll bring peace and joy back to us.

6. Laying on of hands and anointing with oil. 

Get Holy Ghost-filled, sanctified, washed in the Blood of Jesus people to lay hands on you and pray for you. I’m not being mean, but we don’t need hypocrites laying hands on us. We need people full of the love, mercy, and goodness of God to anoint us and pray for us.

7. Wait on the Lord.

Like for Joseph when he was in prison, sometimes God turns the hourglass and says, “Pray and fast, but Joseph, you’re not coming out until the hourglass is ready to be turned again. You keep your integrity and walk right, but you’re not coming out until everything is set up.” When a person is driving and they come across a red light, it doesn’t mean ‘no,’ it just means ‘not now.’ Sometimes, you just have to wait.

Pastor Anthony Wynn


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Go Look Again

Jesus doesn’t always wrap your present in pretty paper.

When the children of Israel were crossing the Red Sea, everyone didn’t go in at the same time. Some were going in, others were in the middle of it, and some were coming out.

Even when you don’t see or feel God, He’s working. Hard times and sad times never slow God down. He just keeps being God. 

America is in a mess. But our God still works miracles in the middle of messes. Stop looking for failure and fear. Tell the devil that you didn’t start to give up and that you are looking for God to show up.

When there was a horrible famine, Elijah went up to the top of a mountain and prayed. He asks his servant if he sees anything yet. The servant replies with, “I see dead bodies and smell rotten flesh. All I see is a mess.”

“Don’t you look at the mess,” Elijah says, “I’m praying for it to rain. Look unto the hills from where our help comes from. Go look again.”

If you keep looking at the mess, you’re going to break. But, if you lift your eyes and look, there is a miracle in this mess.

Don’t give up. Don’t you throw in the towel. There is a God and He doesn’t always wrap your present in pretty paper and top it with a bow. Sometimes, He gives you your miracle right in the middle of a mess. When it looks like it can get any worse, God has a pattern throughout time of providing a miracle in the midst of a mess.

David killed a bear and a lion. He killed Goliath. Those enemies he would never have to deal with again. But David would have to contend with Saul for years until God said it was over. You may have a Saul in your life, something in your past that you’ve had to deal with for a long time. But don’t worry. It’s not going to break you. It won’t destroy you. Don’t give it power over you. 

Right in the middle of the mess don’t sit down. Go forward. Read your Bible. Pray. Make a commitment to God. Worship and fight. Serve the Lord. Go forward! God will make a way for you. God doesn’t stop being God in messes. I don’t know what your mess is, but I know He’s a big God.

Go back and look one more time. God has not forgotten you.

Nebuchadnezzar looked into the fire wanting to see the mess the three Hebrew boys were in, but when he looked down into the fire, he saw a miracle. The world thinks that just because their home, their finances, and their nerves are a mess, they can look into our lives and see that same mess. But when they look into our lives they aren’t going to see a mess, but a miracle.

God took care of Joseph, He took care of the children of Israel, He took care of Peter when he needed money, He took care of Jonah in the belly of the whale, God will take care of you.

Go look again. There’s a miracle somewhere in that mess.

Pastor Anthony Wynn


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A Goliath Called Covid

What was man created for?

We were created to worship God. The angels can worship Him, sure, but if they stopped they would be cast out. They have no choice but to worship God. God wanted a being that had a choice to worship Him or not.

The devil has stopped leaders and kings, but he knows he has no power over a true worshipper. The devil knew that if those three Hebrew boys didn’t sell their worship that they would come out of that fire. The devil knew those three worshippers would walk out of that fire because the Fourth Man would walk into it. If you worship God, He will show up!

We all know what this virus called Covid is. This virus has two main spirits attached to it. Number One: Fear. Number Two: Control.

In 1st Samuel, Goliath came with the Philistines to fight Saul’s army. You don’t hear much about Goliath before he shows up. He just comes up on the scene seemingly overnight. Kind of like the way Covid did. And now, for about 16 months, we’ve been held hostage by the biggest enemy our generation has ever seen. It’s not the meanest or the strongest. It’s not the deadliest and not even the worst. But it is the biggest.

I’m not taking this thing lightly, but it’s just another enemy. It’s the biggest one we’ve seen so far, and America has given into fear.

 Let me tell you something we all need to realize.

If we die, we are the Lord’s. If we live, we are the Lord’s. We need to let go of this fear. We aren’t going anywhere until God is through with us.

The enemy recognizes there is power in numbers. Goliath called for one man to come out and fight against him. With Covid, there’s a spirit of isolation. Covid says, “It’s just you and Goliath.”

If you don’t shake this fear, the devil won’t let up. It will just get worse.

Goliath drew near morning and evening. The devil knows that what you see first thing in the morning will be on your mind for the rest of the day, and the last thing you see before you go to bed will stay with you all night long. About all we’ve heard on the morning news, evening news, and night news is the Coronavirus. It’s in our faces day and night. It’s trying to put a spirit of fear over us, but God hasn’t given us that spirit. He’s given us a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind.

Over several months, the devil has been pushing further and harder, but somebody has to stand up and fight back.

That’s where David came on the scene.

David didn’t tell Saul this, but David had gotten anointed to be the next king. He knew that if Goliath killed him, then God’s Word would fail, and God’s Word never fails.

You have a promise beyond this battle.

Saul put his armor on David, but David hadn’t proved it. But he had proved his little slingshot and he had proved he could trust God. Later, he picked up five smooth stones and we all know the story from there.

I’m not telling you to not be cautious. I’m saying we need to shake this spirit of fear off us. We are children of God and held in His hand. We aren’t going anywhere until He says so. Shake the fear off! Worship God!

Pastor Anthony Wynn


  • 1 Samuel 17:1-51

No Other Foundation but Jesus

All throughout our lives, we are taught about rewards.

As a child, if we did our chores we got a reward (candy, ice cream, staying up later). When we get a job our rewards are our paydays.

If you plant a seed, or you water a seed in a person’s heart, but they don’t grow, that doesn’t affect your reward. Your reward is affected by whether or not you did what God called you to do. If you do what God calls you to do, then your reward is laid up in Heaven. God will not forget your labor of love. 

But, if you are going to have rewards in Heaven, you have to be on the foundation.

What is our foundation? Jesus.

Now, if you look at the Buddhists and some of the other religions, you’ll find some things in common about our foundations. We have Jesus as our teacher and they have Buddha or Mohammed or whomever. Jesus is real and so was Buddha. They really lived. Every one of the teachers died. And that’s where our foundations stop being the same. Because the tomb of Buddha has the dust his body returned to. But if you could ever find the tomb where Jesus was really laid, you wouldn’t find His body.

For our foundation is the death, burial, and RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ.

They thought that they were laying Jesus in a grave, but no. The tomb was hewn out of a rock and they lay Jesus in that tomb. You don’t want sand or dirt in your foundation. For a house, you want your foundation laid on something solid, like a rock. They laid the foundation (Jesus) on a rock.

If the devil is ever messing with you, look him dead in the eye and tell him, “You know, this structure might not look so good right now, but take a look at the foundation.” You have the right foundation, and God’s not done with you yet.

Don’t try to find an easier way to do it. Stay on the foundation and stay with the pattern God has given you. 

Our works are going to be tried with fire. Wood and hay will burn. And even though gold may melt, it’s just as good to use as it was before. Gold represents the glory of the Lord. Are you positive that everything you’re doing is for God’s glory? Silver represents the purity between you and God. The fire, tests, and trials are to purify us.

Think it not strange this thing you’re going through because, at the end of it, the only things you’re going to lose are the parts of you that aren’t like God.

There are precious stones, too. Those stones are people. On Judgement Day, God is going to judge us based on if we loved people.

This is such a powerful sermon. If you would like to hear more on “No Other Foundation but Jesus” then I would like to encourage you to watch the video down below of the service. I pray it blesses your heart.

Pastor Anthony Wynn


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The Hardest Thing You’ll Ever Do

Hello, Beloved Reader! I’m Faith. Thanks for visiting me today.

“And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.” — Matthew 10:22

“But he that shall endure to the end, the same shall be saved.” — Matthew 24:13

“Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” — 2 Timothy 2:3

“And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise.” — Hebrews 6:5

“Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy.” — James 5:1

The trophy at the end of the game sparkles, glinting in the lights, reflecting in the eyes of the proud team that possesses it. Their faces beam underneath all the sweat and dirt covering their foreheads and cheeks. They all flop down on the benches, worn out from the day’s activities. But, the proud look in their eyes never fades, no matter how tired they are. They finished the game. Yeah, there were a few scratches, gashes, broken bones, and bruises, but they won. They lasted, endured to the end, and won.

They suffered the beatings. They put in the practice. They took focus away from their loved ones and pushed it onto their progress in getting better at the sport. They rammed head-first into the barrier and after a few knockdowns got up and kept going. Some of their friends fell back and refused to go further, but that didn’t stop them from keeping on.

Enduring is a hard thing. I’m not going to tell you it’s easy. It’s not.

It’s one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life.

People in your life won’t understand and may discourage you from continuing. “You don’t need to do all that to be a Christian,” they might say. People will beat you down and sneer at you. They will hurt you and cast you aside. But you can’t stop. I’m not putting away your feelings. Give yourself some time to be upset, but don’t stay there. You can’t.

Imagine the streets of pure gold sparkling under your feet. The cool water of the River and the sweet fruit from the Tree becoming familiar friends. Your home is a mansion. And the best part is, you get to see the face of the One who loves you the most.

So, endure.

Endure the hardships, for it gets easier afterward. Endure the pain, it won’t hurt after a little while. Endure the chaos, for peace is coming. Endure the sorrow, for joy comes in the morning. Endure any looks of disgust, they’ll see what you’re all about soon. Endure the loneliness, for it drives you closer to God and helps you find those select few people who will really encourage you.

Endure this world for your short life, and live forever in the eternal Heaven with Jesus.

I want you to realize something. Think about how long forever is. Life may seem long, but it’s really not. What is 80, 95, or even 100 years? Nothing but dust in the wind or a passing wave. Gone just as quickly as it came. Forever is forever. It never ends.

So, let me ask you this:

Do you want to live like the world 80 years, talk like the world, walk like them, sing like them, and finally, at the end of your short life, die like them?

Only you can commit to a life that honors Christ. But, ask yourself this question:

What happens if you don’t?

Faith Cross

You’re Good to Grow

Hello, Beloved Reader! I’m Faith. Thanks for visiting me today. 

“I don’t need people. I can get along with God just fine without them.”

The old man sits across from the younger one and listens to him rant. The young man goes on about how he doesn’t have to have all the people around him. Obviously, this young man had gotten hurt. People get hurt and used by others, even in church families. This young man was not exempt. 

The older gentleman eats away at his plate of food, never looking up. The young man defends his stance on the subject and finishes his speech. The old man finally looks up after he completes his chewing and leaves the young man with one simple statement.

“Iron sharpens iron.”

“Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man the countenance of his friend.” — Proverbs 27:17

Whether we want to admit it or not, we’ve all been hurt by someone somehow. Each and every one of us have been angry at another person for doing us wrong. To be honest, I think it’s inevitable in this life to have pain from the actions of others. It will happen regardless of what you do to try to stop it.

Sometimes the Bible references us as trees, so think of yourself as the trunk of a tree. Some people in your life are leaves. They are there to provide shade and sometimes give you a little nourishment here and there. But, don’t be fooled. They are only around for a season. After that season, they fall away.

Some people in your life are like the branches. Some are stronger than others, and some stay longer than others, but be careful because when storms come or pressure comes, they aren’t strong enough to support you.

The branches will break away.

But, there are some people in your life that are like the roots of a tree. Those people are grounded. Roots hold the tree in place and gather nutrients from what the tree is planted in – the soil. If you can find a few good roots in your life who are grounded in Jesus Christ and His Word, then you will be good to grow.

Those roots are the iron that sharpens iron. Those roots will be those who help strengthen you and help hold you up. Those people will be the ones with you through thick and thin. They will encourage you in God and care enough about you to let you know when you’re about to make a mistake.

We’ve all been hurt. I’m not disregarding your pain. I know it aches. But, think about the people in your life who are seasonal, those who are around for a little longer, and those who have always been there. Let the seasonal ones go, the branches too, because you can’t cry over them forever. You’ll make yourself miserable. 

Be thankful for your roots and cling to Jesus. For He will never leave you. He’ll always be there.

Faith Cross

Walking With God

In this message, I wanted to talk about your walk with God.

Some people find themselves far from God. There’s a good far from God and a bad far from God. The good far from God is that you’re heading toward Him. The bad far from God is that you’re easing back from him.

If a man or woman ever really finds a real walk with God, there will be a real change. They won’t walk the same, or talk the same. They won’t be like they used to. The real Holy Ghost will get a hold of them and change them.

Reading through the Bible, you’ll find that God walked with Adam. You’ll also find that God walked with Enoch and with Noah. But, God told Abraham to walk before Him.


When a child in your care is older and you trust them enough, they can walk beside you. You trust them enough to not keep your eye on them all the time. But, those little ones are different. You want to keep an eye on them all the time to make sure they don’t get into trouble or get hurt. To keep your eye on them, you make them walk in front of you.

God told Abraham to walk before Him because Abraham hadn’t proved he could be trusted yet.

Don’t you want God to trust you enough to walk with Him? Don’t you want Him to find you faithful in your storms?

Don’t measure anyone else’s relationship with God with your own. God doesn’t call us all to the same place in Him. God doesn’t call everyone to be preachers. He doesn’t call everyone to be evangelists. There’s a hunger in your heart and only you and God really know it. If you fulfill that hunger, you’ll walk in such a place of peace.

If you walk with God, He’ll save your family like He did for Noah.

If you walk with God, nothing will move you. If you keep up your walk with God, you will not be bitter. You will not fear. You will walk in power, mercy, love, and you will be renewed! You’ll walk into people’s lives. There’s a place where you can walk and the sick will be healed. You may get knocked down, but if you’re walking with God, you’ll always get back up!

When we walk with God, it can’t be about us, it has to be all about Him. And we can’t walk with God and the devil.

God is looking for someone who will walk with Him today. Will you be that one?

Pastor Anthony Wynn


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Benefits of a Praying Church

One benefit we talk about here is that when God’s people come together in unity, God loves to show up. There is power, mercy, and life when God’s people begin to pray.

The second benefit is the strength that comes with numbers. If you can find someone to pray with in unity, then that depression and oppression can’t stay. Five shall chase a hundred, and a hundred shall put ten thousand to flight.

Another benefit of a praying church is that each one of us can find answers and fresh direction from the altar and the throne of God when we gather together to pray. The Holy Ghost will give you directions and show you the way to go and the way not to go. 

One of the last benefits we talk about is that when we get people together, we can carry each other’s loads and burdens when we pray.

You really can’t be effective to help someone that’s hurting if you don’t allow yourself to hurt. We need to be so close to Heaven that we can feel the pain of our brothers and sisters, so we can know that they are in need. It’s so important that we pray for one another that if the Lord lays someone on our heart to pray for and we don’t, we’ve sinned against Him. We are our brother’s keeper. If you have a real spirit of prayer, when God visits the church and before that spirit lifts, He will allow you to feel infirmities in the house.

We must pray for one another. We are our brother’s keeper. We must pray for this country. Let’s gather together in one accord and reach out to God.

If you want someone to pray with, call Oasis Ministries. (1.877.226.4088)

Pastor Anthony Wynn


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Thine ONLY Son Isaac

Hello, Beloved Reader! I’m Faith. Thanks for visiting me today.

“And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering up on one of the mountains which I will tell thee of.” — Genesis 22:2

Now, let me relay some of Abram’s story to you. Abram lived for a bit with his family and took himself a wife by the name of Sarai. God tells Abram to leave his country and his kindred and go to a land He would show him. So, Abram did. He travels. Many things happened, but one thing in particular that didn’t happen was the lack of child bearing by his wife.

Now, God had made a covenant with Abram, telling him his seed would be like the stars in the sky. But, Abram had no son, and his wife told him the Lord had restrained her from bearing. To give Abram an heir, Sarai gave her Egyptian maid, Hagar, to Abram to be his wife. Hagar bore Abram a son. And a little bit after, Abram died.

“Faith,” you might say, “You know the story doesn’t end there. He doesn’t die. He has Issac and lives to be really old and stuff.”

No, Abram died, and so did Sarai.

God comes to that man and says, “Your name is now Abraham. Your wife’s name is now Sarah.”

A little later down the road, Abraham has Issac and God comes to him, telling him to take his only son Issac and offer him. Brother Anthony touched on this in one of his messages.

“But God,” Abraham could have said, “He’s not my only son.”

“Abraham! Take thine only son, Isaac,” God replies.

“But God, I have two sons, Issac and Ishmael.”

“No, Abraham!” God says, “Ismael’s not your boy. He’s Abram’s boy. Isaac is Abraham’s boy. I changed your name. I made you a new person.”

When God changes a person, He starts over. It’s a clean slate. It’s new. You’re not the same as you were before, and you aren’t tied to your past. Your past is gone and your life is beginning again. Hence being born again. Isn’t that absolutely wonderful?

Our past is no more. Why do we constantly beat ourselves up over it? Live and thrive, no matter your past. God picked you up and turned you around. You are a new creature in Christ Jesus, and don’t you forget it!

Faith Cross

The Living Will

Hello, Beloved Reader! I’m Faith. Thanks for visiting me today.

“And he went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.” — Matthew 26:39

Before most people die, they write a last will and testament. A few last words and instructions perhaps. God is amazing. His will was written, lived, and taught by Himself. Now, how can I say that?

The Bible shows us His written will. God gave instructions and showed us what happened when people didn’t follow them. He spoke to certain people and they wrote down the words He said. God didn’t really take up a pen and write it Himself, but He used others to write His words. 

Our present shows the Master teaching us His will through the written will, through talking to our hearts, and through Jesus.

Jesus is the Living Will. Jesus, while on Earth, was the perfect example for us. He lived and breathed God’s will. He did nothing outside it.

That’s where we get the question: What would Jesus do?

Jesus would do nothing outside of God’s will. And if we strive to be on the same terms, then we won’t either. Granted, we aren’t perfect like Jesus, so we will mess up from time to time. But, we have to stay in the will of God. We have to listen and trust. We won’t always know God’s will. But in due time He will show us.

In due time, God will bring about His perfect will in our lives, and our lives will be better than we could ever have imagined.

Faith Cross

From Test to Testimony

God’s desire is for us to become like Him. 

He wants His glory to be manifested through us. When you walk into a situation, He wants His glory to to walk into that situation. If we are going to have people come to the Lord, they don’t need to see a beat-down, discouraged Christian. They need to see a Christian who believes and trusts in the Lord, a Christian who allows the Lord to work through their life. 

It’s Christ in you the hope of glory, the hope of glory for that lost soul.

Christ may not come to someone in a burning bush. He may decide to come to them through you. But if there’s no glory in your life, then how can you reach them?

We go from glory to glory, from one level to the next. With this test you’ve been given, God is preparing to promote you.

Two things will get you promoted: Staying faithful to God, and passing the tests you’re given.

What are you going to do with this test?

God’s not mad at you. He’s getting ready to promote you, and to do that He’s turned up the heat, not to burn you, but to purify you. He wants to look at you and see His image.

If you don’t pass a certain test, you will have to take it over and over again until you do. Want to know how to pass the test? Keep your heart right before God, stay faithful to Him, keep walking with Him and trusting Him.

And when you pass that test. God shall restore you with a double blessing. Don’t quit, don’t let the test slow you down. The test will leave you with a testimony when you pass.

God will turn a mess into a message, a test into a testimony, a trial into a trophy, an attack into victory, sorrow into joy, weeping into laughter, pain into peace, and hurt into healing.

At the end of the storm, He’s going to reveal a new glory in your life. Your challenge is to last, to stand until God moves. And when you come out of this test, you should celebrate!

You’ve passed! This test is over!

Pastor Anthony Wynn


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